SIDBI (Assistant Manager) Interview Experience shared by Priyanka

Hi B.Aians,
I want to share my interview experience of SIDBI Assistant Manager. While preparing for it, I didn’t found many resources online to take any guidance for my interview. There were more resources for SBI, RBI and IBPS exams but not for SIDBI as such. So, I would like to share my Interview experience now.

Name : Priyanka, B.Tech (IT)

Panel : Chennai 
Date   :  March 18 , 2016 
Time  : Reporting 8:30 and Started by 10:00 (for the first candidate).

I have attended IBPS interview before this interview, but one major thing I noticed in SIDBI was, that the panel of HR was so welcoming.
8: 30 AM   I reached the venue and was waiting with my mother. People began to walk in around 9. We were provided with water and beverages until the certificate verification started.
11: 00 AM  My certificate verification started and even here the staff was so friendly and was explaining that SIDBI is very good start for your career.
11: 30 AM  HR requested us to take fresh juices to feel relaxed and confident before the interview. I was very pleased the way they treated the candidates and their parents.
12 :00 AM  My turn for the Interview. 
(Video Conferencing Mode from Lucknow.)
Panel (P) : 1F and 3M
P   : Good Morning Priyanka! How are you!
Me : Good Morning Sir, I am fine sir. How are you Sir? (Was very nervous at this time)
P   :  Don’t be nervous Priyanka, Listen to the questions carefully and answer them well.
Me :  Yes sure Sir.
P    :  Tell us about your family?
Me  :  My father is no more. My Mother is working as a teacher and I have an  elder sister who works for India Posts.
P   :  We are really sorry to hear that!! Your mom is really a brave woman to have brought up 2 kids independently.
Me :  Yes sir, She is my role model too.
P   :   Good, Have you been anywhere outside Chennai?
Me :   (I was really waiting for an opportunity to talk about my Internship at IIT Bombay, so I was very happy when they asked this question). Yes sir, I was one among 8 students selected from India for an Internship at IIT Bombay for a social project for the farmers of Maharashtra.

P   :  You applied for this project and got selected?

Me :  Yes sir, I applied online and gave an Interview and Written test and then I was selected.
P   :  That’s very great Priyanka!!
Me :  (Felt too happy inside) Thank you Sir.
(Now the real show began!!)
P   :  So, you are working for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Private Ltd right?
Me : Yes sir.
P   : What is the difference between Corporation and Company
Me : (Didn’t know the difference but tried to make up).Company’s motive is Profit Maximization but Corporation works toward the goal of a community. (I know I was totally wrong)
P   : No, that is not right. (He gave me some hint and asked me to try).
Me: (I really couldn’t get with the hint also)
P  : (They told me the difference b/w Corporation and Company)
Me:  (I was really tensed because I didn’t answer first question itself. I didn’t listen to the answer he explained.)
P  :  In which subject was your graduation?
Me: Information Technology.
P  :  In what way do you think IT graduate will help SIDBI?
Me:  (I read about the CART (Credit Appraisal and Rating Tool) Software used by SIDBI, so I used it here)
Sir, now everything is moving from paper work to be computerised. Even SIDBI is using the software CART to help in credit analysis and rating. In such an environment I will be helpful in understanding the up gradations in technology and pass it to my team accordingly. I can also easily understand when and what goes wrong with the software. So, in this way I will be helpful as an IT graduate to this organization.

P  :  Ok, so can you tell me the functions of keys from F1 to F12?

