Quest for Clerk: Computer Quiz

1. A logic gate is an electronic circuit which
(a) makes logic decisions
(b) allows electron flow only in one direction
(c) works on binary algebra
(d) alternates between 0&1 values

2. In logic algebra, variables can assume only two values:either ………. or 1.
(a) 2
(b) 0
(c) 3
(d) 4

3. 8421 codes is also called as.
a) Gray code
b) ASCII code
c) excess 3-code
d) BCD code

4. Which of the following is a computer code
d) None of the above

5. Which of the following would cause quickest acess
a) direct access from a magnetic tape
b) direct access from a hard disk
c) direct access from a floppy disk
d) direct access from a cassette tape

6. A computer cannot “boot” if it does not have the
a) Compiler
b) Loader
c) Operating system
d) Assembler

7. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are
a) Syntax errors
b) Semantic errors
c) Logical errors
d) None of the above

8. A step by step procedure used to solve a problem is called
a) Operating system
b) Algorithm
c) Application Program
d) None of the above

9. The communication line between the CPU, memory and peripherals is called a
a) Bus
b) line
c) media
d) none of these

10. A large number of computers in a wide geographical area can be efficiently connected by
(a) Twisted pair lines
(b) Coaxial cables
(c) Communications satellites
(d) None of the above
Answers –

1. a
2. b
3. d
4. c
5. b
6. c
7. a
8. b
9. a
10. c

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