Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO IT Mains 2017

Dear Aspirants,

Prepare Professional Knowledge Questions for IT Officer Mains Examination. Solve these questions to test your knowledge and to prepare for SO IT Mains Exam. This quiz contains a set of 10 questions from various chapters or subjects like Networking, DBMS, Information Security, Data Structure, Computer Hardware and Software that are important for IT Officer Mains Exam.

Q1. SELECT __________
FROM instructor
WHERE dept name= ’IT’;

Which of the following should be used to find the mean of the salary?
(a) Mean(salary)
(b) Avg(salary)
(c) Sum(salary)
(d) salary
(e) Count(salary)

Anwer-Option (b)

Q2. In the language C, a preprocessor is a program:
(a) That processes its input data to produce output that is used as input to another program
(b) That is nothing but a loader
(c) That links various source files
(d) All of the mentioned
(e) None of the mentioned

Anwer-Option (a)
Sol. A preprocessor is a program that processes its input data to produce output that is used as input to another program.

Q3. The phrase “greater than at least one” is represented in SQL by _____
(a) < all
(b) < some
(c) > all
(d) > some
(e) > 1

Anwer-Option (d)

Q4. Predict the output of given C Program:
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
   float c = 5.0;
   printf ("Temperature in Fahrenheit is %.2f", (9.0/5.0)*c + 32);
   return 0;
(a) Temperature in Fahrenheit is 41.00
(b) Temperature in Fahrenheit is 37.00
(c) Temperature in Fahrenheit is 0.00
(d) No Output
(e) Compiler Error

Anwer-Option (a)

Q5. An HTTP connection uses port ______ whereas HTTPS uses port ______and invokes SSL.
(a) 40; 80
(b) 60; 620
(c) 80; 443
(d) 620; 80
(e) 60; 100

Anwer-Option (c)

Q6. Which of the following statements creates a new table emp faculty that has the same schema as instructor.
(a) create table emp_faculty;
(b) Create table emp_faculty like faculty;
(c) Create Table as emp_faculty;
(d) Create table like emp_faculty;
(e) CREATE TABLE Emp_Faculty;

Anwer-Option (b)

Q7. Choose the incorrect statements:
(a) Shell scripts can accept arguments
(b) Shell scripts are interpreted
(c) Shell is a programming language
(d) Shell scripts are compiled
(e) A shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell

Anwer-Option (d)
Sol. Shell scripts are interpreted, not compiled

Q8. The outcome of Dijkstra’s calculation is used to populate the:
(a) Topology table
(b) Routing table
(c) Neighbour table
(d) Adjacency table
(e) Matrix Table

Anwer-Option (b)

Q9. Data integrity constraints are used to:
(a) Control who is allowed access to the data
(b) Ensure that duplicate records are not entered into the table
(c) Improve the quality of data entered for a specific property
(d) Prevent users from changing the values stored in the table
(e) Check for authorisation

Anwer-Option (c)

Q10. The computation of the shortest path in OSPF is usually done by:
(a) Bellman-ford algorithm
(b) Routing information protocol
(c) Dijkstra’s algorithm
(d) Distance vector routing
(e) Routing Information Protocol

Anwer-Option (c)

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