Me: (One candidate who came out of the interview room told me that they asked him this question as he was from IT background. So, at that time, I immediately surfed  in my mobile and learnt it. So, I would suggest that it is good to get the experience of previous candidate sometimes the questions are repeated and they look for who answers their questions best. )
(I answered perfectly from F1 to F10.They appreciated me so much for this and said it is enough, no need of F11 and F12.That was an answer that boosted my marks in this interview)
P  : Do, you know about domains like .org, .edu and .in. Can you explain us?
Me:  Yes Sir, .org is for commercial organisations and .edu is for educational organisation. .in I am unable to recollect sir.
P  : I will give you a clue,
Me: .in stands for India sir.
P  : Good, you got it! Do you know Hindi?
Me: Yes sir, I learnt Hindi which was outside my curriculum.
P  :  Ok, can you speak something in Hindi. Better explain your IIT Bombay project in Hindi.
Me: (I tired explaining in Hindi, they said it was good)
P  : Ok, so your project was about Organic Farming. Do you know the yojana that was introduced in Union Budget for Organic Farming.
Me: (I read highlights of Union Budget thoroughly, so was able to answer this question).
Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana.
P  : Yes, you are right!! Do you know the difference between “I am his friend and He is my friend”.
Me: (I really didn’t know what this question meant) Sir, I am his friend mostly is used when our friend is in good position or succeeds, we try to use the word and earn the popularity that we are his friend. This statement is mostly used by everyone. But “He is my friend” is rarely used; it is to be used when our friend is in a struggle or problem where we stand by him and say that he is my friend and will take care of him. People rarely use “He is my friend” sir.
P  : Ok, You are from Chennai, right? do you know the earlier name of Chennai and why the name was changed to Chennai.
Me: (This is where Interview Experience helped me; I checked on many interviews and could see that the knowledge about your locality is always tested, so I had studied this.)
Madras was the earlier name of Chennai. The name Madras was given because it was the fishing area before Fort St George and it was called Madrasapattinam , so the Britishers kept that name.
The name Chennai comes from the Last Vijayanagar Empire Chennapa Nadar, who ruled this part of the country. Thus, the name Chennai.
(They were very satisfied with my answer)
P  : Will you go if we appoint you to North East regions?
Me: (I was well prepared for this question as this is a frequently asked question in interviews. It is important that your answer should be a little different from the rest with the frequently asked questions).When I was in IIT Bombay I really understood, how important it is to work on social projects and for the welfare of the society. There I had worked for the farmers and the way the farmers where benefited, really made me feel good. So, working for an organisation like SIDBI and that too being posted in a remote area serving the community there for their empowerment will be an excellent opportunity for me and I will be fortunate to have it.
P  : Very Very Good Priyanka!! You might  have read about SIDBI right? Tell me about the functions of SIDBI.
Me: SIDBI refinances loans given by the primary lending institutions and to small scale industrial units. It works towards technological up gradation and modernisation of existing units.(Suddenly I started telling them the mission of SIDBI and they stopped me saying “That’s not the function of SIDBI, it’s our motive”. So, be careful in learning about the Function, Missions and Goals)
P  : You know about the Subsidiary of SIDBI?
Me:(Again I gave a wrong answer, I told them various institutes that work for MSME other than SIDBI)
National Institue for MSME
Khadi and Village Industries Commission
Coir Board
National Small Industries Corporation
P  : No, No, they are institutes that work for MSME. Have you heard of SIDBI Venture Capital?
Me: Yes, Sir. Sorry, I was not able to recollect it. I have even read about where SIDBI is taking initiative to support entrepreneurs.
P  : Tell us about Ease of Business
Me: It is where job seekers are aimed to be converted to job providers. Entrepreneurship is big initiative which will enhance the GDP of the country that is why even now country is focusing on Start Up India. We should make sure that there are ample programs that facilitate and encourage these entrepreneurs.
P  : Ok, Priyanka your subject knowledge is very good. But we are worried about Banking knowledge, have you not prepared anything.
Me: No Sir, I had prepared well.
P  : You are more than 100% in your subject. That is why we don’t want to leave you. I will ask you few questions related to banking now. Let us see.
Me: Sure Sir. (Quite tensed inside)
P   : What is Post Date Cheque?
Me: The cheque will bear a date which is past the present date. So, we can submit it to the bank or the bank will process it only after the date that is present on the cheque.

P  : Why do they use Post Date Cheque.

Me: I started saying but the Panel interrupted and said “When we don’t have the mentioned money in the account and we know money will be credited only on a particular date then we use the Post Date Cheque.”
P  : Where will you go if a person cheats you with Cheque?
Me: The cheque will bounce and we can approach the bank and raise a complaint.
P   : What else can we do?
Me: I am not sure sir.
P  : Ok, Priyanka, Next chance for you. Do you know what Letter of Credit is?
Me: I have not heard this term Sir.
P  : Ohhh Ok!!! Last chance Priyanka…… Tell me about the Off Balance Sheet?
Me: It may be the written off losses Sir.
P  : Ok Priyanka… Small Smart Girl, You can Leave. All the Best..!!
Me: Thank you Sir!!
My Suggestions from my Experience: 
During the course of the Interview never feel that you are not doing well. They will get to know this from your facial expressions and this might be a negative point. Even if all your answers are incorrect and you feel the Panel is totally dissatisfied with you, but still show confidence in your face and always tell them that you have prepared very well.
After my SIDBI Interview , I cried like hell since I felt the Panel was dissatisfied with my Banking knowledge. But you know, I was one among 150 Asst Managers who got selected .They gave me 65/100. I thought they will fail me in this interview. So, you can’t and never predict anything. Do your best and leave the rest to God! Sometimes, people say that the interview was very easy and the Panel was very friendly, but they do not get selected. So, it all depends.
So, Prepare well and Give you Best Shot. No worries about the Panel and Performance. You can also correct certain mistakes I have done in my Interview, and plunge yourself to success.