Good Morning BA and BA’ians,

I am sharing my SIDBI interview experience.
Disqus Id- George@SBI-PO

I was seventh candidate to be interviewed. My turn came at 11:15…
Got in..Saw four person on the gaint screen(One Mam, three sir)..

Wished them Good Morning and they offered me a seat..said Thank You.
M1: So, Introduce yourself!
Me: Stated Introducing.told my name,place, Father name n occupation(in SBI)
Schooling, about BE graduation and hobbies.
M1: So, Your Father is in SBI..Tell me how many branches are there Of SBI all over India?
Me: Sir, Sbi has the highest no of branches roughly around 10K.
M1:Okay. What is the present value of SBI share in stock market?
Me: Sorry Sir, I dont know as of now.
M1:No problem. Tell me how many subsidiary SBI has now and earlier?
Me: Told now 5, earlier 7 with their names and the merger.
M1: Tell me about Joint accnts?
M2: What is Routing and Scheduling?(As in CSE)
Me:Told..(But they were not satisfied i guess)
M2:What is Corporate Governance and e-Governance?
Me: Corporate Governance is a tool by which an organisation set its policies and objectives, and it shows the way how to achieve those objective.Told them about how good amount of fairness should be maintained among the shareholders and stakeholders and way to achieve corporate governace efficiently by means of e-governance.
M2:Wat is Misselling?
Me: Tried to explain but went wrong.
M2:Whats the current Fed Rate?
Me: 0.25%-0.5%
M3:How Mutual fund investors make profit?
Me: Tried my best to explain..frm wat is mutual fund(pool of fund collected..and manager invest these in market)
M4: Difference btwn NBFC and bank?
Me: In my mind(Thank u mam)…Explained throughly.
M4:What is alchemist?
Me:In my mind(Are they asking about that Novel)..Started telling them..
M4: Okay Okay Fine..Thank You
Me:Thank You.
I seriously dont know how it went, I guess very weak chances are there..But still Hoping for Best!!!