Journey from Nothing to SBI PO

Dear Readers,
Hello and my warm greetings to everyone. With blessings from my parents, efforts put in by my teachers and their blessings, well wishes from my friends and lots of hard work, I have cleared SBI PO, 2016. 
Special Thanks: I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Career Power, Jhansi and its very helpful and a resourceful faculty, headed by Sourabh Joneja Sir, for helping me get through such a difficult examination. I am also truly thankful to my friends in Career Power who were always very helpful, especially Vibhor, Antra, Bhoomika, Rahul and many others. Sourabh Sir, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been standing where I am at present. Thank you!

Here, I will share my experience. I am writing this because I feel each one of us has the potential of achieving what I just did. I repeat. Each. One. Of. Us. Here I’ll be sharing with you all My Journey and a word for IBPS aspirants. (An advice)

My journey 

The road to success is always full of ups and downs. To begin with, I started off my preparations for banking in mid 2015 with Career Power Jhansi. When I started off, I had failed thrice in CA Final and was totally broken when I joined this Institute. Never did I know that this place will give me a new hope, a new rise to bring back the self respect that I had lost.
Although I was late in joining and also depressed, Sir motivated me and told me that I will have to push a little harder to reach the level of other students. Each student was personally attended to by the faculty and this really helped a lot in the beginning. All the weaknesses got eliminated. I did not get sufficient time to prepare for SBI PO, 2015 ( only 15 days, to be precise) but I was able to clear my RRB PO Written Exam in first shot. At the last stage, I fell short by two marks. I felt a little disheartened but on the contrary, I was also positive on the note that not many candidates clear a PO level exam in first shot.
2016 arrived, I was all set this time. For the first half of the year, I kept on going through NEWS daily for half an hour and kept on solving questions everyday for an hour at ‘maximum’, to stay in touch with the tricks and tips provided by the teachers. I was in constant touch with the faculty (Sourabh Sir) for guidance and elimination of doubts, if any. 
Notification of SBI got out. As many as 2200 jobs were available this year and all of us were ready to grab the opportunity with both hands. I started preparing. 
Prelims: I started off by giving Speed Tests of Career Power, one test in a day. I was always a little slow than the others so I tried working on my accuracy levels. Everyday after giving the test, I analysed my score and tried my level best to eliminate the marks I lost in negative marking. I practised the questions that I did wrongly in the mock and made sure that such mistakes don’t repeat in the next mock test I give. This improved my accuracy to above approximately 96% just before the exams. Speed test gave me the confidence I needed and I could clear my Prelims with ease, with approx 51 marks. I was satisfied.
Mains Exam, the real test: After the Prelims, I did not wait for the result and started off with the preparation for mains. Due to my background of CA, I was strong with the Banking part but very weak with current affairs. I downloaded the Career Power Capsule pdf  and started going through all the current affairs. Capsule covers almost 80% – 90% of the questions that come in exam. I also gave a few Mock Tests of Career Power to acquaint myself with the new pattern of examination. 
I was weak with 3 Variable Puzzles and Input-Output, two topics which were expected to come so I asked Sourabh Sir for personal guidance on the same to which he replied: “We are always there to help you”. I was provided with sheets full of questions that I worked on which helped me to gain confidence. 
The Exam: The SBI Mains exam I gave was one of the most unexpected exams that I had ever encountered. The level of questions was so high that some of the candidates lost all the hopes and literally started crying while giving the exam. I recalled the words of my teachers, “If the exam is tough for you, it is tough for everyone”, I realised that I should not lose hope at all. Some questions were of 2 marks which I tried doing before others. I also noticed that lengthier looking questions were the easiest ones and most of the candidates panicked just after looking at their size! I tried my best to keep my calm (which I believe was the most important thing, now I realise!) and attempted about 80 questions carrying 94 marks. I was totally horrified by the experience! After the exam was over, I called Sir, and he told me to take it positively and wait for the results. 
Result day: I got shortlisted. I still remember that I wasn’t able to find my Roll No. since I had never expected to get shortlisted, but I did. If I could do it, everyone else in the whole world can! I mean it.
GD/PI: Out of 4700 candidates selected for the interview, 2200 had to be recruited. Being an avid reader of all the events happening in the economy and a confident speaker, I was extremely confident about my GD/PI, and my friends and teachers were already like, “Be ready to give us a party!” However, it wasn’t as easy as I had thought it to be.
I was out of town due to some reasons, so I could reach Jhansi only 2 days before the Interview. Sir took mock GD’s and Interviews which actually helped me understand the nitty gritties of a GD and even Interviews. I made many mistakes in the mock which Sir told me to take care of. 
2 days later, I gave the GD and PI and both of them went amazingly well. Whatever was taught in that one day by Sourabh Sir was extremely helpful! The article on what happened in GD/PI requires a detailed show which shall be posted and shared soon. Rest of it is known. I got selected.
I shall always be grateful to people who supported me including my friends and my teachers. Thank you.

