RBI Grade B Officer Exam – General Awareness Questions Asked on 3-08-2014

Dear readers, here we are posting some of the questions of General Awareness sections which was asked in yesterday RBI Grade B Exam 2014.

1. Which country does not have ‘rupee’ as its currency?
2. Highest minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet are from which state?
3. Which minister is oldest in age?
4. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar prize 2013 is given to?
5. Fifa 2014 held at?
6. Recently Barak Obama is compared with which previous pm and found less popular?
7. Rbi give banking license recently to?
8. CM of Telangana?
9. No. Of women in Lok Sabha?
10. Which organization is not an part of world bank?
11. Which is a work of WTO?
12. President of IMF?
13. What is the web address to contact PM of India?
14. Attorney general of India?
15. Who is Ajit Kumar Doval?
16. Which is not a work of SEBI?
17. SLR consists of?
18. What RBI do to reduce liquidity from market?
19. Which is not related to Foreign Exchange (give Fema,Fera etc)?
20. Foreign reserve on 31.3.2014?
21. Which of following is not a work of RBI?
22. As rupee value is depreciating what will be its effect?
23. Which is used for real time transactions one after another in a row?
24. As government leaves some agriculture loans where these are mentioned in bank balance sheet?
25. What is G Padmanabhan committee?
26. CEO of apple?
27. Actor in Mr. Bean serial?
28. Who played the role of detective in Bobby Jasoos?
29. New finance Secretary?
30. How much budget for bullet train project?
31. CEO of Infosys?
32. Germany Chancellor?
33. Which company of Anil Ambani signed an agreement with SBI?
34. Which airlines of India have contract in Air Asia?
35. One question Alfanso mangoes?
36. Largest power plant of India?
37. FDI limit in pvt sector banks?
38. Which city is not in which plastic currency will be issued as a test?
39. What is overdraft facility provided by RBI to govt?
40. When RBI issues new currency?(which system like minimum reserve like that)?
41. One question on CTS 2010?
42. How much invest levied on investment of more then 25 crore of SME’s?
43. PM dedicated first to navy(Vikramaditya)?
44. Most expensive city to live?
45. World woman day is celebrated on?
46. One ques on export & import rules?
47. Which have the data of all loan takers(CIBIL rating)?
48. Banks show their data sheet in newspapers which of following is not included?(like name of defaulters ,CSR activities, CAD etc)
49. Which of following can be a mortgage?
50. Which of following can not be put as security against loan?
51. Intangible assets?