Success Story – Er.Rama Karthik – RBI Assistant

Name : Er.RamaKarthik
Place : Theni,Tamil Nadu

Hello BA friends and all!

Let me start with a Big Thank you to my parents who sacrificed their happiness for my success. Also to my family members who always believed in me and my success. A big Thank you!

Equally, Thank you Shruti Mam and Bankersaddateam . If I cleared cutoff in Banking and GA section, it’s solely because of you. What you are doing is one of the greatest service ever to student community which otherwise will cost thousands of rupees.

I just want to share four things.I will try to share something different from what others shared.
I quit my job in the mid-2013 to prepare for Bank exams. Right from my college days I felt I am good at Aptitude. And for SBI PO written exam ,I focused only on GA part. Though I read reviews from previous Batches in bankersadda , I took the DI part lightly. And you people should be rightly guessing what had happened.(Cleared overall but Missed DI by one mark) “Don’t be over confident”

I didn’t go for coaching classes. But I collected a group of people aspiring for a bank job. Choose them wisely as this group will make your life much better. We used to circulate or share shortcuts or updates amongst us .Unity is strength. It always is! Brain storming over a topic will make you understand the logic behind it. For instance, for syllogisms, there are different approaches. You can come up with the best way that suits you after discussing it with your peer.Also they will help you to overcome your weakness.   “Set up a peer group”

How many questions to be attempted? This is common question before every exam. My opinion is to try to maintain your accuracy level in coherent with the number of attempts. So that you will not spend your time on doubtful questions just to increase your attempts. When you enter, you should always think about the number of correct answers not the attempts. Because marks are only for right answers.It will also psychologically help you in being more confident.Practice mock tests.Note-This doesn’t mean you should not take calculated risks. All these are suggestions, you plan your own winning strategy. “Be accurate”

For interviews, Always try to match up with what they expect. Only reading technical stuff only may not help. Remember, there are marks for your approach, communication, reception skills, presence of mind.All are equally important. Have a smiling face throughout. It’s more about what you are than what you know. Walk into the interview hall as if you are a CEO. Imagine when interviewers dealing with many nervous faces in a row and then you enter the room and greet them with a bright smile. Feel the difference and practice that difference into you. “Sell yourself”

Thank you Bankersadda for playing such a crucial role in my life’s one-step-ahead moment.At this moment I like to thank my friends who equipped me to channelize my energy in right direction – Thank you Hari, Sugan,Sakthi, Ashwiniand Arunji.

My native place is hard for even Google map to locate (just kidding, it’s a small town). I still remember during my school days, I had to walk more than a mile to reach the bus stop that will take me to district capital. I have missed many opportunities. I have faced many failures. When we fail repeatedly,I have gone through with same mental agony like many of us. Skipped few exams because I couldn’t afford to pay the fee. I experienced the same feel like many of us who being in home but couldn’t concentrate on exams as well as couldn’t enjoy TV shows. People will mock at you. They will ask you to search for other jobs.Never mind. Stay focused. Life is a marathon; And our (the banking aspirants) strategy is running slow and reaching our destination.  Make sure you are writing a similar success story in near future. Good luck all!!!

Thanks Rama Karthik!!!