A Word for my friends: IBPS Aspirants.
Hi! This is Vicky Khiyani, a failure. That is what I was called for the past 2 years since 2014, when I failed thrice continously in CA Finals. People kept on calling me a loser and that I won’t be able to do anything in life. Some days I got depressed, but then I decided not to listen to any of them, rise from the ashes and follow my heart.
Today, I am an SBI PO. Trust me if I can become a PO, we all can! The only thing that made me stand out was my attitude to not give up. I did not give up! I tried hard, I failed, I tried harder, I failed again and I tried and kept on trying, always with much more intensity.
We have to stop thinking negatively about ourselves. This is the first step to success.
When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel. 
When you change the way you feel, you change the way you act. 
When you change the way you act, you CHANGE YOUR LIFE! 
It all starts with our thought process. 
Hard work mixed with Confidence is the deadliest weapon available to all of us. It destroys failure and takes us on a road to success. I am no super human who is extremely intelligent. All I did was a bit of hard work along with keeping a positive attitude.
If I can, you can. Yes you! You surely can become a PO in this very attempt! Work hard. We all have the potential. I am sharing something that I used to clear the exams:
1. Giving an online speed test is absolutely useless if you don’t analyse your mistakes properly after giving the test. If one hour is required for tests, take atleast 2 hours to work upon the mistakes in that test. Make sure mistakes don’t repeat.
2. Studying for 2 hours everyday is much better than studying for 10 hours once a week. Routine development is extremely important. Stick to your routine. Be punctual.
3. Quality study is more important than Quantity. I had learnt only half of the General Awareness Capsule but I learnt it by heart. Make sure you don’t mess up everything in your head at the last moment.
4. Always! Always stay in touch with your teacher. He has loads of experience and can help you a lot and guide you through it. It wouldn’t have been possible without my teachers’ help. Eating a teacher’s brain would increase your brain, not size wise but knowledge wise. I ate. A lot of it. 
5. Don’t copy anyone. Your strengths are solely yours. You might be good at reasoning, I am good with english, others at maths. It doesn’t matter. Others would play by their strengths, you play by yours. 
6. Enjoy. I joined guitar classes while preparing for SBI PO. I am a strong believer of the fact that one should not stop ‘living’ in the quest of clearing an exam. An hour or two of leisure and relaxation is a must. 
7. Stay Positive. Sir always says, If a question is tough for you, it is tougher for everyone else. We all have to have that attitude in ourselves no matter what happens!
8. Stay happy! Happiness always comes before success. If you’re not happy, you wont be able to focus and you would eventually fail. Happiness is must. 
9. Last, but the most important of all, work hard, very hard; work so hard that you dont have to depend on luck anymore! Let your luck salute your hard work.
I wish you all the success ahead! 
Vicky Khiyani

BOB Manipal: Journey to the Final destination

Dear Readers,

Here we give you an insight into the journey of a student by himself on the road to success. Through this series BOB Manipal: Journey to the Final destination, a student who was among you all will be sharing his experiences and challenges he faced from the day of interview till his first experience in BOB after joining. 

We’ve already shared with you Deep’s GD and Interiew Experience and today we’ll be sharing his experience of Induction into the program of BOB Manipal 2015-16 (Part I).

