Some Important Idioms

Hello readers, often in the exams we come across some idioms in English Section. So here we are providing you a list of some idioms which will further boost your exam preparations. Hope you all like the post..!!

Idioms: A gate crasher
Meaning: Someone who attends a party without being invited
Sentence: Nitish warned his friends to expect Gaurav and Ayushi at the party because they are known to be a gate crasher.

Idioms: A heart-to-heart talk
Meaning: A frank and open discussion
Sentence: I, wet and Owen had a heart-to-heart talk about their troubled friendship.

Idioms: A go-getter
Meaning: Someone who is determined to succeed in life
Sentence: Uma is a go-getter; she will do anything to achieve her dreams.

Idioms: A necessary evil
Meaning: A negative / unpleasant thing that has to be done in order to survive
Sentence: Divya needn’t regret her decision as it was a necessary evil ground her son in order to teach him an important lesson.

Idioms: A nest egg
Meaning: Money saved for the future
Sentence: Neeraj has very wisely started a nest egg for his retirement.

Idioms: A queer fish
Meaning: A strange person
Sentence: Geronimo is a queer fish–he behaves in the strangest way and says the oddest things

Idioms: A rap on the knuckles
Meaning: A scolding , criticism
Sentence: The Mayor received a rap on the knuckles from the Prime Minister for allowing the streets in the town to remain dirty .

Idioms: A rotten apple
Meaning: someone who is a bad influence on others
Sentence: Tom’s friend avoid him because he is a rotten apple

Idioms : A skeleton in the cupboard
Meaning : A secret
Sentence : Roxy wanted to get more information from Layla as she knew there was a skeleton in the cupboard.

Idioms : A sight for sore eyes
Meaning : Something very beautiful to look at.
Sentence : Khushi was a sight for sore eyes in her new party dress.

Idioms : drop in the bucket
Meaning : something that is not important because it is very small.
Sentence : “I’m sorry I scratched your car.”
Reply: “Don’t worry about it. It’s just a drop in the bucket. That car has more scratches on it than I can count.”

Idioms : Give somebody The Slip
Meaning : to escape, or get away from that person
Sentence : Quick-there is a police car behind us; let’s give him the slip.