Reasoning Quiz

Directions (1-5): Study the following information to answer the given questions: 
In a certain code, ‘always create new ideas’ is written as ‘ba ri sha gi’, ‘ideas and new thoughts’ is written as ‘fa gi ma ri’, ‘create thoughts and insights’ is written as `ma jo ba fa’ and ‘new and better solutions’ is written as ‘ki ri to fa’ 
1. What is the code for ‘ideas’? 
(1) sha
(2) ba
(3) gi
(4) ma
(5) Cannot be determined
2. What does fa’ stand for? 
(1) thoughts
(2) insights
(3) new
(4) and
(5) solutions
3. ‘fa lo ba’ could be a code for which of the following? 
(1) thoughts and action
(2) create and innovate
(3) ideas and thoughts
(4) create new solutions
(5) always better ideas
4. What is the code for ‘new’? 
(1) ki
(2) ri
(3) to
(4) fa
(5) ba
5. Which of the following may rep-resent ‘insights always better’?
(1) jo ki to
(2) ki to ri
(3) sha jo ri
(4) to sha jo
(5) sha to ba
6. What is the code for thoughts’? 
(1) ma
(2) fa
(3) ba
(4) jo
(5) Either jo or fa
Direction: Each question below consists of some statement followed by four or two conclusion. Consider that statement to be true even if they are in variance with the commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusion logically follows from the given statements using all the three statement together.
7. Statement: 
All rings are bangles.
Some bangles are not watches.
All watches are bracelets.
No bracelet is a ring.
I. Some bracelets are bangles.
II. Some rings are watches.
III. No watch is a ring.
IV. Some bracelets are not bangles.
(1) only II and III follows.
(2) only I and II follows.
(3) only III and IV follows
(4) only III follows
(5) None of these
8. Statement: 
Some cat are horses
All horse are peacock
Some rabbits are dogs
All peacock are rabbits.
I. Some dogs are horse.
II. Some rabbits are cats.
III. No dog is a horse
IV. Some rabbits are horses
(1) only I, II and IV follows
(2) only II, III and IV follows
(3) only either I or II and III follows
(4) only either I or III and IV follows
(5) only either I or II, III and IV follows.
9. Statement: 
Some chocolates are candies
Some lollypops are candies
Some candies are biscuits
All biscuits are pastries
I. Some pastries are chocolates.
II. Some pastries are lollypops
III. Some lollypops are chocolates
IV. Some biscuits are chocolates.
(1) none follow
(2) only I follows
(3) only II follows
(4) only III follows
(5) only IV follows
10. Statement: 
Some stones are glasses
All glasses are golds
I. All glasses which are stones are gold
II. Some glasses are stones.
(1) only I follows
(2) only II follows
(3) either I or II follows
(4) neither I nor II follows
(5) Both I and II follows
11. Statement: 
Some shirts are jeans
All jeans are blue
Some blue are pant
I. Some shirts are pant
II. No shirt is pant
(1) only I follows
(2) either I or II follows
(3) both I and II follows
(4) only II follow
(5) neither I nor II follows
Solutions (15-20):
and – fa
thoughts – ma
new – ri
ideas – gi
create – ba
always – sha
insights – jo
better / solutions – ki / to
1.         (3)
2.         (4)
3.         (2)
4.         (2)
5.         (4)
6.         (1)
Solutions (21-25):
7.         (4):

8.         (5):

9.         (1):
10.     (5):
11.     (2):

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