Finally, the time came to join the Bank of Baroda Manipal program with the mind determined to accomplish it successfully whatever the situation is, now its time for making the career. 

Final result to join the batch and Offer letter to join BOB Manipal i.e. BMSB (Baroda Manipal School of Banking), Bengaluru came for the batch in which my name was there in the list. Our batch has to join the Manipal program on 26th November 2015.

But there were some pre joining formalities which we have to complete before joining there at Bengaluru.

Following are the pre-joining facilities to be done before reporting and joining at BOB Manipal program in Bengaluru –

1. We have to report at the Regional office with all the originals and photocopies mentioned in the letter.

2. Complete the medical check up and then follow up with the completion of the documentation.

3. After completion of above 2 things, we have to apply for educational loan at Bank of Baroda, preferably at the nearest branch. 

4. After applying for the educational loan, the fees for the 1st semester out of total three semesters has to be disbursed before the mentioned date after the completion of pre-joining formalities.

So, that’s what we have to go through before joining at BOB Manipal, Bengaluru.

Now, it’s a time to take off to Bengaluru and lets see whats there waiting for us. So, I reached the Bengaluru Airport and I’ll be sharing more details with you all.


BOB Manipal: Journey to the Final destination

Dear Readers,

Here we give you an insight into the journey of a student by himself on the road to success. Through this series BOB Manipal: Journey to the Final destination, a student who was among you all will be sharing his experiences and challenges he faced from the day of interview till his first experience in BOB after joining. 

So today we’re sharing with you Deep’s GD and Interview experience of BOB Manipal

This was my first GD and Interview experience and yes I didn’t know
that it will lead to my destination of joining Bank of Baroda beside the fact I
gave GD and interview for SBI PO 2015 too but didn’t make it to the final list.
Destiny was written and I didn’t change it.

Time of reporting – 9 am, I reached the venue around 8.15

Entry started at 8.30 am and we have
to gather at 11th floor where all the subsequent arrangements were there. Along 
with me some other candidates
went to 11th floor Bank of Bardoa Delhi Region 2.

I was very happy to see the beautiful
mandir of Ganpati Bapa ji as soon as I just got out of the lift. 
In front of Ganpati Bapa ji,
beautiful Deep or Diya was lighten and it was showing the bright sign and
throwing the brightness of happiness and goodness. 
I was really happy because That Deep
really matters and I was constantly seeing there and my eyes were just struck
there for some time. 

We all were sitting there and there
were around 30 candidates in my panel. 
We then went to sign our attendance
thumb impression. As we were sitting in the queue for
our turn, one of the employee was looking at  me and was
saying something, but I didn’t
understand what was that, then he said loudly, prayer. OMG. I came to know
now, there was Beautiful Morning prayer (Humko itni shakti dena Data, vishwas
kamjor ho na) , I was extremely happy to hear that!, beautiful player, I joined
my hands and turned toward the place where everyone were facing, and told some
of them to do that. 
Ar fir sab candidates hands join krke
prayer krne lage. It was really a good environment 

Group Discussion

It started with Tea and biscuits, and
We were divided into 2 groups of 15
each for GD. 
We were called for the GD. I was in the second group.

Topic – Privatisation in
Education – Is it Good or not?
It was really a Good GD with some
good discussion and health one. 
My point of views were  – That
privatisation in education is good, if proper investment and implementation is
done in the system and institutions with efficient use of resources and with
the help and cordial partnership with the Govt. So that every section of society
should get the benefit. There should be proper reforms and govt should keep a
check on it strictly.

Other’s group GD topic was – NGOs
are really doing good in the country or they are just doing their or going
their own way in terms of fame and profit.
Actually, I don’t
remember the exact GD topic of second group. 
But is was related to NGOs only.

After completion of GD, document
verification started. 
Whole verification done and went
We were now sitting inside in the
actual office environment for our interview turn. I was enjoying the
office environment . 
There was one more Ganpati Bapa ji’s
Murti, beautiful one inside the office and Deep was lighten in front of God. 
It is always a good sign.

