SBI PO 2015: Letter to Hotel Management requesting them to send back your bag

Hello Reader,

On account of SBI PO 2015 Exam for the post of Probationary Officer, here we are presenting to you all a letter on “Letter to Hotel Management requesting them to send back your bag” Hope you like the post!!!

You have just spent a weekend staying at the Leela Hotel in Mumbai. When you get home you find that you have left a bag at the hotel.
Dear Mr. Singh, 
I stayed in your hotel on the 23rd and 24th of March. I was in Room 603. When I arrived home, I discovered that I had left one of my bags at the hotel. Could you please check your Lost and Found Department and see if my bag is there? 
The bag is a small black leather, document case with a narrow strap. Inside the bag, you will find several business cards, a fountain pen, a small address book, three copies of a business proposal and a silver pocket calculator. These things are not very valuable in money terms, but they have a lot of personal value. 
I would appreciate it if you could contact me as soon as possible, particularly since I need the proposals for a presentation this week. If you could send the bag to me by courier service, I would be most grateful. I have arranged to pay for the service. 
Thank you for your help. 
Yours sincerely,