Directions (Q. 1 – 5) Study the pie-chart carefully to answer the question that follow.

Percentage of students Enrolled in Different Hobby Classes in a College 

Total Number of Students = 3600

1.  The number of students enrolled in Yoga classes is what per cent of those enrolled in Dancing classes? (Rounded off to two digits after decimal).
(a) 101.45
(b) 104.76
(c) 113.84
(d) 110.28
(e) None of these

2.  What is the total number of students enrolled in Sports and Acting classes together?
(a) 684
(b) 846
(c) 648
(d) 864
(e) None of these
3.  How many students are enrolled in Drawing classes?
(a) 550
(b) 480
(c) 450
(d) 520
(e) None of these
4.  Numbers of students enrolled in Drawing classes are approximately what per cent of those enrolled in Swimming classes?
(a) 78
(b) 92
(c) 83
(d) 66
(e) 72

5.  What is the ratio of number of students enrolled in Swimming and Dancing classes together to those enrolled in Acting classes respectively?
(a) 3 : 1
(b) 1 : 3
(c) 1 : 2
(d) 2 : 1
(e) None of these

6.  A bus half ticket costs half the full price. But the reservation charged on half ticket is the same as that on full ticket. One reserved ticket for a journey between two bus stops is Rs 525 and the cost of one full and one half reserved  tickets is Rs 850. What is the reservation charge? 
(a) Rs 125 
(b) Rs 200
(c) Rs 145
(d) Can’t be determined
(e) None of these
7.  Rohan purchased 52 marble balls of 25 paise and 50 paise. The total amount he spent on balls was Rs 22.25. How much amount did Rohan spend on the 50 paise marbles?
(a) Rs 12.5 
(b) Rs 14
(c) Rs 18
(d) Can’t be determined
(e) None of these
8.  Puneet, Sumit and Anuj started a business jointly investing Rs 11 lakh, Rs 16.5 and Rs 8.25 lakh respectively. The profit earned by them in the business at the end of three years was Rs 19.5 lakh. What will be the 50% of Anuj’s share in the profit?
(a) Rs 4.5 lakh
(b) Rs 2.25 lakh
(c) Rs 2.5 lakh
(d) Rs 3.75 lakh
(e) None of these
9.  The ratio of the ages of a father and daughter is 17 : 7 respectively. 6 yr ago the ratio of their ages was 3 : 1 respectively. What is the father’s present age?
(a) 64
(b) 51
(c) 48
(d) Can’t be determined
(e) None of these

10. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 200% and the denominator of the fraction is increased by 150%, the resultant fraction is  7/10. What is the original one?
(a)  3/4
(b)  7/12
(c)  7/11
(d)  9/11
(e) None of these