Quant Quiz For Banking Exam

Directions (Q.Nos. 1-5) : Study the following information and answer the questions that follow. 
The premises of a motel are to be renovated. The renovation is in terms of flooring. Certain areas are to be floored either with Italian or Indian marbles. All rooms/halls and pantry are rectangular. The area to be renovated comprises of a hall for reception measuring 23 m by 29 m, Manager’s room measuring 13 m by 17 m, a pantry measuring 14 m by 13 m, a record keeping room measuring 21 m by 13 m and luggage locker area measuring 29 m by 21 m. The total area of the motel is 2000 sq. m. The cost of Indian marble flooring is Rs. 170 per sq. m. and the cost of Italian marble flooring is Rs. 190 per sq. m. The luggage locker area, record keeping room and pantry are to be floored with Italian marble. The Manager’s room and the hall for reception are to be floored with Indian marbles. No other area is to be renovated in terms of flooring. 
1.  What is the respective ratio of the total cost of Indian marble flooring to the total cost of Italian marble flooring?
(a) 1870 : 2537
(b) 1887 : 2386
(c) 1887 : 2527
(d) 1845 : 2590
(e) None of these
2.  If the four walls and ceiling of the Manager’s room (The height of the room is 12 m) are to be painted at the cost of Rs. 190 per sq. m. how much will be the total cost of renovation of the Manager’s room including the cost of flooring?
(a) Rs. 136800
(b) Rs. 214440
(c) Rs. 176690
(d) Rs. 211840
(e) None of these 

3.  If the remaining area of the motel is to be carpeted at the rate of Rs. 110 per sq. m. how much will be the increment in the total cost of renovation of motel premises? 
(a) Rs. 5120 
(b) Rs. 4840
(c) Rs. 3680
(d) Rs. 6960
(e) None of these 
4.  What is the percentage area of the motel that is not to be renovated?
(a) 2.2
(b) 2.4
(c) 2.6
(d) 2.7
(e) 2.8 
5.  What is the total cost of renovation of the hall for reception and the luggage locker area?
(a) Rs. 229100
(b) Rs. 230200
(c) Rs. 253420
(d) Rs. 278390
(e) Rs. 289140

6.  The product of three consecutive even numbers is 4032. The product of the first and the third number is 252. What is five times the second number? 
(a) 80
(b) 90
(c) 100
(d) 50
(e) 40

7.  The area of a square wheat field is 1444 sq. m. The breadth of a rectangular rice field is 1/4th the side of the square field and the length of the rectangular field is thrice the breadth. What is the difference between the area of both the fields? 
(a) 1198.28 sq. m. 
(b) 1188.33 sq. m. 
(c) 1182.21 sq. m. 
(d) 1173.25 sq. m. 
(e) 1199.34 sq. m.

8.  Ratio of earnings of Xavier and Yuvraj is 4 : 5 respectively. If the earnings of Xavier increase by 20% and the earnings of Yuvraj decrease by 20%, the new ratio of their earnings become 6 : 5 respectively. What are Xavier’s earnings? 
(a) Rs. 22000
(b) Rs. 27500
(c) Rs. 26400
(d) Can’t determined 
(e) None of these 

9.  If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 200% and the denominator of the fraction is increased by 150%, the resultant fraction is 7/10. What is the original fraction? 
(a) 3/4
(b) 7/12
(c) 7/11
(d) 9/11
(e) 10/11

10. Mr. Sahni invests 6% of his monthly salary, i.e., Rs. 2100 on mutual fund policies. Also he invests 8% of his monthly salary on car insurance policies and another 9% of his salary on Education policies of his children. What is the total annual amount invested by Mr. Sahni? 
(a) Rs. 1140
(b) Rs. 9660
(c) Rs. 8050 
(d) Rs. 9570
(e) Rs. 6890