SBI PO 2015: Current Affairs Quiz

1. The govt released draft gold monetisation scheme on 19 May. As per the draft, the minimum gold that can be deposited has been fixed at
1) 500g
2) 250g
3) 100g
4) 50g
5) 30g

2. India’ space agency ISRO will launch its first indigenous multi-object tracking radar (MOTR) in 3-5 months. Which of the following is NOT correct about MOTR?

1) It has been prepared with and investment of Rs 245 cr, the least in the world for such radar.
2) It is capable to track 10 different objects at a time.
3) It will help in space capsule recovery, reusable launch vehicle and human space programmes.
4) It will help in tracking space debris to protect the space assets of the country.
5) None of these
3. The SBI and ICICI Bank have launched contactless cards in the country. Which of the following statement is NOT correct about these contactless cards?
1) They work faster than the regular debit/credit cards or cash payments since they work on a wireless network.
2) Payments above Rs 2,000 are not eligible for contactless transactions as per RBI norms.
3) These cards work on the Near Field Technology (NFC).
4) These cards cannot be used in the traditional way of swipe or dip.
5) None of these

4. SK Kalra has been given additional charge of the managing director and chief executive officer of which of the following Public Sector Banks for a period of three months, or till the date of appointment of a regular MD and CEO?
1) Andhra Bank
2) Bank of India
3) Indian Bank
4) Allahabad Bank
5) None of these
5. The Coal India Limited (CIL) has announced to invest around $ 20-25 billion in the next five years in order to achieve an output of ________ by 2019-20.
1) 1 billion tonnes
2) 1.5 billion tonnes
3) 2 billion tonnes
4) 2.5 billion tonnes
5) None of these
6. During the recent visit by PM Narendra Modi to China, the two countries announced to establish provincial ties between China’s Sichuan and India’s
1) Kerala
2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Karnataka
4) Maharashtra
5) Gujarat
7. As per a new Bill cleared by the Union Cabinet, a transaction in which the real beneficiary is not the one in whose name a property has been purchased is defined as
1) Insider trading
2) Fraud
3) Proprietary
4) Benami
5) None of these
8. The 78-year old stock exchange which has been permitted to exit by the market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) under its exit policy recently is
1) United Stock Exchange
2) Calcutta Stock Exchange
3) Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
4) Madras Stock Exchange
5) None of these
9. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has said the new service tax would be applicable from Jun 1 which will be levied at
1) 12.5 per cent
2) 13 per cent
3) 13.5 per cent
4) 14 per cent
5) 14.5 per cent
10. Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj is the present President of which of the following countries?
1) Malaysia
2) Mongolia
3) Argentina
4) Kazakhstan
5) None of these
11. DBS Bank has applied to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to convert its branches into a wholly-owned subsidiary (WOS). The bank is based in
1) Switzerland
2) Singapore
3) UK
4) Sweden
5) Germany
12. The Supreme Court on 13 May restrained the Centre and state govts from publishing pictures of ministers, CMs and presidents of ruling parties in govt advertisements. Only pictures of the ________ would be published in govt advertisements.
1) Chief Justice of India
2) PM
3) President
4) All the above
5) Only 2) and 3)
13. PM Narendra Modi began his three-day China sojourn from which of the following Chinese cities on 14 May?
1) Nanjing
2) Xining
3) Xian
4) Taiyuan
5) Jinan
14. The govt on 12 May named new governors for six states. Which of the following is NOT correct in this regard?
1) JP Rajkhowa: Arunachal Pradesh
2) Lt Gen (retd) Nirbhay Sharma: Mizoram
3) Syed Ahmed: Manipur
4) V Shanmuganathan: Meghalaya
5) None of these

15. The cabinet on 13 May cleared a proposal for 10 per cent and 5 per cent disinvestment in _________ and _______ respectively.
1) Indian Oil Corp, NTPC
3) SAIL, Indian Oil Corp
5) None of these
1. 5
2. 5
3. 4
4. 1
5. 1
6. 3
7. 4
8. 4
9. 4
10. 2
11. 2
12. 4
13. 3
14. 5
15. 1