Night Class: English Quiz for IBPS PO and Clerk 2017

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English Questions For IBPS PO and Clerk Exam 2017

English Section is a topic that is feared by most of the candidates appearing in the IBPS PO Exam. Though the sheer number of concepts and rules may seem intimidating at first, with discipline and the right approach, it is not difficult to master these concepts and their application to questions. Through such English Quizzes for IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO and other upcoming exams, we will provide you all types of high-level questions to ace the questions based on new pattern English for IBPS PO.

Directions (1-15): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningfully complete.

Q1. Despite the fact that existing coal plants are ____ at low efficiencies, the DNEP relies on coal power to sustain the nation’s base load ____ to meet rising energy demand.
(a)  having ,  idea
(b)  running, requirement
(c)  seeming,  scenario
(d)  engaging , needed
(e)  rehearsing, movement

S1. Ans.(b)
Sol.B is the correct choice. Word 'Running' and 'requirement' gives the coherent meaning.

Q2.  Traders generally _______ to trade in the direction of the trend, buying when prices trend up or selling short when prices trend down, and use the _____ to find the right entry and exit points for a profitable trade.
(a)  ask, copy
(b)  call, product
(c)  see, activation
(d)  prefer, index
(e)  need, notice

S2. Ans.(d)
Sol.'Prefer' is the correct word. Index- record (names, subjects, etc.) in an index.

Q3. People said that educated Indians ____ agitating for ____ they did not understand. 
(a)  were, something
(b)  was, reference
(c)  has, deployment
(d)  been, anything
(e)   is, view

S3. Ans.(a)
Sol. Option A is the correct choice. Other options have singular verb.

Q4. These charges are paid by a telecom services provider whose subscriber _____ a call to the service provider whose subscriber _____ the call.
(a)  do,  edit
(b)  try, give
(c)  ask, proceeds
(d)  makes, receives
(e)  demand, require

S4. Ans.(d)
Sol. Option D is the correct choice

Q5. The Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Committee has since inception ________ its unwavering focus on its primary remit: the preservation of ______ stability. 
(a)  look, which
(b)  sustained ,is
(c)  retained, price
(d)  maintained , money
(e)  drawn, amount

S5. Ans.(c)
Sol. Option c is the correct choice

Q6. A printed invitation was ________ in the nearby villages and the message was ______ on the social media too.
(a)  circulated,  keep
(b)  dispatched,  call
(c)  distributed, put
(d)  called, designed
(e)  designed, style

S6. Ans.(c)
Sol. Option c is the correct choice

Q7. The Indian Constitution is built on the words, ideas and ________ of those who led entire movements for the annihilation of caste, with the figure of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar calling into memory the countless others who ________ with him and before him. 
(a)  struggles, marched
(b)  help, is
(c)  sweat, was
(d)  compromise, been
(e)  adjustment,  helped

S7. Ans.(a)
Sol. Option A is the correct choice

Q8. The drafting committees need to examine the ________ shifts occurring in storage and electric vehicles to promote new ________ in renewable energy. 
(a)  focus ,  study
(b) paradigm, technologies
(c)  model , technology
(d)  shift,  preferences
(e)  example, view

S8. Ans.(b)
Sol. Option b is the correct choice

Q9. Within the Hindu social order that ordains work, occupation, livelihood and status according to birth and ________ individuals from moving away from their pre-ordained status, it is important to _________ the fundamental basis of this status if we are to shed the oppression of caste.
(a)  bind, marked
(b)  keep, trying
(c)  prevent , changed
(d)  allow, foreshadow
(e)  restrains, question

S9. Ans.(e)
Sol. Option e is the correct choice

Q10. Transformation in the automobile ______ could be accompanied by grid- and consumer-level electricity storage at homes, offices and ________. 
(a)  scenario ,  marketing
(b)  sector, factories
(c)  field,  huts
(d)  view , segment
(e)  section , factor

S10. Ans.(b)
Sol. Option b is the correct choice

Q11. It is caste discrimination that _________ disturbance of peace and social ________.
(a)  pull, disquiet
(b)  create, order
(c)  causes, unrest
(d)  mention, ease
(e)  drag, upliftment

S11. Ans.(c)
Sol. Option c is the correct choice

Q12. Women have a pre-ordained status in the caste order which saw the ________ of gruesome violence with impunity, something we have still not been able to annihilate effectively even in the constitutional era despite a century and a half of the most powerful critiques against the enslavement of women ________ by anti-caste philosophers.
(a)  try, really
(b)  rehearsal, somewhat
(c)  trial, generally
(d)  practice, especially
(e)  reality,  little

S12. Ans.(d)
Sol. Option d is the correct choice

Q13. India has been building up its stored _________ while international oil prices have dropped in the past _____ of years.
(a)  reserves, couple
(b)  money , much
(c)  gift,  many
(d)  amount , during
(e)  edit, few

S13. Ans.(a)
Sol. Option A is the correct choice

Q14. The vigour and vitality of the various expressive freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution _______ on the existence of a corresponding ________  of cognitive freedom.
(a)  rely, reference
(b)  distribute, incept
(c)  depends, guarantee
(d)  bank, unsure
(e)  shift, surged

S14. Ans.(c)
Sol. Option c is the correct choice

Q15.  India’s energy security does require a large strategic _____ of oil to take care of any vagaries in its international ______ chain. 
(a)  storage, supply
(b)  shortage,  technology
(c)  reliance, activated
(d)  burden ,  advance
(e)  stock,  blocking

S15. Ans.(a)
Sol. Option A is the correct choice

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