SBI Associate Clerk Interview Experience – Rahul Arora

Hello BA,
First of all great wishes to you. I just discovered your website 4 months back and your site has been very helpful to me throughout the journey, and without you, I would have faced lot of problems, as I did during early time of IBPS. I wish I would have been knowing about you by that time.
Here is my interview experience I am sharing and also attaching word file of same here along.
Hey BA,,, this is my experience of interview. Thank you for support again and again.

Heyy guys.. How are you all?
My name is Rahul Arora. I had my SBI asso. interview yesterday on 21-5-15. I had been reading the reviews of various others, and they have been very helpful. So I thought of writing my experience here. I am especially writing this to boost the morale of average students like me. I passed with 54 % in graduation and 63% in 12th. So be confident, because if you are there for interview means you are well qualified in academics and now its your personality, language, IQ, and ability to keep calm that will took you ahead.
I had Kota, Rajasthan as my centre. Timing was 9 am. I reached the venue at 8.30 am, fully exhausted after driving for 2 hours. Went inside the hall and relaxed for while and started talking to others to know the level of competition. Big wonder except 4 people all were engineers as announced by document verifying personnel. Document verification started at 9.30 and it took 15 minutes. Then came the list and I was the first candidate for the day.
I entered the interview room at 10.20. I was a casual set up. 2 men aging around 50 were sitting in front (M1, M2), a lady in her 30s sitting on right(F1) and a man around 50 years on left side(M3).
I: May i come in please… allowed and entered.
Good morning sirs and ma’am. Everybody greeted with smile. Then a pin drop silence for 45 seconds as everybody was looking at my bio-data form. I used those 45 seconds very smartly and keep on watching them with a smiling face and believe me, it worked wonders.
M1: So Mr. Rahul, you are an MBA graduate and coming here forthis interview, don’t you think you are making a mistake.
I answered it with various logics, much to his satisfaction and explained why didn’t took placement from college.
M1: tell me the difference between marketing and selling?
I Explained…its the first thing taught in every MBA school.
M1: What is the use of marketing in banks?
Explained… may be not the best but well above average. Still all the interviewers were reading my form.
M1: As I can see that you science as a subject in 12th and later you did Why so?
Explained that I was not very comfortable with science and later I decided its not the way for me.
M1: But as I can see your percentage is also not very good in graduation as well.
Explained that it took some time for me to adjust and accounts had been a subject which drowned my percentage, but economics and business administration have always been the subjects of my choice.
Then he signalled over to M2
M2: Mr Arora why don’t you work in some private companies, there are big brands who will hire you for sure?
I: Sir I tried in some private banks as well but none of them are willing to take a candidate after the age of 25 or 26.
M2: In which banks you have tried?
I: Axis bank and Yes bank
M2: Very nice. Do you know which bank give highest interest on saving accounts and how much?
I: yes sir. Its Kotak Mahindra and Yes bank with 6.5%
M2: My boy Yes bank is now offering interest on saving accounts @ 7%.
Ahhh I exclaimed with a smile. He felt happy that I liked his gyan.
M2: Have you read today’s newspaper. Tell me the top 2 headlines.
I explained, with little of him disturbing in at every point.
Then I was tossed to M3, who was almost unaffected by my gestures, language and smile, which were my strong points.
M3: What are the difference between private banks and nationalised banks?
I explained but he wanted to hear some more. I had nothing else to say.
M3: What are the various factors in marketing that could be stressed upon so as banks would be benefited.
I explained and mentioned a point about man power and human resources.
M3: Who is the human resource minister in India?
I: Smt. Smriti Irani.. for the first time M3 smiled a little.
Then came the turn of female (probably the HR in company)
F1: What is cross selling
I: Explained
F1: What are its benefits to bank?
I: Explained adding a point how it would be beneficial for society.
F1: Explain cross selling products with example.
I: I though for a second and gave the answer.
F1: One more example please.
I: I tried to play the mind game and took an abstract example to entice the lady. Saying Olay cosmetics are doing this by…
I was stopped in between. She asked for example related to banking. I explained cross selling of mutual fund.
She nodded, so does I.
I was told to leave, and as soon as I was about to get up, I was stopped by M2.
M2: One more thing mr Arora, aap hindi padh lete hai, ye newspaper padh lenge
I: Ji sir bilkul. Ap kahe to main padh kar sunau..
M1(interrupted in between): Its ok. Not needed. What if we post you in far flung area?
I: It would be great sir. In fact I like to travel and explore new places.
Thank you they all said, I thanked them all and came out of room and let out a big sigh.
(I wrote lots of things in my bio-data form so that they get puzzled to that and keep on asking questions regarding them, rather than from commerce and accounts, and to my luck the trick worked. But be very careful, they should get puzzled not you.)
Overall it was a nice experience and I am hoping for the best. Learned a lot about diverting interview as per need, had literally done it this time. I am in waiting list of IBPS PO and IBPS SO.. I just wish this time I need not wait. Bye guys.

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