Name- Abhishek Srivastava
Date- 26/03/2016
Time- 12:30 pm
Venue- SIDBI Head Office, Lucknow

It was  my  8th  banking  interview  for the post of Asst Manager  Grade-‘A’ in SIDBI. Reached  the  venue in  time. There were only 6 candidates including me for the day. Biometric was done and document verification was done peacefully. I waited till 4 pm for my turn. The interview was conducted through video conferencing. Panel was sitting in Mumbai. Meanwhile we had refreshment provided by Sidbi.

I entered the conference hall. There was a television screen. I could see 3 gentleman and a lady sitting there at Mumbai.

M1 (The lady) – Give us your brief Introduction.
Me- Given
M1- Why did you left your job?
Me- Told about better career growth opportunities in banks.
M2- You are passed out in 2011. Don’t you think you wasted your 3-4 years?
(I tried to convince them but they insisted on the issue of leaving my job. Then I told in private sector Organization for higher management we need to have an MBA.)
M1- That is equally important for banks.
(I said I will pursue MBA side by side once I join a bank.)
M1- What did you prepare for today?
Me- Basic Banking and Current Affairs
(She asked about dividend paying by banks – a recent news on it. I said “Sorry Ma’am I don’t know.”
M1- What is small savings ?
(I started telling about small banks.. They interrupted in between, then I said I don’t know)
M2- What is NSC ?
Me- I told.

(He said that is the same thing what Ma’am asked).
M1- What did you prepare in basic banking ?
Me- Monetary Policy

M2- What is monetary policy?
Me- Told. Explained in detail, direct and indirect instruments.
M2- What else?
Me- Told about Open Market Operations.
M2- What is treasury bill ?
Me- Told
M2- What are debentures?
Me- Sorry Sir I don’t know.
M2- What is Bond ?
Me- Told
M2- What is Service Bond ?
Me- Told (I thought Service bond to be a type of security then I realized he was asking about agreement between employee and company. I explained.
M3- What is Antivirus?
Me- Told (My stream is Information Technology.)
M3- What is firewall?
M3- What is the difference?
Me- Explained

Then they said thank you. I wished them good day and came out. Hoping for best.