TOD 09.06.2018

Q1. According to NFC 2005, errors are important because they
provide a way to teachers to scold children
provide an insight into the child’s thinking and help to identify solutions.
provide space for removing some children from the class.
are an important tool in classifying students into groups of ‘passed’ and ‘failed’.

Q2. Schools helps in this establishment of a better and happier society. The child not only acquires knowledge but also develops the required habits, skills, and attitudes. School programme is so planned that the children are trained in democratic methods, so essential in a democratic society. It is a direct responsibility of the school to prepare each individual child for post school adjustments. After completing his school education he has to adjust himself in the society. The success or failure of a school system is judged by its end product. Keeping in view the above statement, find out which one of the following is correct.
The above pertains to one of the primary object of education
The statement applies to secondary education.
The above pertains to education at primary level only
None of the above

Q3. The use we make of general psychology in the several departments of life under–
Applied psychology
Abnormal psychology
Religional psychology
None of these


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