Night Class: Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk Exam 2017

Dear Students,

Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS Exam

Quantitative Aptitude is a very important section you must prepare if you are aiming for a job in Bank or Insurance sector. These two weeks are very important as IBPS PO and IBPS RRB Clerk  Mains are lined up. So, these 15 questions can help you practice three very important topics of Quant Section.

Directions (Q.1-5): In the following questions, two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and
Give answer (a) if x > y 
Give answer (b) if x ≥ y 
Give answer (c) if x < y
Give answer (d) if x ≤ y 
Give answer (e) if x = y or the relationship cannot be established.

Solutions (1-5):

Q6. One type of liquid contains 25% of milk, the other contains 30% of milk. A container is filled with 6 parts of the first liquid and 4 parts of the second liquid. The percentage of milk in the mixture is:
(a) 27%
(b) 31%
(c) 29%
(d) 33%
(e) None of these

Q7. Two gallons of a mixture of spirit and water contains 12% of water. They are added to 3 gallons of another mixture, containing 7% of water and half a gallon of water is then added to the whole. Find the percentage of water in the resulting mixture.

Q8. There are two circles of different raddi. The area of a square is 196 sq. cm, whose side is half of  the radius of the larger circle. The radius of the smaller circle is three-seventh that of the larger circle. What is the circumference of the smaller circle?
(a) 12π cm
(b) 16π cm
(c) 24π cm
(d) 32π cm
(e) None of these

Q9. A sum was put at SI at a certain rate for 4 years. Had it been put at 6% lower rate, it would have fetched Rs720 less. Find the sum.
(a) Rs 3000
(b) Rs 4000
(c) Rs 3500
(d) Rs 2400
(e) None of these

(a) 27
(b) 36
(c) 48
(d) 64
(e) None of these

Solutions (6-10):

Directions (11-15): What approximate value should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions? 

Solutions (11-15):

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