Twisted Ones English Questions For IBPS RRB PO Exam 2017

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English Questions For IBPS RRB PO Exam 2017

English Section is going to be very challenging and tricky. You need to learn and practice all types of questions including New Pattern English questions. Today, in this post, we are providing Cloze Test. Attempt this quiz and assess your understanding of English language For IBPS RRB PO 2017.

Directions (1-10): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q1. A controversial plan to build an immense dam in Brazil’s rainforest was stalled when it __________ a formidable bloc of __________ in ecologists and indigenous tribes alike.
(a) resulted, hostilities
(b) gained, supporters
(c) attracted, opponents
(d) lead, protesters
(e) drew, proponents

S1. Ans.(c)
Sol.  Option C is the most suitable choice.

Q2. According to a recent survey, sales figures of high-end cars have seen a __________ growth in the past year, which shows that Indian consumers have __________ the impact of the recession.
(a) unprecedented, negated
(b) unbelievable, suffered
(c) unusual, worsened
(d) insignificant, endured
(e) adequate, proven

S2. Ans.(a)
Sol. Options B, C, and D can be eliminated logically, as they state that consumers faced negative impacts of recession and still thy purchased luxury cars. Option E can be eliminated as 'proven' is not an apt choice and can't be used as consumers never prove recession.
Hence, only Option A provides coherent meaning to the passage.

Q3. The National Knowledge Commission has said that India will have to bring __________ in education if it has to emerge as the most __________ workforce of the world.
(a) changes, biggest
(b) reforms, talented
(c) alleviation, skillful
(d) quality, brighter
(e) outcomes, demanded

S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. Option B is the correct choice.
A, D can be eliminated as most can't be preceded by a superlative or comparative form of adjectives. C can be eliminated as alleviate means to lessen.

Q4. Norway has stolen a march over other developed countries by __________ that it would reduce 40% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and __________ carbon neutral by 2030.
(a) allowing, turn
(b) posing, grew
(c) estimating, exist
(d) perceiving, arising
(e) declaring, become

S4. Ans.(e)
Sol. 'Steal a march on' is an idiom means to precede someone who has the same goal; to accomplish something before someone else does. So, the hidden meaning here is  Norway has reacted before its fellow nations and is going to perform the necessary action in-order to become carbon-neutral in future.
In Option B 'grew' is the past form of grow, hence incorrect.
D can be eliminated because verb ing form is used only when the there are simultaneous actions.
E is correctly expecting the idea.

Q5. According to the language experts, children should begin talking in their mother tongue rather than a foreign language which can __________ affect their comprehension abilities leading to serious language based __________ later in their lives.
(a) significantly, abilities
(b) appropriately, achievements
(c) severely, advantages
(d) adversely, problems
(e) positively, issues

S5. Ans.(d)
Sol. The sentence means that foreign language affects the students comprehending abilities and become trouble some later in their lives.A, B,C can be eliminated because it states that foreign language has a positive effect on children. D clearly states that foreign language is having a negative impact on children and will lead to complications in future.

Q6. Drawing attention to the pitfalls of __________ solely on Uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors, Indian scientists warned that Uranium will not last for long and thus research on Thorium as its __________ must be revived.
(a) using, substitute
(b) believing, replacement
(c) depending, reserve
(d) reckoning, option
(e) relying, alternative

S6. Ans.(e)
Sol. Option E is the correct choice. Relying means depend on with full trust or confidence.
As Uranium has some drawbacks so thorium is viewed as its alternative.

Q7. In an effort to provide __________ for high education to all, most of the universities have been providing education without adequate infrastructure, thus churning our __________ graduates every year.
(a) chances, fresh
(b) platform, capable
(c) opportunities, unemployable
(d) prospects, eligible
(e) policy, incompetent

S7. Ans.(c)
Sol. Option a,b,d can be eliminated easily as it is clear that the second blank needs a negative word.
Option C thus is the correct choice.

Q8. The move to allow dumping of mercury __________ an outcry from residents of the area who __________ that high levels of mercury will affect their health and destroy will affect their health and destroy ecologically sensitive forest area.
(a) resulted, insist
(b) provoked, fear
(c) incited, determined
(d) activated, accept
(e) angered, belief

S8. Ans.(b)
Sol. Option B.
Residents of the area in afraid of ill effects of mercury on health.

Q9. __________ has been taken against some wholesale drug dealers for dealing in surgical items without a valid license and maintaining a stock of __________ drugs.
(a) Note, overwhelming
(b) Step, impressive
(c) Execution, outdated
(d) Action, expired
(e) Lawsuit, invalid

S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. Option D is the correct choice. Only 'outdated', expired' and 'invalid' is applicable in the second blank. Among the three options, only 'action' is suitable in the first blank because of the use of the words 'has been taken' after the blank. So, Option D is the best answer.

Q10. Even as the __________ elsewhere in the world are struggling to come out of recession, Indian consumers are splurging on consumer goods and to __________ this growth, companies are investing heavily in various sectors.
(a) economies, meet
(b) countries, inhibit
(c) governments, measure
(d) nations, inflict
(e) companies, counter

S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. Except Option E, all the other words are suitable in the first blank. But for the second blank, Only A is suitable because companies don't try to reduce the growth.

Directions (11-15): Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each statement should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is given and No correction is required, mark (e) as the answer.

Q11. Soon after the Tsunami had killed thousands of people along the coasts of southern India, Parliament passes a bill that proposed to set up an institutional mechanism to respond promptly to natural disasters.
(a) passed a bill that proposed
(b) passes a bill with proposed
(c) pass a bill proposing
(d) passed a bill which propose
(e) No correction required

S11. Ans.(a)
Sol. since the sentence is in past tense, pressed will be used instead of presses. Thus the bold part will be replaced by pressed a bill that proposed.

Q12. Denial of wages forced scientists and teachers at the agriculture universities throughout the country to go on strike, crippling crucial research that could help the state of agriculture in the country.
(a) from going on strike
(b) which went on strike
(c) on going for a strike
(d) for going to strike
(e) No correction required

S12. Ans.(e)
Sol. No correction required

Q13. In an attempt to boost their profits many edible oil producing companies have been engaging themselves in propagandas against commonly used oils and promoting exotic and expensive varieties of oils as more healthier options.
(a) as most healthiest options
(b) as less healthy option
(c) as healthier option
(d) as must healthiest option
(e) Non correction required

S13. Ans.(c)
Sol. Double comparative (more healthier) will not be used together. The best option that will replace the bold part is (c).

Q14. Thanks to numerous government initiatives, rural masses which was earlier unaware of the luxuries of urban ways of living are now connected to the same lifestyle.
(a) who was earlier unaware
(b) which were earlier aware
(c) who were earlier conversant
(d) who were earlier unaware
(e) No correction required

S14. Ans.(d)
Sol. ‘who’ will be used for rural masses and according to its antecedent (rural masses) were will be used instead to was. Thus the bold part will be replaced by who were earlier unaware.

Q15. Over the last few months, while most industries are busy in restructuring operations, cutting costs and firing, the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry was adding manpower and given salary hikes.
(a) as many industries are
(b) while most industries were
(c) while many industries is
(d) where many industries were
(e) No correction required

S15. Ans.(b)
Sol. The sentence is in past tense. Hence were will be used in place of are. Thus the bold part will be replaced by while most industries were.


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