SBI PO 2015: Current Affairs Quiz

1. Mayon volcano, which erupted recently, is situated in which of the following countries? The 2,460-metre volcano is famed for its near-perfect cone and has a long history of deadly eruptions.
1) Philippines
2) Thailand
3) Indonesia
4) Malaysia
5) None of these

2. India is all set to get its first overseas port in the form of Chabahar port in which of the following countries? The Union Cabinet is expected to clear the long-delayed project soon.
1) Iraq
2) Iran
3) Vietnam
4) Sri Lanka
5) None of these
3. Google launched Android One-powered smartphones in India which is the first country to receive these devices. These devices are initially being offered by
1) Micromax
2) Spice Mobiles
3) Karbonn
4) All the above
5) Only 1) and 3)
4. Which of the following countries has the highest foreign exchange reserves (just shy of $4tn) in the world?
1) US
2) Japan
3) India
4) China
5) None of these

5. According to the HSBC Trade Forecast Report, India may become fifth largest exporter by 2030. What is India’s position in terms of export of goods by value at present?
1) 9th
2) 11th
3) 13th
4) 14th
5) None of these
6. Name the Indian boxer who was denied Arjuna award this year and now he has won a court battle against govt to get the coveted sports award.
1) Sumit Sangwan
2) Shiva Thapa
3) Manoj Kumar
4) Vikas Krishan Yadav
5) None of these
7. The BJP Govt wants to revamp the Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK) and give it a fresh impetus. Which of the following statements is NOT correct with respect to RMK?
1) It was set up in 1993 under the Societies Registration Act for the socio-economic empowerment of women.
2) Currently RMK provides loans to NGO-MFIs which further lend to self-help groups of women.
3) It extends micro-credit to women in the informal sector against collateral.
4) The govt plans to take RMK to the women beneficiaries in the six lakh villages of the country.
5) None of these
8. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Chairman of the National Commission for Women (NCW)?
1) Lalitha Kumaramangalam
2) Meenakshi Lekhi
3) Kishori Sinha
4) Tamilisai Soundarrajan
5) None of these
9. The Central govt is working with states to initiate Nirbhaya Centres across the country. The Nirbhaya Centres will act as hubs for ________at district level.
1) improving sex ratio
2) promoting women’s education
3) protecting women
4) eliminating child marriage
5) None of these
10. The book titled “At Home in India: The Muslim Saga” has been written by
1) Salman Khurshid
2) MJ Akbar
3) Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
4) Najma Heptulla
5) None of these
11. Which of the following dates is celebrated every year in India as Engineer’s Day to commemorate the birthday of the legendary engineer Sir M Visvesvaraya?
1) 11 Sep
2) 15 Sep
3) 17 Sep
4) 19 Sep
5) None of these
12. Richard Rahul Verma has been appointed as the new ambassador of which of the following countries to India recently?
1) US
2) UK
3) France
4) Italy
5) None of these

1. 1
2. 2
3. 4
4. 4
5. 4
6. 3
7. 3
8. 1
9. 3
10. 1
11. 2
12. 1