Q1. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word JUSTIFICATION, each of which has as many letters between them in the word, as they have in the English alphabet?
More than three

Q2. In a certain code PANTHER is written as PZRGTVJ. How is INDIANS written in that code?
None of these

Directions (3): Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions given below—
 Y 2 N V Q % I 5 @ M W R K 4 © G 3 9 U F 1 $ 6 S Q Z 7 ★ T J # 

Q3. Which of the following is the fifth to the left of the eighteenth element from the left end of the above arrangement?
None of these
Fifth from the left of eighteenth from the left means 13th from the left is K

Q4. If P+Q means P is Sister of Q, P@Q means P is Father of Q, P÷Q means P is Son of Q and P%Q means P is Mother of Q then what will come in place of ? in the equation J % G @ K ? H, if it is given that K is the grandson of J?
Either @ or ÷

Q5. If point K is to the south of P. P is to the east of S which is to the north of Y. O is west of Y, which is west to K. W is to the south of O. T is to the east of W and South of K, then in which direction is point P from Point T?
Cannot be determined

Q6. A and B together can do a piece of work in 16 days and B and C can do the same work in 24 days. From starting A and B worked for 4 days and 7 days respectively and remaining work is completed by C in 23 days, then find in how many days will C complete the work alone?
32 days
16 days
8 days
24 days
36 days

Q7. Ravi takes thrice the time of Manish to complete a piece of work, and Manish takes five times of Pawan to complete the same work. If they work together then they can finish the work in 30 days. Then find the time taken by them to complete the work individually?
570days, 190 days, 57 days
380days, 190 days, 38 days
570 days, 190 days, 38 days
470 days, 290 days, 41 days
None of these

Q8. In an examination on which full marks were 500. A got 10% less than B. B got 25% more than C. C got 20% less than D. If A got 360 marks, what percentage of full marks was obtained by D?

Q9. The income of four persons are in the ratio of 7 : 4 : 8 : 10 respectively. First person spends 20% of his income second person saves 30%, 3rd person saves 40% and fourth person spends 10%. If the difference of total income of four persons and total expenditure of 4 persons is Rs 5700, what is the total income of all four persons:

Q10. In a class, the number of girls is 20% more than that of the boys. The strength of the class is 66. If 4 more girls are admitted to the class, the ratio of the number of boys to that of the girls is :
1 : 2
3 : 4
1 : 4
3 : 5
4 : 3

Directions (11-15): The following statements have two blanks which are to be filled with the options given below. Choose the correct combination which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement. If none of the combinations makes an impact, choose (e) i.e. “No combination fits” as your answer. 

Q11. The Indian political class is overwhelming male, but the worrying thing is that it remains........... blind to its privilege and entitlement. That reflects in policy as well as the .......... small number of women in Indian political life.
amazingly, decreasingly
unhappily, joyfully
distressingly, woefully
hardly, emotionally
No combination fits
distressingly: to cause strain, anxiety and suffering to
 woefully: in a manner expressing sorrow
 these two sentences fit correctly into the statement.

Q12. India cannot have a banking sector which is ......... and a set of bankers who are ........ to lend when the upturn comes.
active, willing
strong, cheerful
unsteady, dislike
hobbled, loath
No combination fits
hobbled: restrict the development of
loath: unwilling or reluctant

Q13. If the airlines fail to inform their passengers of the ..........., then such passengers will be entitled for a ............ in addition to the ticket refund.
cancellation, compensation
rejection, consumption
cancel, sum
ticket, feedback
No combination fits
compensation: something that counterbalances a loss

Q14. Going for a run may seem overwhelming or ........... just to think about before you begin, but if you can ......... up the energy to start jogging, you'll often find that you become more motivated to finish as you go.
disgusting, surpass
exhausting, muster
tiring, gather
lucrative, compile
No combination fits
exhausting: making one feel very tired
 muster: collect or assemble

Q15. Exercising .......... and getting proper nutrition will help, but these actions only ............ improve sleep intensity.
constantly, slowly
regularly, simply
irregularly, intentionally
consistently, indirectly
No combination fits
consistently: in every case and in every occasion, invaraibly