Right decision at right time changes your life!

Dear Students,
Many of you are in conundrum whether to attend seminar or not. To ease you to make decision we are elaborating some points which may be in your mind regarding the same.

1) If you have not read the GK Power Capsule even once, then you will get a place to complete that in a day only under the guidance of some very experienced faculty.
2) If you have read the GK Capsule at least once, then it is a really good opportunity for you to revise that once again in a single day as revision is must in GA in order to recollect the correct answer in your mind during the exam.
3) If you are having any doubt regarding how to attempt the paper, how to study etc. then you will get a good place for that at the seminar venue.
4) You will meet with a number of candidates who too have qualified SBI Pre exam and are going to attend the MAINS. So, you can learn from each other as well.
5) You will get real time discussion on the important GA topics. So, there will be no place for doubt.
Prepare well! All the best! Make us proud!