NAME: Jayesh kumar Varavariya (Disquss ID : Julian Assange) 



             C6 GBLOCK 
             BANDRA EAST MUMBAI- 400051 

Date, Time & Panel: 16/02/16 12:00 NOON Panel: I 

My preparation for interview consists: 
1. Last one month current affairs 
2. Subject knowledge DBMS , Networking and Operating System 
3. All news about SBI Bank 
There are very few interview experiences available online for SBI SO. That’s why I decided to 
share my interview experience. I reached the venue at 11:30AM. All the candidates were called in 
large Conference room. Biometric Verification  started at 12:00 PM and Document verification  
started at 1:00 PM. Procedure of document verification was same as SBI PO. You need two 
character certificates. One is from your last college / Previous, present employer and second one 
is from Gazetted Officer (MP/MLA CC acceptable). One full filled Bio Data form and 4 copies of 
the same with one set of each certificate. I was a bit nervous. My turn  came at 4:50PM (My turn 
was 4th out of 14 candidates) 
There were 4 Males and 1 Females. All looks very experienced. One of them is holding tablet in 
I entered the room. Wished Ma’am & Sirs 
They said Please be seated. I said Thank You Sir 
M1: So you are Jayeshkumar ? 
I said “Yes Sir “ 
M1: Where are you from? 
Devbhumi Dwarka Sir. Gujarat State 
M1: is it Dwarka or Devbhumi Dwarka ? 
Recently name was changed from Dwarka to Devbhumi Dwarka after creation of new district from 
He said Okay ..
M1: Why your CGPA in college is very low ? (I have only 6.04 / 10 and in some semester I have 
2.72 , 3.45 😀 ) 
I said “I know sir I did some mistakes in my graduation but after that I worked very hard and I 
survived from all of this. I have very good practical knowledge and I did some great projects in my 
graduation and explained about my projects” 
M2: Okay..You have any work experience ? 
I said “Yes Sir” (explained about my work experience in Android Development) 
M2: Which language you use to develop android applications? 
I said “JAVA and XML Sir” 
M2: What is XML? Why we use XML? 
Extensible Markup language. There are predefined tags are available in HTML but in XML we can 
add our own tags. 
M2: Ye to ham DHTML me bhi kar sakte he 
I said Sir XML Is also used for Data Transformation he is satisfied with my answer 
M2(Tablet in one hand): What is the difference between Android Application development and 
normal application development ? 
Sir In Android there are various screen sizes of mobile & tablets is available in market today. So 
we have to take care of all of this and Planning is more important in android development before 
we start coding. 
M2: How you do Planning ? 
I said before we start developing application we start documentation and for each activity we draw 
diagrams & how data flow from one activity to other. Requirements are clear before we start 
coding sir 
M2: Have you heard about Open Source? 
Directly I started explaining about Open Source 
He Said “ruko yaar muje ques to bol ne do :P” all are laughing ..(Listen carefully friends before 
you start answering …here I did mistake by interrupting interviewer) 
M2: Is it good to make application open source? 
I said that if you make your application open source then number of open source developer 
around the world participate in development process and code is available for every one so 
security is also important . Pros and cons both are there sir 
M2: What is cryptography? 
Converting plain text to cipher text 
M2: What is Symmetric Key & Asymmetric key cryptography ? 
Explained well. 
M2: What is Penetration Testing? 
Explained with DOS & DDOS Attack but they are not satisfied 
M2: What is Stress Testing? 
This time explained very well with example 
F1: Do you have account in SBI? 
I said Yes Sir ..sorry Yes Ma’am 
F1: Which Type of Account? 
Saving Bank account 
F1: Nomination kon he? 
Nahi he sir koi 
F1: Kyu nahi he? you must have nominee know na nomination kyu rakhte he ? 
Haan ma’am..usne kaha yaha se jane ke bad pehla kam ye karna . I said sure ma’am thank you 
M3: Do you use internet banking provided by SBI? 
I said Yes sir ..daily 
M3: What are the Security features available? 
Explained 1.Use Virtual Keyboard (problem of Spying with the help of Keylogger) 
2. OTP 3. HTTPS site 
M3: Good ..Do you know about VerySign? 
No sir ..he said no problem 
M3: What is SSL ? what is use of SSL? 
Explained very well 
M4 asked two simple question about ISRO 2014 Mars Mission 

So friends all the questions they asked about my projects (1.One Application that I developed in 
6th sem with the help Backtrack 5 Linux OS & My final year project @ ISRO Center at our 
college)and related to my work experience. 
Good Luck to all who have interviews in upcoming days 
Thank You … 
                                                                         All The Best!!!!!!