SBI PO: Essay on “Is Food Security Law necessary for India?”

Hello Readers,
In view of the upcoming SBI PO Exam 2014, here we are presenting to you an essay on “Is Food Security Law necessary for India?” Hope you like the post!

As a large section of India still lies below poverty line, unable to have nutritious and sufficient food, twice a day, it becomes a bigger question to the existing policies of our country at an inner as well as a global level. But before that what is really needed is to find the root cause, as to why be this happening? And what can be the major solutions to this problem. So beginning with, the major reasons that come out to be the cause can be considered as unemployment which forces them to live a life of misery, unmonitored government policies by which the poor farmers don’t get proper value to their crops, the agriculture lands being converted to industrial areas and many more. Surely, we have many schemes by the government to take care of all this stuff, but between the clash of the poor and the corrupt, for the time being, corrupts seems to be on the winning side. Obviously, the priority of the government should be to take care, that nobody dies of hunger at least.

And here comes the food security bill being discussed widely these days. But before it is passed, it should be made sure, that does it really serve the purpose? The person unable to afford food should be made the food available for sure, but not on the cost of nothing. The habit of getting something on the cost of giving nothing will make a person dependent on it. And at a later stage even if he gets some work, he will prefer not to, as he gets the basic things for free. Also this will make them a dependent on the existing government and the right to elect the efficient representative will be misused. This will decrease the self-dependency of the mass of the country, which is below poverty line, which will lead to high moral depletion at a later stage. And who knows even again, as it always happens; it may not actually reach the needy. Who is going to ensure the proper implementations of this? Spoken much about the problems, what can be the solutions now? It is not very difficult but worth thinking. The amount that is going to be spent in implementing these schemes is a huge amount. Let it be spent in creating opportunities. And, it is not that we don’t have jobs or we can’t create them. Let them work for better of themselves and in turn give them the food. Let them make ponds in their villages, so that they don’t face water problems if rain is not there. Make them plant trees on the roadsides and let them take care of it, until it grows up.

Send government representatives (honest to their work) to villages and make them aware of techniques by which they can maximize their field outputs. Take measures that they are not forced to sell it at lower prices by the market mafias. Talking about poor in the cities, make them a man-force in cleaning the cities, and in turn give them food. Take care of the education of their children for free. And the most important thing is make sure their children don’t go to schools only for the mid-day meals, but are learning well to compete the world when they grow up.

These are not the things that need very much of the effort or very much of the budget, because this can be done with the existing resources only. The only thing needed is the honest implementation, honest supervision and noble hearts, showing that we do care.

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