Night Class Reasoning Questions for IDBI Executive Exam 2018: 24th March

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Night Class Reasoning Questions for IDBI Executive Exam 2018

Reasoning Questions for IDBI Executive Exam 2018

Reasoning Ability is an onerous section. With the increasing complexity of questions, it becomes hard for one to give it the cold shoulder. The only way to make the grade in this particular section in the forthcoming banking exams is to practice continuously with all your heart and soul. And, to let you practice with the best of the latest pattern questions, here is the Adda247 Night Reasoning Quiz based on the exact same pattern of questions that are being asked in the exams.

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
There are eight friends viz. A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H . All of them are sitting around a square table in such a way that four of them sit at the four corners of the square table while other four sit in the middle of each of four sides. The one who sits at the four corners face the center and those who sit in the middle of the sides face outward. All of them likes different watch, viz Luminox, Shinola, Technos, Xezo, Alba, Miss Sixty, Pebble and Montiek but not necessarily in the same order.
F sits third to left of the one who likes Shinola watch. The one who likes Shinola watch faces outward. Only two friends sit between F and A. A does not like Shinola watch. The one who likes Luminox watch sits on the immediate right of A. The one who likes Alba watch sits second to right of B, who is not immediate neighbor of A and F.B does not like Shinola watch. Only one friend sits between H and the one who likes Alba watch. E sits on the immediate left of the one who likes Xezo watch. B does not like Xezo watch. D likes Technos watch but he is not immediate neighbor of H. The one who likes Montiek watch is an immediate neighbor of D. The one who likes Miss Sixty watch is an immediate neighbor of C. C is an immediate neighbor of both E and the one who likes Montiek watch.

Q1.Who among following likes Miss Sixty watch?
(a) E
(b) A
(c) H
(d) G
(e) F

Q2. Who among following likes Pebble watch?
(a) H
(b) A
(c) E
(d) F
(e) G

Q3. Who among following sits second to right of D? 
(a) A 
(b) E
(c) C
(d) B 
(e) G

Q4.Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence they form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group? 
(a) A 
(b) H 
(c) B
(d) E 
(e) F

Q5. Who among following likes Luminox watch?
(a) E
(b) B
(c) F
(d) A
(e) H

Solution (1-5):

S1. Ans. (a)

S2. Ans. (e)

S3. Ans. (c)

S4. Ans.(a)

S5. Ans.(e)

Directions (6-10): Study the information and answer the following questions:
In a certain code language 

"person will store such" is coded as "VH@ UE# JL@ FN@ "

"over the demand for" is coded as " PR# FD@ IE# WR@ "

"current bout of trouble" is coded as " PF@ VT# PT@ SE# "

Q6. What is the code for ‘champion'?
(a) JN@
(b) IN@
(c) IN#
(d) IK@ 
(e) None of these

Q7. What is the code for ‘perhaps'?
(a) FS@
(b) FS#
(c) FL#
(d) PS#
(e) None of these

Q8. What is the code for ‘nothing'?
(a) QG#
(b) PG@
(c) MG# 
(d) PG#
(e) None of these

Q9. What is the code for ‘neither’?
(a) QR#
(b) FR@
(c) KR# 
(d) FR#
(e) None of these

Q10. What is the code for ‘things'?
(a) IO@
(b) IS#
(c) IK@
(d) IS@
(e) None of these

Solutions (6-10):

S6. Ans.(b)

S7. Ans.(b)

S8. Ans.(d)

S9. Ans.(d)

S10. Ans.(d)

Directions (11-12): In each question below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. On the basis of the information given in the statement, you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing.
Given answer:
(a) if only I follows.
(b) if only II follows.
(c) if either I or II follows.
(d) if neither I nor II follows.
(e) if both I and II follow.

Q11. Statements: Expensive clothes and accessories are becoming a growing need among college going teenage children.
Courses of action
I. Colleges should introduce a dress code.
II. Children should be counseled emphasizing the importance of many other things.

Q12. Statements: With the onset of monsoon all the hospitals are getting increased number of patients due to various epidemics.
Courses of action
I. Civic authorities should educate the public the need for observing minimum required hygiene.
II. Civic authorities should make arrangements to equip the hospitals with required medicines and other facilities.


S11. Ans.(e)
Sol.  Course of action I and II both follows.

S12. Ans.(e)
Sol. While the course of action I helps in prevention of disease, the II helps in cure.

Directions (13-15): Question consists of five statements followed by five conclusions. Consider the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions does not logically follow from the given statements using all statements together.

Q13. Statements: Some shirt is pant. All pant is cloth. No cloth is blazer. All jeans is blazer. Some jeans is cap.
 (a) Some shirt is cloth.
(b) Some shirt is not blazer.
(c) No pant is blazer.
(d) Some cap is blazer.
(e) None of these

Q14. Statements: All jan is feb. Some jan is march. All march is april. No march is june. Some june is july.
 (a) Some jan is april.
(b) Some march is feb.
(c) Some april is not june.
(d) Some july is april.
(e) None of these

Q15. Statements: Some nike is lava. Some lava is rebook. Some rebook is nokia. Some nokia is samsung. Some samsung is xiomi.
 (a) Some lava is nike.
(b) Some xiomi is samsung.
(c) Some nokia is lava.
(d) Some samsung is nokia.
(e) None of these


S13. Ans. (e)

S14. Ans. (d)

S15. Ans. (c)