SBI PO 2015: Reasoning Quiz

Directions (Q.1-5) Some statements are given followed by some conclusions. You have to consider the statements to be trueeven if they seem to be at varience from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the following conclusions if any, follow from the given statements:

1. Statements: Some A are H.
All H are G.
All G are K.
All K are B.

Conclusions :   1. Some H are B
2. All K are A.
3. All B are G.
4. All H are K.

1) Only 4 follow
2) Either 2 or 3 follow
3) Only 3 follow
4) Only 1 follows
5) None of these

2.Statements: Some G are B.
All B are P.
All P are C.

 Conclusions :   1. Some C are G.
2. All P are B.

1) Only 2 follow
2) Only 1 follows
3) None follow
4) Both follow
5) None of these
3. Statements: All B are PA.
Some PE are PA.
All PE are R.

Conclusions :   1. Some R are PA.
 2. Some B are PA.

1) Only 1 follow
2) Only 2 follows
3) None follow
4) Either 1 or 2 follows
5) Both follow

4. Statements: Some M are P.
Some P are PG.
No PG is W.

 Conclusions :   1. Some W are M.
2. some P are not W.

1) Only 1 follows
2) None follows
3) Only 2 follow
4) Both follow
5) None of these

5. Statements: All C are T.
Some T are B.
 Some B are S.
Conclusions :   1. All B being T is a possibility
2. Some S are not B.

1) Only 2 follow
2) Either 1 or 2 follow
3) None follows
4) Only 1 follows
5) None of these

Directions (Q.6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions asked:

The questions given below contain two statements giving some information. You have to decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions? 
Give answer 1) : If statement A is sufficient but B alone is not sufficient.
Give answer 2) : If statement B is sufficient but A alone is not sufficient.
Give answer 3) : If statement each statement alone is sufficient.
Give answer 4) : If both statements A and B together are not sufficient.
Give answer 5) : If both statements A and B are sufficient but neither statement alone is sufficient. 
6.Eight people A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are seated around a circular table and are equidistant from each other. Who is in front of F?
1) F is second to the left of D who is neighbor of A and C.
2) G is in front of D and neighbor of B and E.

7. What is the color of black hair in a color code?
1) White is called red, red is called orange
2) Blue is called green, Green is called black, black is called white.

8. On which date is Ramavtar’s Father’s marriage anniversary?
1) Ramavtar’s sister correctly remembers that their father’s anniversary is after 7th but  before 11th may.
2) Ramavtar correctly remembers that his father’s marriage anniversary is after 5th but before 10th may.

9. Among A, B, C, D and E, who is the lightest?
1) C is heavier than D but lighter than A.
2) B is lighter than D but heavier than E.

10. How is L related to Z?
1) M has two daughters and F is one of them who is married to L.
2) M is the mother of Z, who is younger sister of F.


1. 5
2 .2
3. 5
4. 3
5 .4
6. 5
7. 2
8. 4
9. 5
10. 5

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