SBI Associates Clerk Interview Experience – Megamind

Hello Readers,

Here we are posting the Interview Experience shared with us by Megamind one of the BA Readers. Hope it will help the aspirants having interview in the upcoming days.
Name: Saurabh Maurya – Megamind
Date: 21st May 2015
Venue: Sbi Learning Center, Hebatpur, Ahmedabad
Time: 9 a.m. Panel I

It was 5.30 when I reached Hebatpur. It was early morning with cool wind and first rays of the rising sun. So,I decided to walk to the center as it was just 2 kms (actually I didn’t find a single auto 😛 ). So I reached and waited long. Me and other 7 were called in at 8.45 am.

Document verification : Just the resident proof was one doc which no one was having a xerox of, so they provided the xerox. Take all your mark sheets with you. Rest, they are too supportive.
Now, my number was 10, sat in the waiting room and on Sir asked me to take Gujarati newspaper so I did.
After a long wait my turn came not for the interview, but to sit outside the door as next to be interviewed. 

Everyone who came out said, “Gk he puch rhe hain bas”.
Then came my turn. Went in and wished everyone.
Four Sirs (M1,2,3,4) and One Ma’am (F1) were there.  All were around 45-50 years of age except Ma’am. She was young. (Mm- Megamind)
And then the war began.
M1: To Saurabh ji aap maurya hain. (though i gave english as my preference to be interviewed in), To Chandra Gupt Maurya ko jante hain?
MM: yes sir.
M1: Kya kiya tha unhone. kuch btaiye unke baare mein.
Mm: Told
M4: No sir is asking which battle he won.
Mm: Told
M4: When we say 1000 BC, what do we mean by BC and similarly AD.
Mm: I told BC – before Christ but sorry sir m unable to recall AD.
M1: Why you left ICICI.
Mm. Told and he was satisfied.
Over to M2.
M2: What was your Job in ICICI.
Mm: Told.

M2. Difference between RTGS and NEFT/ Can we do both by Internet banking/ rates of both.
Mm: Told except the rates as i didn’t knew.
M3: Why you have written Sbi associates clerk in front of Post in biodata form.
Mm: Sir I just did. ( i didn’t knew what to say)
M3: Ok this is not SBI :/
Mm: I said ok sorry sir.
M3: You know s about Gallantry Awards/ Which is the highest gallantry award in India/ Can you name some of the awards winners.
Mm: Told but was not able to remember any name/ still said Major Anup Joseph.

M3: Ok. (looked satisfied)
Over to M4
M4: So you had Income Tax in your graduation. Tell me about it.
Mm: Explained well enough in a hope that no more questions from grad. will be asked.

M4: Ok, who handles taxation in India/ and excise ?
Mm: Told about tax but was not sure for excise.
M1: something like custom 🙂
Mm: Thank you sir, CBEC
And it no more graduation question and I was the happiest 🙂
Over to F1
As my hobbies I wrote were- sketching drawing, exploring gadgets and on – line gaming and events. So she didn’t had much to ask from that.

F1: Marathi yetet ( Marathi ati hai?)
Mm: Ho ma’am ( yes ma’am)
F1: asa kasa you are from U.P. ( aise kaise)
Mm: Ho pan majhe baba defence personal ahet. aani me purn desh firun aalo ae. te me marathi shikhlo sangli wer. ( yes but my father is defence personal and I have been to all India and learned Marathi in Sangli{ when I was working in ICICI})
F1: Good grasping. ( I believe she knew only few words of Marathi, so ended it there :P)
F1: Name the associates of Sbi/ You applied for which one and why.
Mm: Told and genuine reason was vacancy so told the same.

F1: Name the Sbi subsidiaries.
Mm: Told
(as I thought this would be the end as it was 15minutes already, M1 woke up)

M1: You gave reference of JWO personal. What is this JWO means.
Mm: Junior Warrant Officer.

M1: Your father rank.
Mm: Same.
M1: What he actually do.
Mm: Explained (but later realized that may be they wanted to hear-“its confidential” )
M1: Do you know about Miraj in news recently.
Mm: Don’t know sir, (as i really didn’t knew :((( ). I said i really can’t believe it on Indian Roads.
M1: Its true they landed 2 miraj 2000 on highway/ OK anything else about crashes.
Mm: Told about su-30 crash.
M2: After leaving ICICI how many exams you gave/ how many you cleared/ what was the weak point of you not getting selected.
Mm: Told and gave reason low written marks. ( actually it was the interview :/ )
M2: Can you say something about yourself in Gujarati.( suddenly, M1,3,4 and F1 said – he don’t know Gujarati)
M2: Ok Ok then its fine.
Mm: Sir I may not be able to speak fluently but can I read a few lines from the newspaper.
M2: Sure.
I did and  he was happy.
M1: Ok Saurabh you can go. But do ask your father about Miraj.
Mm. yes sir definitely I will and may be its true agar auto wale raste denge to.
Everyone laughed.
I said thank you have a nice day ahead.
And then I came out, remaining three asked kya pucha- I smiled and said Just Gk 😀 😀
It was a lengthy interview. Took about 25 minutes.
Only one suggestion from me – Have knowledge about everything and never ever expect what will be asked. 🙂
ATB to everyone 🙂
Thank you Shruti and Ayushi Ma’am _/_
All the Best Megamind :))