Personal Interview

Okay let’s come to the point, that is the most important, Interview session. It was brief and short but it was
healthy and enjoyable as whole panel enjoyed it and it was just like gags and
laughs going on sitting at my home. 
Comfortable environment. It went for around 6-7 min. It consisted of 3
highly experienced Sir and 2 Mam. 
Total of 5 interviewers and me.

I said Good Afternoon to everyone
starting with both Mam and then to remaining 3 sirs. 

M1 – sitting in d middle of all 5
interviewers (the senior most among them)

So Deep.  Tell me about your self.

Me – Answered. With introduction, I
also told about my interests which were not ending but at the end I stopped.
They all were constantly smiling from
the start.

M1about my present  company and you are working or you’ve left it?
Me – I said that I am working right
now and my experience.

M1 – So your interest is in economy and
banking, finance.
Me – I said yes Sir.

M1 – Why this opportunity after so
much experience?
Me I told them the whole story from the starting of joining my present
company till now with experience. 
And about my interest. 
Good opportunity to pursue pgdm in
banking and finance
. Equivalent to MBA. Plus benefits of govt. Job 

M1 – If you got a chance to change your department within your present company and work in banking and finance. Will you do
Me – I said yes and they all started
smiling as my curiosity about my interest in banking and finance 

He was pretty and fairly convinced
and smiling and then passed on to M2. M2 didn’t ask anything.

F1 – so, you are working in Bangalore
right now, I said no now in Gurgaon.
So tell us who’s d Head of your company
and something about him which we don’t know and you know?
Me – I said his name and little about
Also he was in news recently.

F1 (younger one) – these all things
we also know something, which you know and we don’t know.
Me – sorry Mam, I also don’t know
much about.
(Ab to unko pure tarike se vishwas ho
gya ki eska es field me interest nhi hai jisme abi kaam kr rha hai, Tabi jada
jankari nhi apne company ke head ke bare me..)

F2 – (older one) – You knw about CSR? 
Me – (Omg (i thought), how come it is
not striking my mind.)
I said simply with a smile, sorry
Mam, it’s not striking my mind.
But later on when I came outside, one
of the candidate told me about it – Corporate Social Responsibility and I was
able to recall it.

F2 – who is Steve Jobs –
Me – I told he is Apple Founder and

F2 – How he was different from others
Me – I answered about him. And his
thinking! Curiosity, work, he used to enjoy his work very much and was happy
with that.
She was smiling.

But, F2 – How he is linked to India?
Me – This I don’t know now. I was
thinking and said again, don’t know, as I was not remembering at all.

F2 – Jan Dhan Yojana and why it is
Me – I told evrything about it. It’s
benefits and why it is imprtant. Long term benefits too.
They all were smiling again.

And M3 also didn’t ask me anything.
He just kept a different smile on me, was observing me closely.. 

At last they all said All the best
with a good smile 

I said thank you to all of them.
It was good and nice experience overall as u always learn new things with experiences. All were friendly and I too get so many friends just in a half day as I interacted with almost every candidate in my panel.



Success is the Sum of Small Efforts

Dear Readers, 

Hey you all banking heroes first of all a big salute to all of you for the hard work you are doing daily for being selected as a banker in public sector bank because it really needs lots of hard work, patience, mind skills, focus and lots more so you deserve that.

Now talking about me
My name is Gourav Aggarwal belongs to Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, did my graduation in last year only cleared the IBPS clerk in my very first attempt scoring 161.25 in mains and I was allotted bank of Baroda. Working in bob since June 2016. But now had to leave it, Sad moment na???

No, it’s a joy time rather,
Talking about my strategy for SBI PO I will say I had no strategy even I wasn’t preparing much for the exam. Reason being the late working hours in the branch. You all must have listened “Hard Work Pays Off” and the same happened to me. The hard work I did last year during ibps preparation paid for SBI PO too, so will not tell you any special SBI PO strategy. I can just suggest you some things which may help you.

Quant – The most scoring subject which demands just little practice and time you can’t master it in a week or two. You must practice a lot. There are several topics in quant so I suggest you to choose 1 topic at a time and practice at least 200-300 ques in a day or two. Do same for every topic. This way will help you to hold grip on each topic and gain confidence. When you feel that you are comfortable with each type of ques start going on for the mix ques and increase your level day by day to gain mastery. And devise your own methods of doing it and find yourself playing with quant.

