Check Solutions of Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO Marketing Mains 2017

Dear Aspirants,

Test your Professional Knowledge of Marketing with this questionnaire to prepare for IBPS Marketing Officer Examination. To score in IBPS SO (Marketing) Mains candidate must have adequate knowledge of Marketing Planning, New Product Life Cycle, Segmentation, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management and more. This quiz covers important chapters of Marketing to help you prepare for the exam.

Q1. Which of the following factors decide the reach and depth of scanning of a marketing environment? 
(I) Economic Factors
(II) Technology Factors
(III) Ecological Factors
(IV) Culture Factors
(a) Only I & II
(b) Only II & IV
(c) Only I II & IV
(d) Only II III & IV
(e) All of the above

S1. Ans.(e)

Q2. With respect to the degree of problem interpretation, the type of marketing research that is highly structured and is done at the last stage in case of a clearly defined problem is 
(a) Causal Research 
(b) Descriptive Research
(c) Exploratory Research
(d) Experimental Research
(e) None of the above

S2. Ans.(a)

Q3. _____________________want individual attention and that demands polite and respectful responses from supplier.
(a) Impulsive Customers
(b) Need Based Customers
(c) Discount Customers
(d) Wandering Customers
(e) Loyal Customers

S3. Ans.(e)

Q4. Which of the following options represents the features of 'Question Marks' cell of the BCG matrix?
(a) High Market Share, Low Market Growth
(b) Low Market Share, Low Market Growth
(c) Low Market Share, High Market Growth
(d) High Market Share, Low Market Growth
(e) High Market Share, High Market Growth

S4. Ans.(c)

Q5. Brand Objectives means a clear definition of your brand's audience.In this regard, which one of the following option cannot be treated as a Brand Objective: 
(a) Brand Advocates
(b) Margins
(c) Awareness
(d) Market Share
(e) None of the options

S5. Ans.(e)

Q6. A market setup where exchange of good or service takes place for future is a _______________
(a) Predictive Market
(b) Virtual Market
(c) Stock Market
(d) Foreign Exchange Market
(e) Bond Market

S6. Ans.(a)

Q7.Individuals purchase “Dabur Chyawanprash “to strengthen their body’s internal defense mechanism and fight against germs, infections and stress. In terms of product positioning, this would be Dabur's
(a) Target Audience Analysis 
(b) Competitor's Analysis
(c) Brand Promotion
(d) Feature Extension
(e) USP Offering

S7. Ans.(e)

Q8. Out the given options which is the correct order of thought process that a consumer goes through before purchasing a product or a service.

S8. Ans.(b)

Q9. Which of the following is a role played by an effective product manager in the various phases in the life cycle of a product?
(a) Perform root cause analyses of customer problems 
(b) follow up with the sales and marketing teams
(c) coordination with the finance and legal teams
(d) follow up with the customer service team to track customer complaints.
(e) All of the above 

S9. Ans.(e)

Q10. Services is defined as activities, benefits and satisfactions which are offered for sale or are provided in connection with the sale of goods. Its characteristics does not include: 
(a) Intangibility
(c) Inventory
(d) Inseparability
(e) Heterogeneity

S10. Ans.(c)

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