Success Story – Elena – RBI Assistant-2014

“Believe in Yourself”
When I started preparation, I used to search Internet so much as to from where to start, I came across various sites and it was then when I found BA.
Bankers Adda was the best site I came across, it provided the best material, just the right thing you need. I am really thankful to BA team for their selfless efforts. I really appreciate it. You are the best.I wanna thank you from bottom of my heart. And I want to share my success with you.

At the time I started preparation, was a silent observor, I made my disqus profile only about a month back. I am really very happy to be part of BA family, here people welcome new people with open hands, everybody is very helpful, keen to share what they know, it is really a very healthy atmosphere. I enjoyed conducting quizzes here, made many friends, I am thankful to each one of them. Now, I am so much addicted to BA that I cannot resist it for a single day. I keep checking for updates, because they are the best. Thank You for being there BA.
I had always been an average student.
I failed IIT.
I failed AIEEE.
I failed GATE and many of the Technical competitive exams.
I failed many written exams of Banks.
I failed BOB Manipal.
Finally, a success in RBI Assistant. I also cleared IBPS PO written.
Everybody has failures in life, you have to Believe in yourself, have patience, find the right direction, surely you will succeed.
Suggestions for written exam:-

Practice a lot, increase your speed, there is no shortcut, you have to work hard.
For GA, BA gives you a lot, Daily GK updates are lifeline and Capsules are like the ultimate thing which u needed. And if something is left, the BA quizzes will cover it. Trust me, my GA was zero, an actual zero, I worked hard… have to and you will get help if you want to, I got from BA.
Well, I would like to share my interview experience of RBI, it may benefit you for the upcoming interviews.
Interview Experience
Interview Panel had 3 males and 1 female. M1(very senior), M2(youngest among them),M3(senior), F1(young)
Duration-around 30 minutes.
Only 2 general questions were asked at the starting:-
  • Famous place near my father’s birth place.
  • Famous person from my mother’s birth place.

Rest Interview goes like this-
M1 – Do you know about credit cards and debit cards?
Me-  Yes.
M1 – Tell us cards issued by banks other than credit and debit cards.
Me – I told them about Pre-paid cards and RuPay card launched by NPCI.
M1 – What is International Card?
Me – Enquired whether credit or debit card

M1 – any, let it be debit card.
Me – I told it can be used globally to withraw money….etc. I also mentioned the SBI Multicurrency card…and that we can withraw different currencies.
M1 – He corrected me that it is a travel card. Then he asked suppose you are in new york, you have got an international debit card, can u withraw $1000 per day?
Me – I asked about the daily limit imposed.
M1 – They clarified that limit is $1000 and don’t worry you are daughter of Tata, Birla, you have plenty of money in your account… can u withraw?
Me – I told yes I can withraw then as under limit.
M1 – For 30 days….how much money?
Me – $30000 
M1 – Now u were talking abt multi-currency …..if you want to withraw money in another currency….say if you want money in rupee …can you?(This question was a little more lengthy, I remember this much only, they twisted more.)
Me – I said no, there it will come in dollars.
M2 – U have heard about the recent limit imposed on atm transaction, what is it?
Me – I told.

M2 – Is it good or bad.
Me – I said good.
M2 – Why?
Me – Because Banks also have to spend in maintenance of ATM’s, so a limit is appropriate otherwise people misuse and banks are unable to recover their spendings.
M2 – Functions of RBI
Me – I told 6-7, he kept on asking.

M2 – U must have heard financial inclusion, what is the purpose.
Me – I told….including PMJDY…..all about it.
M2 – So do u think just opening an account will help a poor who is earning 20-30 rupees a day.How is he benefited?
Me – I told it inculcates habit of saving, provides insurance coverage,etc.

M2 – (he kept on asking, he was specifically waiting for something…and then gradually I got)
Me – They can get loans from banks.(His expressions changed, I got this was what he was waiting for). I continued, it is a very important point. Loans from banks can help a person start his business or help in agriculture.
M2 – What is White Label ATM?
Me – I told….by NBFC….licensed by RBI…… by Muthoot finance…

M2 – how different from other atm’s
Me – Told.
M3 – You are from Electronics branch, do you know about Electronic Transaction? Explain.
Me – I told……also about NEFT, RTGS.
M3 – Asked difference between NEFT and RTGS, their limits.
Me  –told
M3 – You said as a function of RBI, Banker to Banks. Ellaborate.
Me – I told it provides loans to other commercial banks and also regulates them. Explained CRR, SLR.
M3 – Does  any interest is payed by RBI for keeping deposits from banks in accounts opened with RBI
Me – I tried to explain Repo and Reverse Repo.
M3  –I am not talking about short term.
Me – Then I said no, it doesn’t provide.
M3 – Tell me recent news related to RBI
Me – (I have read newspapers and knew also but don’t know y at that tym was not remembering any…..jst remembered one) Recently RBI has relaxed gold import norms. It has removed the previous 80:20 scheme.
M3 – Why on first place these norms were applied.
Me – I answered something in 1 line(he was satisfied, sahi hi hoga)
M3 – (but he expected more) asked one more question I didn’t knew.
Me – Sorry Sir, i don’t know much about it.
Then M3 asked F1 if she wanted to ask something, she said no, so they said Thank You. you may go now.
I thanked them and came out.
Suggestions for Interview:-
  • Be Confident. Little nervous is ok, but try to be calm and confident.
  • Be polite, never argue.
  • Admit politely if you don’t know something.
  • Newspaper please padkr jao….and revise krlo headings…specially related to business and RBI…meine pada tha phir bhi bhul gyi thi nervousness mein.

Wish You all a Very Happy New Year!!!
May all your dreams come true.
– Elena