Reasoning – It’s all about your mind skills. It is also scoring subject. The same strategy of quant follows here. But here focus on some topics like puzzles, syllogism, input output, and coding decoding. These topics are sure to come in exam so practice them well.

English – Talking about me so I never paid attention to this section much because being in convent school since nursery my English is average. But what can really improve your English is Reading. Read “The Hindu” I suggest. Read its editorial and business section daily and check out for the new words you have not come across before. It will help you in vocab, fill in the blanks, error finding, close test and comprehension, covering most of the topics of this section. I know it’s quite boring but believe me do this sincerely for a month and will feel the difference.

Computer –You can use lucent or Arihant or both for it because reading and concept clearance is the key. Or you can opt for a good computer teacher who can help you understand it well.

GA – The most boring and endless subject of banking exams and the section which everyone loves the least I guess. But it’s not like with daily efforts you can score good but it requires daily efforts if you think you can crack it in a week or a month and score good so it’s quite difficult. I say make notes of daily happenings in a diary from two or three good sources and revise them on a daily and weekly basis along with the static part so you are always up to date. Keep doing this till last 10 days from exam. Devote your last 10 days for the GA capsules and practice online GK quizzes as much as you can this will help you to check yourself.

This strategy worked for me as you can see and I guess it can help you also. I wish a great luck to all the future bankers here.

Work hard stay focused leave the failures behind

That’s the key to success.
Stay blessed … 

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.”

Success Story of an ‘Accidental SBI PO’ who survived because of BA

Yes, you read it right… I survived because of BA & lots of unknown colleagues I found on BA. Before explaining you why and how I will first apologize for making this story a bit longer. I am a silent reader of BA, very silent that I don’t even have a disqus account!!!!! But I used to spend time and read all the positive comments of disqus users, the inspirational posts and success stories of other people that are posted on BA along with my intake of daily updates from BA’s GA posts, static awareness, current affairs posts etc. Have lots to say thinking in what order I could convey because I read & understood that a lot of girls in BA are in the same mindset of what I were till yesterday.

