Reasoning Quiz

Direction (Q.1 – 4): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow:

The power of global branding eludes the grasp of Indian firms. This year’s list of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands had only one Indian name, ICICI Bank , that ranked 53rd and was worth $14.9 billion. 

(A) Indian companies should make brand-building an important activity if they aspire to become global players. 
(B) Indian companies should leverage on the growing size of local customer base to build their brands. This was what China’s largest search engine Baidu did to make it to the 29th place with a brand value of $22.5 billion.
(C) A brand is a symbol of trust with the customer. And brand valuations are indeed a powerful measure of a company’s ability to create value for its shareholders. 
(D) Indian companies need to pack value into their products through innovation, style and branding to win and retain customers
(E) Even if India did not make it to the list of top brands of the world, its high growth rate at a time when the entire world was reeling under recession, made India an eyesore for global biggies. 

1. Which of the statements numbered A, B, C, D and E mentioned above would be appropriate course of action if the Indian companies are aspire to become world’s most valuable brands.
1) Only A
2) Only B & E
3) Only A and B
4) Only C
5) Only D

2. Which of the statements numbered A, B, C, D and E mentioned above can be assumed/inferred from the facts/information given in the argument? (An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted and an inference is something which is not directly stated but can be inferred from the given facts.)
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only C
4) Only D
5) Only E                                                          

3. Which of the following can be inferred from the argument if it is considered to be true with regard to the given statements?
1) Indian corporate sector is only a minnow on global platform.
2) Indian companies do not care for brand image.
3) Indian corporate sector has to do a lot more to come in league of top global brands.
4) China’s economic prowess diminishes chances of Indian companies to be ranked high among global brand.
5) The regulatory framework is not strong enough in India to enhance corporate India’s image.

4. Which of the statements mentioned above strengthens the argument?
1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only C
4) Only D
5) Only E

Directions (Q.5 – ): These questions are based on the following information.

Sanjay asks Michael to select 6 colours from 10 different type—blue, red, green, black, white, orange, pink, purple, yellow, violet. Sanjay laid down certain conditions for Michael, as mentioned below.
(I) If Michel selects orange then he can’t select white.
(II) If Michel selects blue then he must select pink also, vice versa.
(III) If Michel selects white, then he must select green, and vice versa.
(IV) At most one of purple and black is selected.

5. If Michael selects the orange then he must select which of the following colour?
1) Pink
2) Green
3) Purple
4) Black
5) Violet

6. If Michael dose not select red and yellow then which colour he must not select?
1) Pink
2) Blue
3) White
4) Violet
5) None of these

7. If Michael selects the black then which colour he can’t select?
1) Purple
2) Blue
3) White
4) Red
5) None of these

8. If orange and pink are not selected then which of the following colours must not be selected?
1) Yellow
2) Violet
3) Red
4) Blue
5) None of these

9. If Michael selects pink then he must select which colour?
1) Violet
2) Black
3) White
4) Purple
5) None of these


( 1 – 4)
1. 3
2. 4
3. 3
4. 5
(5 – 9): If he
Orange (–) White
                   2. Blue (+)
Pink or Pink + Blue
White  (+) Green or Green + White
                   4. Either
Purple or Black.
means  not selected
means  selected
  5. 1;   Orange  – White
White  – Green
White and Green are not selected.
exactly one out of Purple or Black is not selected.
Pink is not selected then Blue is not selected. Thus total of 5 colours will
not be selected.
  6. 5;   The
following colours are not selected.
Exactly one of Purple and Black
Exactly one Orange and White
Exactly one Orange and Green
to select 6 colours he must not select orange.
7. 1;       Purple cannot be selected.
8. 4

9. 5;       He must selects Blue.