Quest For Clerk Mains: Banking Quiz

1. For filing and resolving customer complaints the banking Ombusdsman:
(a) charges a fee of 500/- 
(b) does not charge any fee
(c) charges a fee of 1500/-
(d)  charges a fee of 1000/-
(e) none 

2. How many banks are presently associated  of State Bank of India:
(a) Eight, 
(b) Seven
(c) Six,  
(D) Five 
(e) Four

3. Objective of monetary policy of RBI is to:
(a) control inflation
(b) discourage hoarding of commodities 
(c) encourage flow of credit into neglected sector
(d) All of the above 
(e) None of the above

4. A bank account in which a depositor can deposit his  funds any number of times he likes and can also withdraw the same any number of times he wishes is called:
(a)Fixed deposit account
(b)  Saving account
(c) Current  account    
(d) Recurring account 
(e) none of these.

5. Any note, which is wholly or partially, obliterated, shrunk, washed, altered or indecipherable is a/an :
 (a) mutilated note
 (b) imperfect note
 (c) soiled note
 (d) mismatched note 
 (e) none of these

6. Insurance cover for bank deposits in our country is provided by____:
a) SBI
(b) Govt. of India 
(c) GIC
(d) LIC 

7. Expand the term ALM as used in Banking/ Finance sector:
(a) Asset Liability Management 
(b) Asset Liability Maturity 
(c) Asset Liability Mismatch 
(d) Asset Liability Manpower 
(e) Asset Liability Maintenance

8. The loan amount in case of a reverse mortgage is decided taking into account which of the following:
(a) Value of House property
(b)  Age of the borrower  
(c) prevalent Interest rates.
(1) only (A)
(2) Only (B)
(3) Only (C)
(4) All (A), (B),& (C) 
(5) none of these

9. In India , the RBI prescribes the minimum SLR  level for  Scheduled Commercial Banks in India in specified  assets as a percentage of Bank’s: 
(a) Net  Demand and Time Liabilities
(b) Demand Liabilities 
(c) Time Liability,            
(d) None of the above
(e) All of the above .

10. Truncation of cheques means:
(a) The cheques in the paper form will be retained by the collecting banker and he will submit
(b) Entire clearing  operations would   be done only through computers 
(c) Cheques will be scanned and the electronic image, instead of physical cheque , will be transmitted in the clearing cycle 
(d) Debiting  the drawer’s account through internet banking
(e) None of the above 


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