Night Class Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS RRBs Exam 2017

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Practice is the key to perfection in Quant, so brush up your skills and test yourself with these 15 questions of Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS RRB PO and Clerk 2017.

Q1. John has Rs. 12000. Some part of it is given to A  at 7% p.a. and to B  at 12% p.a. for 3 years. If he gets a total Rs. 3600 as simple interest from both. What is the difference between the Asset given to A and B?
(a) Rs. 2800
(b) Rs. 2400
(c) Rs. 3000
(d) Rs. 3200
(e) None of these

Q2. A pegion gets 300 grams as daily diet having mixture of X and Y. IF X has 10% protein and Y has 15% protein and if pegion gets daily 38 gm protein, find the quantity of X in mixture.
(a) 150 gm
(b) 145 gm
(c) 130 gm
(d) 140 gm
(e) None of these

Q3. In two mixtures A and B, ratio of milk and water is 2 : 5 and 5 : 4. In 90 gallon of B, how many gallens of A should mix so that final mixture has 40% milk?
(a) 120.5 gallons
(b) 130 gallons
(c) 122.5 gallons
(d) 125.5 gallons
(e) None of these

Q4. For three classes X, Y and Z, an algebra test was conducted. If avg. of X is 83 , that of Y is 76 and to Z , it is 85. It is also given Avg of X and Y is 79 while avg of Y and Z is 81. What will be the avg of all classes together.
(a) 81.5
(b) 82.5
(c) 83
(d) 84
(e) None of these

Q5. A merchant has 88 kg sugar, a part of this he sells at 10% gain and rest at the loss of 12%. Overall he loses 3%. What is the quantity he sold @12% loss?
(a) 50 kg
(b) 52 kg
(c) 48 kg
(d) 55 kg
(e) 60 kg

Q6. A container contains 40 litres of milk. From this container, 4 litres of milk was taken out and replaced by water. This process was repeated further two times. How much milk is now contained by the container?
(a) 26.34 litres
(b) 27.36 litres
(c) 28 litres
(d) 29.16 litres
(e) None of these 

Q7. A jar has 40 litre milk. From the jar, 8 litres milk was taken out and replaced with an equal quantity of water. Again if 8 litres of the newly formed mixture is taken out of the jar and replaced with water, what is the final quantity of milk left in the jar?
(a) 30 l
(b) 20 l
(c) 22 l
(d) 25 l
(e) None of these

Q8.  9 litres of water are drawn from a cask full of water and it is then filled with milk. 9 litres of mixture are drawn and the cask is again filled with milk. The quantity of water now left in the cask to that of milk in it is 16 : 9. How much does the cask hold?
(a) 45 litre
(b) 48 litre
(c) 50 litre
(d) 42 litre
(e) None of these

Q9. Kumar purchased 320 kg of Rice @17.60/kg and mixed it with 160 kg of rice purchased @16.40/kg. He wants to earn a profit of Rs. 9.45 per kg by selling it. What should be the selling price of the mix.Per kg?
(a) Rs. 22.55
(b) Rs. 24.75
(c) Rs. 26
(d) Rs. 26.65
(e) None of these

Q10. A vessel of 70 l is filled with milk and water. 75% of milk and 25% of water is taken out of the vessel. It is found that the vessel is vacated by 60%. Find the initial quantity of water.
(a) 21 litre
(b) 22 litre
(c) 24 litre
(d) 25 litre
(e) None of these