Reasoning Quiz

Directions(1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are eight students of school. They study in standard VI, VII and VIII without more than three in any standard. Each of them have a favorite subject from physics, geography, English, Marathi, mathematics, chemistry, biology and economics but not necessarily in the same order.

D likes chemistry and studies in standard VIII with only H. B does not study in standard VII. E and A study in the same standard but not with B. C and F study in the same standard. Those who study in standard VI do not like mathematics or biology. F likes physics. The one who studies in standard VIII likes English. C does not like Geography. A’s favorite subject is Marathi and G does not like Biology.
1. Which subject does H like?
(1) English
(2) Marathi
(3) Chemistry
(4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these
2. What is G’s favorite subject?
(1) Biology
(2) Physics
(3) Marathi
(4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these
3. What is C’s favorite subject?
(1) Economics
(2) Biology
(3) English
(4) Geography
(5) Data inadequate
4. Which of the following combinations of student-standard. Subject is correct?
(1) C – VII – Economics
(2) D – VI – Chemistry
(3) G – VII – Physics
(4) B – VIII – Mathematics
(5) None is correct
5. Which of the following group of students study in VII standard?
(1) EAF
(2) EGC
(3) EAG
(4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these
Directions—(6–10) Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions given below—
C ? 1 K X 6 U 3 ★ 9 5 $ R + Z 4 @ G A T # E 7 S © 3
6. How many such prime numbers are there in the given arrangement each of which is immediately followed by a symbol and preceded by a consonant?
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) More than three
7. If the places of the those symbols which are immediately followed by numbers are interchanged with those of the numbers in the given arrangement then which of the following will be the eleventh from the right end?
(1) G
(2) @
(3) 4
(4) Z
(5) None of these
8. Which of the following is the seventh letter to the left of ©?
(1) U
(2) Z
(3) G
(4) X
(5) None of these
9. What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series based on the above arrangement?
1 6 X , 3 5 9,  R 4 Z,  ?
(1) @ T A
(2) 4 A G
(3) G E #
(4) G # T
(5) None of these
10. If the symbols and numbers are dropped from the given arrangement and then the letters are rearranged in alphabetical order which of the following will be the sixth from the left end ?
(1) C
(2) S
(3) Z
(4) A
(5) None of these
1. (1) H likes English
2. (5) G’s fav subject is Mathematics
3. (1) C’s fav subject is Economics
4. (5) None is correct
5. (3) A, E and G study is standard VIII
Solutions (6-10):
6. (1)
There is no such combination.
7. (3)
8. (3)
The seventh letter to the left of © is R.
9. (4)
The movement is +2, +2 and -1.
10. (5)
The letter will be R.

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