SBI Associates Clerk Interview Experience – 11th May 2015

Hello Readers,

Here we are posting the Interview Experience shared with us by Narinder Kumar, one of the BA Readers. Hope it will help the aspirants having interview in the upcoming days.
Hi friends, this is Narinder Kumar here. I am just sharing my SBI Associate clerk interview here as it might help someone for their interview.

Venue : SBI Main Branch Civil Lines, Jalandhar (Punjab)
Date : 11.05.2015
Time : 12.00 p.m.
Panel : I

I reached the venue by 11.30 a.m. There was only 1 panel. All the candidates were made to sit in a Branch waiting for document verification. It started at 2.00pm. They started verification of documents, it was very lengthy procedure. My turn came at 5.10pm. After verification they took us to waiting area. My turn came by around 6.13pm.  Panel had 4 Male & 1 Female member in it.
Me : May I come in sir?
M1 : Yes come in.
Me : Good Afternoon Mam! Good morning Sirs! (smilingly)
M1: Please sit.
Me : Thankyou sir.
M1: You studied Punjabi till which class?
Me: Upto 10th standard sir
M1 : So u have done B.Pharmacy?
Me : Yes sir (smilingly)
M1 : It is 4 year course?
Me: Yes. It is Professional course
M1 : Why are you coming to bank? 
Me : Sir, India is developing country and banking sector is growing. So it is very good opportunity.
M1: Okay. Narinder ji you are from Pharmacy Field. Tell me difference between Ethical and Generic medicine?
Me: I explained it.
M1 : hmmm..(With good expression on his face)
Me : Smile 
M1  to M2 ask something.
M2: Who is richest person of India?
Me: Mukesh Ambani
M2: hmm.. tell me the name of person who came on number one for small time period and after that again Mukesh Ambani come first?
Me :Dilip Sanghavi from Sun Pharma.
M2 to M3 ask something.  
M3 say no sir.
F1 : You are from Pharmacy Why do you want  to join banking Sector?
Me : Mam. Banking Sector providing us job security and respectable job 
F1: But security means person is lazy and don’t want to work. Thats why he/she want security. It is negative. 
Me: You are right mam. But I see it in positive way. Suppose I am working in private sector and suddenly recession came and we are jobless.
F1: If you have capability than another company will offer you to join.
Me: yes mam. I agree but suppose they want only 10 employee but jobless person is 250. Then again 240 will be jobless
M4 : Which is highly Civilian Award of India?
Me : Bharat Ratana
M4 : Who got Bharat Ratna award recently?
Me : Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayi ji and Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya ji
M4 : Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya ji is alive now?
Me; No Sir, He’s not with us.
M4 : Okay Good
M1: okay Narinder ji. Thank you.
Me: Thankyou Sirs Thankyou mam

Friends the panel was very friendly and cordial to me. Just be confident, Keep smiling and do the interview well.. All d best 2 everyone!!!