RBI ‘B’ Possible: English Quiz

Directions (1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Though much theory has (1) little is really known about the power that lies at the (2) of scientific discoveries. It is true that great scientists and discoverers (3) discovery by employing all the (4) of personality and by fusing feelings, reasons and (5) But, what is the (6) synthesis that joins and (7) these complex parts into scientific invention? A famous scientist of yesteryears had developed one of the (8) and still generally (9) answers to this question. Imaginative (10) he concludes, is a complex process in which the conscious and the unconscious thinking processes jointly operate.
(a) gathered
(b) amassed
(c) collected
(d) especially
(e) accumulated
(a) climax
(b) heart
(c) foot 
(d) link
(e) helm
(a) respect 
(b) treat
(c) like
(d) construct
(e) appreciate
(a) enlightenment
(b) control
(c) exposure
(d) variation
(e) manifestations
(a) intuitions
(b) invention
(c) formation
(d) utcomes
(e) ambition
(a) scientific 
(b) miraculous
(c) generally
(d) reasoned
(e) linking
(a) ravage
(b) merges
(c) arranges
(d) deciphers
(e) overstates
(a) most attractive
(b) simplest
(c) unswerving
(d) best
(e) original
(a) suggested 
(b) crucial
(c) satisfactory
(d) criticised
(e) concourse
(a) prognosis
(b) talent
(c) content
(d) discoveries
(e) invention

Answers –
1) b
2) d
3) c
4) a
5) e
6) a 
7) b
8) d
9) c
10) b

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