Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk Mains 2017

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Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS Exam

Quantitative Aptitude is a very important section you must prepare if you are aiming for a job in Bank or Insurance sector. These two weeks are very important as IBPS PO and Clerk Mains are lined up. So, these 15 questions can help you practice three very important topics of Quant Section.

Directions (1-5): The following questions are accompanied by three statements (A) or (I), (B) or (II), and (C) or (III). You have to determine which statements(s) is/are sufficient/necessary to answer the questions.

Q1. What is the value of a two–digit number in which digit at tens place is greater than digit at unit place?
A. The sum of the digits is 5. 
B. The difference of the squares of the digits is 15. 
C. The difference of their digits is 3. 
(a) A and B together are sufficient 
(b) B and C together are sufficient
(c) C and A together are sufficient
(d) Any one pair of A and B, B and C or C and A is sufficient
(e) A, B and C together are necessary 

Q2.What is the rate of interest at which Binod has invested money?
A. The compound interest at this rate of Rs 2500in 2 yrs is equal to the simple interest in 3 yrs of Rs 5150/3at the same rate.
B. The total simple interest on an investment of Rs 12000 for 3 yrs and Rs 10000 for 5 yrs at this rate is Rs 5160.
C. In 3 yrs Rs 1500 at the same rate becomes Rs 1725 by simple interest.
(a) Any of them
(b) A and either B or C
(c) Only C
(d) Only A and either B or C
(e) Any two of them

Q3. A person travels from X to Y and back again. How long will it take in travelling both the ways by bus?
A. It takes 21 hours in travelling from X to Y by train and returning by bus.
B. The distance between X and Y is 648 km.
C. A person can save 3 hours if he travels both the ways by train as compared to travelling by bus on the one side and returning by train.
(a) Only A and C together
(b) B and either A or C
(c) Any two of them 
(d) All statements are necessary
(e) Question can’t be answered even after using all the information

Q4. Find the number of days in which Q can do a job if P can do the same job in 8 days.
A. Q is 60% more efficient than P.
B. P and Q together can do the job in 10/3 days.
C. P is 75/2 % less efficient than Q.
(a) Only A is sufficient
(b) Only B is sufficient
(c) Either A or B is sufficient
(d) Any of them
(e) A and C together are sufficient

Q5.What will be the cost of fencing a rectangular plot?
A. Cost of fencing a circular plot whose area is 616m2 is Rs 968.
B. Perimeter of the rectangular plot is 200 m.
C. Perimeter of the square whose length is equal to the breadth of the rectangular plot is 20 m.
(a) Only C 
(b) A and C together
(c) A and B together 
(d) A and either B or C
(e) Question can’t be answered even after using all the informations

Solutions (1-5):

Directions (6-8): An urn contains some no. of green balls, 16 blue balls and some red balls. The probability of getting a red or green ball, which picking randomly is 2/3.

Q6. Two balls are picked up randomly from the bag one by one without replacement. The probability of having Ist ball blue and IInd ball red is 13/141. Then find the difference between no. of red balls and of green balls. 
(a) 4
(b) 6
(c) 8
(d) 9
(e) None of these 

Q7. 2 balls are picked up from the urn. The difference between the probability of having both balls red and both balls green is 31/282 then find the probability of having 1 ball red and 1 ball green. 
(a) 21/141
(b) 20/141
(c) 22/141
(d) 10/47
(e) None of these 

Q8. A square floor of the dimensions 72 cm × 72 cm has to be laid with rectangular tiles whose length and breadth are in the ratio 3 : 2. What is the difference between the maximum number of tiles and minimum numbers of tiles, given that the length and the breath are integers?
(a) 858
(b) 864
(c) 868
(d) 872
(e) None of these 

Q9. For admission in a graduation program of Delhi University, 90% of the candidates who appeared for the written test were males and the rest were females, 60% of the males and 80% of the females passed in the written test. What is the total number of students who appeared for the written test, if the total number of passed candidates were 1240?
(a) 2,500
(b) 2,000
(c) 2,750
(d) 3,500
(e) None of these 

Q10. Amit brought two cars. He then sold the first car at 10% profit and the second one at 25% profit. The selling price of the second car is 25% more than the selling price of the first car. What is the approximate profit per cent in both the cars together?
(a) 17.85%
(b) 18.36%
(c) 16.19%
(d) 23.13% 
(e) 21.35%

Solutions (6-10):

Direction (Q11-15): Which one of the following numbers is wrong and does not follow the pattern in the given series? 

Q11. 2, 2, 4, 16, 121, 2048 
(a) 2
(b) 16 
(c) 121 
(d) 2048
(e) All are correct 

Q12. 6, 13, 24, 37, 53, 73, 96 
(a) 24
(b) 53 
(c) 13 
(d) 73
(e) 6

Q13. 20, 10, 10, 15, 30, 90, 225 
(a) 90
(b) 10 
(c) 225 
(d) 20
(e) 30

Q14. 850, 600, 550, 500, 475, 462.5, 456.25
(a) 600
(b) 550
(c) 500
(d) 462.5
(e) None of these

Q15. 2, 10, 18, 54, 162, 486, 1458
(a) 18
(b) 54
(c) 162
(d) 10
(e) None of these

Solutions (11-15):

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