SBI Associates Clerk Interview Experience – Digvijay U. Patil

Hello Readers,

Here we are posting the Interview Experience shared with us by Digvijay U. Patil, one of the BA Readers. Hope it will help the aspirants having interview in the upcoming days.

Hello friends, my name is Digvijay U. Patil and I’m sharing my SBI Associate Clerical interview
experience. This was my first interview experience in Life.
Venue : SBI Learning Centre, Pune (Maharashtra)
Date    : 14.05.2015
Time   : 9.00 a.m.
Panel  :   I
I reached at the interview centre on 08.30 and to my surprise they have already started to scrutinise documents. 

(*Note 1 : There are always surprises from the moment you step out of your door, So don’t ever panic  just face the situation with keeping your mind cool and always think that “You Will Get Through This”.)

I was short on 2 documents (as those were not mentioned in the Call Letter) so they took undertaking from me to produce those documents at the time of Joining also I had to produce photo copies of least expected documents and as it was morning so no nearby shops were opened, I had to travel 4 Km to get photo copies but then again just “Go With The Flow”. Document scrutiny is just process and in 99% cases they won’t eliminate you but you have to go through their way (Making Pity face, Saying Sorry no. of times and Accepting that this was your fault and you are ready to rectify it). 
Then at 10.15 a.m. I was told to sit outside the Interview room.
(*Note 2: Try to get familiar with staff as well as with your fellow campaigners. I found it very relaxing to see familiar faces with me sitting outside the Interview room and it relaxed me but DON’T TALK)
After waiting for few minutes my turn came 
(Knocked on the door)
Me: May I come in 
There were 3 Male and 1 female members in panel.
M1: Yes Please come in 
Me: Thank you (Smiled and closed the door carefully)
Me: Good Morning Mam, Good Morning Sirs (again smiled while looking at everyone)
M1: Mr. Patil take your seat, you Signed for interview in English.
Me: Thank you sir, Yes I signed for English.
(*Note 3: When you fill Bio-Data form it is very crucial to fill everything right specially you hobbies and your Extra Curriculum activities, most of questions came from these 2 sections for me.)
M1: You have done Robotics on National Level in your Engineering days. Tell me about applications of Robotics.
Me: Sir, from manufacturing to space research we use robotics technology.
M1: Give any particular example
Me: Sir, for Mars Mission and Chandrayan Mission we used robots, to sort letters in Post Office we use robots.
M1 (Not Satisfied) 
M1: You have 1 years gap in you Engineering.
Me: Yes sir, I had a bad accident at the time of my examinations so, I couldn’t attend exams.
M2: Where do you belong
Me: Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
M2: What is Jalgaon famous for
Me: It’s famous for its Gold Market and Banana production.
Then M2 asked me 5 to 7 questions about my district like Political leaders, Crops etc.
I gave answers in detailed manner and he was very satisfied with my answers
M2: Tell me difference between Nationalised and Private sector banks
Answered That
M2: Types of Banks, difference between Debit Card and Credit Card.
Explained it with examples
(*Note: There is always a person who tries to ditch you, demoralised you and tries to find your mistakes. So, don’t panic just tell him if you don’t know the answer in very humble way and try not to look disturbed. In my case M1 was this person, He almost got me but M2 and M3 were supportive so, I managed to dodged that bullet.)
It was almost 15 minutes but I didn’t realised and Interview was in full swing as was I.then all male asked female member to ask question 
F1: You have average marks in your HSC but you managed to get admission in great college, How is that possible (She must have gone through my Bio-Data form in very detailed manner).
Me: Mam, I had very good score in Engineering Entrance Exam. 
Then she asked me detailed result of that exam and was very impressed with it.
M1 & M2: Ok Thank you Mr. Patil
Me: Thanked all of them wished them a good day and left.
This was my experience friends I hope it will help you. Just make sure whatever happens whether outside or at the time of interview be calm and cool and answer your questions very positively.
I wish a Great Luck to all of you.
All the Best Digvijay :))