SBI PO: Current Affairs Quiz

Ques. : 1 In his recent visit to east African nations, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang signed a deal with which of the following countries to build a new railway with China financing 90 per cent of the 3.6 billion-dollar project?
1) Kenya
2) Uganda
3) Somalia
4) Rwanda
5) Ethiopia

Ques. : 2 The former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was sentenced to six years in prison for the first time in the history of which of the following countries recently? He was sentenced for corrupt practices in a real estate project.
1) Spain
2) Norway
3) Canada
4) Holland
5) Israel

Ques. : 3 Name the leading Indian IT services company which paid a hefty sum of $34 mn to settle a US visa misuse case in 2013 and now, it will have to retain an independent third-party auditor at its expense to review its visa compliance until 2015.
1) Wipro
2) TCS
3) Infosys
4) HCL
5) Tech Mahindra

Ques. : 4 The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed who among the following as the first woman to command a United Nations peacekeeping force? She will serve as commander of about 1,000 UN peacekeepers in Cyprus.
1) Kristin Lund
2) Ann Dunwoody
3) Terry Gabreski
4) Michelle Howard
5) Janet Wolfenbarger

Ques. : 5 A banking company is required to transfer not less than what per cent out of the balance of profit of each year to the Reserve Fund created under provisions of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949?
1) 5 per cent
2) 10 per cent
3) 15 per cent
4) 20 per cent
5) None of these

Ques. : 6 International Nurses Day (IND) is celebrated around the world on ______of each year.
1) 5 May
2) 8 May
3) 9 May
4) 12 May
5) 15 May

Ques. : 7 Which of the following economies of the world have been declared world’s most expensive economies in a ranking released by the World Bank recently?
1) UK, Japan
2) Bermuda, Denmark
3) US, Australia
4) Switzerland, Norway
5) None of these

Ques. : 8 Which of the following pairs of states and their best practices is NOT matched correctly with respect to the report prepared by consultancy firm Accenture on behalf of DIPP recently?
1) Best land acquisition model in the country – Gujarat
2) Integrated and comprehensive system for VAT – Karnataka
3) Labour management solution – Maharashtra
4) Single window clearance – Rajasthan and Punjab
5) None of these

Ques. : 9 Which of the following companies tops the Forbes’ annual list of the world’s 2000 largest and most powerful public companies released recently?
1) China Construction Bank
2) Citigroup
3) JP Morgan
4) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
5) Berkshire Hathaway

Ques. : 10 Which of the following aviation academies was selected for the International Arch of Europe Award 2014 recently?
1) Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics
2) Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics
3) Indian Institute of Aeronautics
4) Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy
5) None of these

1.1) Kenya
2.5) Israel
3.3) Infosys
4.1) Kristin Lund
5.4) 20 per cent
6.4) 12 May
7.4) Switzerland, Norway
8.5) None of these
9.4) Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
10.2) Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics