RBI Grade B Officer Exam – GA Questions Asked on 3-08-2014 (Afternoon Session)

Dear readers, here we are posting some of the questions of General Awareness sections which was asked in yesterday RBI Grade B Exam 2014.

1. World Bank President
2. Narendra Modi first visit to which country?
3. Current Finance Minister in cabinet
4. FIFA world cup final match was held in?
5. Present RBI Governor succeeded by?
6. Newly formed district in Maharastra
7. Monuments not there in delhi(5 monuments are given humayun tomb,jantar mantar,bibi ka …….)
8. Gautam Budda birth place
9. ENT surgeon in cabinet ministers
10. Which cabinet minister defeated in Lok Sabha Elections?
11. Asia first Nobel Prize Winner
12. Dada Saheb Phalke award winner 2013
13. Vinobha Bhave, Jaya Prakash Narayana, Verghese Kurien are which award recipients?
14. What is the job of IMF?
15. SBI has how many associates present
16. Recently Mumbai has heavy rainfall – what is that cyclone name
17. Green back currency is which country currency
18. World’s first new paper was printed in which country
19. Some countries currencies are given identify wrong one…(Myanmar,Syria,Iran,Iraq,)
20. 5 countries their capitals given identify wrong one(Zimbabwe,Kenya,Indonesia……)
21. Banking Ombudsman for how much money reward will be given
22. Bharatiya Mahila Bank loan to women’s up to how much
23. World Father Day
24. Which of the following is a negotiable instrument?
25. Which of the following works banks not do? a)money management b) acts head of all banks c)forex reserves
26. Author of the book “Low Land”
27. Who is known as “Pancham Daa”?
28. Which of the following is market regulator?
29. FDI meaning complete depth ?
30. What is introduced by RBI to control inflation? a) SLR b) CRR c) REPO d) Bank Rate e) None
31. On what basis inflation will decide? options like cost price of items ,income tax etc.
32. Which of the following is indirect tax? a)surcharge on income tax b)income tax c)excise duty d)corporate tax
33. Which of the following function not done by commodity exchange?
34. Options given for RTGS – choose wrong one?(see inter banks transfer available or not….,mobile is there or not like that)
35. NEFT also 5 options based question
36. SKEWED (synonym)
37. Relationship between customer and banker in credit card?
38. UK based knight hood award recipient ?
39. Housing loan according to new budget
40. Uttarakhand disaster recovery which bank helped?
41. Which of the following is scheduled commercial bank?
42. Which of the following is not come under RBI? a)NBFC b) Mutual Fund like that options
43. Which is intangible asset(some typical options like banks bonds,banks loans etc.)
44. One question who among the following is not an economist?
45. one basis point is equal to given in options point values llike 0.
46. Which world site may loose its UNESCO world heritage site status?

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