SBI Associates Clerk Interview Experience – Rock St@R

Hi Friends, 
This is your Rock St@R. I am sharing my SBI Associates Clerk Interview experience. I hope it’s helpful for you.
  • Name: Rock St@R
  • Date: 19th May 2015
  • Venue: SBIRD, Hyderabad.
  • Time: 9 AM 
  • Panel: I

I reached Hyderabad before a day i.e. 18th may as I am from Visakahapatnam. I stayed at my friend’s house and started to the venue on 19th morning at 7:30 a.m. I couldn’t find the venue as I got down the bus next stop to the venue :D. I have seen somebody (who is above 50 years) there and asked him address. He told me , I am also going there, you can come with me. I asked him are you working there then he told, I am the manager in that. We had a nice talk while walking to the venue. When we reached the venue, the Security Guard immediately stood and wished good morning sir. He wished the manager not me :P. The manager wished me good luck and left. 

It was 8:50 when I reached there. The document Verification has already been started. I just sat and waiting for my name. They called me at 9:30 for doc verification.  He wished me good luck for interview after doc verification. 
Documents: 10th Marks sheet, Intermediate Marks sheet, Degree Marks sheet, OBC Certificate, Two Character Certificates & PAN or Voter ID. Original Bio data form and four copies of it. One set of all the certificates copies.
They are very strict about documents, so take everything along with you.
My number was 7, sat in the waiting room. My turn came at 10:30 a.m
I asked May I come in Sir, Yes you can come. I went in and wished everyone with a smile. There are 4 Male (M1,2,3,4) and 1 Female (F1). All are above 50 years.
M1: Your father expired
Me: Yes Sir.
M1: You completed your studies in telugu medium right
Me: Yes sir.
M1: You studied in Government School and Government college only right
Me: Yes Sir.
M1: Your father is not there, how you get income and what does your mother do?
Me: Told
M1: You are from visakhapatnam. What are the Ganulu there in Visakahapatnam.
Me: First Actually I didn’t understand the question. I asked sorry sir, He again repeated the same but still I didn’t get it. Then F1 asked me, have you seen Manganese in visakhapatnam. Then I understood what he was asking and answered his question. I told Bauxite & Manganese.
M1: Where the Issues going on
Me: I told Yemen
M1: What happened there?
Me: Told 
M1: Who is australia Prime minister
Me: Told 
M1: Prime Minister recently visited 2 nations right
Me: No Sir, He visited 3 Countries. first China then Mangolia then South Korea
M1: Yes 3 Nations, what is the currency of Mangolia
Me: (I expected this question, I read it but I forgot) I told Sorry Sir I don’t remember now. (It’s Tugrik)
M1: Recently what happened in Noida
Me: Sorry Sir, I don’t know.
M1: Where is Mangalore harbour 
Me: told
M1: You have kids at your home. ( I mentioned in bio-data form Spending with kids is one of my hobbies)
Me: No Sir, They are Neighbour Kids.
Over to M2.
M2: You worked in a insurance company right. How you got the job, which exam you qualified.
Me: It’s not insurance company sir, It’s BPO. for this job we need not to qualify any exam. 
F1: without exam, how you got the job.
Me: Mam, It’s direct interview. I attended the interview and selected. 
F1: Tell me something about your work there
Me: Mam It’s back end process. It’s completely US insurance. Between Insurance companies and Insureds there are broker companies. We work with broker companies. While they are entering Policy information in the data base they may do some mistakes. We check all the things in data base against insurance policy. if we find any discrepancy, we show them on check list and send it to the broker companies.
M2: He asked a question from Physics (As I mentioned in Bio-data for physics is one of my subjects)
Me: Sorry Sir, I don’t remember now.
F1: She asked me formulaes in Physics (I didn’t expect physics questions, so I didn’t refer it before interview)
Me: Sorry mam, I don’t remember now.
Over to M3.
M3: Tell me insurance company names in US 
Me: I told Hartford Insurance company, Liberty Mutual Insurance company, Progressive insurance comapny.
M3: Tell me what were the  broker companies u worked with.
Me: I told Crane Agency, USI & Heffernen.
M3: What is the Fiscal Deficit
Me: Told
M3: What is  the Budget Deficit
Me: Told
M4: You are from telugu medium backround right, so Tell me Saralamulu & Purusamulu
Me: Sorry Sir, I don’t remember now.
M4: what is Kartha, Karma, Kriya
Me: Told
M1: All the best, you can go now.
I wished everyone with a smile and came out.
They didn’t ask me any question from computers 
Small Suggestion: Friends Never expect what they will  ask in interview. Prepare everything your level best. Don’t forget to refer all your subjects. Know everything about your city. Read all the current issues before interview.
All the best friends 🙂
Thank you all 🙂