Now the story of a girl who dreamt, breathed, ate and conceived ‘Bank exams’ is gonna begin. As in 90% case of B’tech students, I too chose to fulfill my parent’s dreams, got placed in an MNC, worked for 4 years with the inner dream of becoming a banker in future. I am a 2011 passout from a popular college in South India, and I was writing bank exams since 2011. It took me 6 years to achieve my dream not because I was capable, but because I was not analyzing my failures. The very first IBPS exams that was conducted in 2011 brought me scorecards for both PO and clerk, but I missed both marginally during the final selection. At the same time my placement in an MNC happened. And my marriage too in the same year. As per the compulsion from my parents and husband’s family, I decided to pause my bank career dreams and worked with MNC till last year. But I used to give bank exams then and there, without much preparation. Just like we buy new dress on festive season, I had a habit of giving bank exams whenever I see a notification. The donation for IBPS,SBI etc continued this long…It was all because I WAS NOT ANALYSING MY PAST FAILURES,BUT I WAS SIMPLY TRYING TO PURSUE MY DREAMS WITHOUT TOILING HARD ON MY WEAK AREAS. GA was my biggest fear initially and I hope for most students it is. Believe me, I didn’t have the habit of reading newspaper daily, I used to mug up 3 month’s important affairs on the previous day of exams and will somehow clear sectional cutoff and score decently in other sections. But in 2014 I understood this is not helping me much! I didn’t have any guidance until then and came to hear about BA. After giving few interviews and getting dejected finally, I understood that though I qualify in exams, my marks were not that good to give me a final selection unless I have an exceptionally good interview. Then I thought of improving my GA. Started writing notes in GA from BA but I was still doing a mistake. Though I write it daily, I was not learning or recollecting it till 1-2days before the exam because I thought that would help me remembering it easily. That was my second mistake. I was confused with similar options in exams, ended up marking wrong answer!!! Though my book always had all the answers, I failed in recollecting that in my brain!!! Then I did continuous revision on GA but still my scores and cutoff had a meager difference only. Friends and family used to tease me that every time I will clear prelims, mains then attend interview for getting finally dejected. I felt shattered by their comments. Then I thought of leaving my MNC job, take proper coaching and try again. Though my basics in Quant & English were strong, I thought coaching would help me improve scores and it had. Reasoning was my strongest area.
Coming to the hurdles I faced….I suffered a lot of mental pressure from my husband’s parents on my decision to quit MNC job and prepare for bank exams, but I got a supportive husband and cute little baby. We were staying quite near to my parents’ home, and I used to  drop my 4 year old kid with my mom, go for classes, do preparation and comeback by evening..Other than to my mom, I should be thankful to my kid who at this small age was so understanding. My parents-inlaws continued pestering me with words telling that I am roaming in the name of classes & without looking after my kid. To this my hubby remained silent and later he too scolded for chasing a career which is pretty unsure and have <50% chances to be success in this highly competitive world. Adding spice to this, my history of continuous failures!!! It made me think to the extreme step that one could think of (Can’t reveal the extent of tortures from my parents-inlaws and their abuse for not earning money for them since this being a public platform). Friends, I just left my 3month old baby after my delivery and rejoined the MNC for earning cash to my greedy parents-inlaws!!!! And still they are not understanding about my interests and thinking of making me mentally ill. When their source of income from me stopped, they didn’t even cared to give me food. My husband being unwilling to move to separate home as he being their only son have to take care of them, my life went miserable. Forgetting my kid, I even tried ending everything after the failures in last IBPS clerk/PO exams marginally. Then I learnt few things…why I should leave my life for these creatures’ greed? Failure wrecks you…but you have no other option but to rise.
Achieving something after toiling a lot makes the success even more grand and pleasant. Now after seeing the unexpected result of SBI PO (got selected finally after lotzzzz of failures), I feel like showing my middle finger to my inlaws…seriously….You cannot think of an extent to which I suffered.
I had no study schedule, followed no books, but only BA and the 6 month coaching that I took. I felt helpless after giving SBI mains and felt sorry for BA on seeing other people’s comments over here. But friends, like us the changed pattern was surprising for BA also.I appreciate their revisions based on the new pattern and believe me friends BA is toiling harder than us for our success without expecting anything in return. Proud to be a very very silent BA’ian.
I remember few interesting disqus profiles
Ruby Al203=the iron lady I should say.Her posts helped me fight back during tough times. I admire the way she helps people. I silently downloaded your study material drive links and was silently grateful to you dear.I read that you cleared lic aao,rbi,upsc and became SBI PO…really hats off…
Flash, Atharva, Gorilla= genius teachers
aRun limitless=lady Ruby
Thor=a genuine guy I felt, able to crack instant jokes.
Dufferboy, VijayRaaz, Baba for sarcastic posts
Maruti=the divine presence,
Kaashvi, Dianaprincess, chandni, Happy minion ladies
Cute pagla, S Chand-fake, Dhiren Thakkar, HiRen, Mr Srivastava etc etc…
believe me.. I know lotzz of you people, I would silently read you and get inspired.
Last but the most valued mods of this group.. Prashant sir, Nimisha mam, Guneet mam, Ishita mam, Ankita mam, Kabir sir, Narendra siretc. (I read you silently ,inspired and learnt from you,survived and then achieved my dream.)
I just dreamt of becoming SBI clerk, but after so many hardships and so many years of waiting, I got the most valued banking job after RBI, The ‘SBI PO’
Thanks to all and love to God.
Friends no matter how painful were the hardships you faced, please survive. If you really want to pursue a banking career, it is important to be patient as the competition is harder and you have to sharpen your skills.
I didn’t really believed I would ever get a chance to write all this,but it happened to me today and it will happen tomorrow to all serious aspirants over here.
Girls and Guys dont think of ending your life or quitting, And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it-I am the biggest example.Just live ,breath,eat and work harder for a banking career.
And please stop counting your failures,but make sure you learn from it. Also try converting your weakness into your strength.
As an ending note-“Trust Me, I never Lose; I either win or learn”

Thanks for your time on reading this.
Love you BA
(I left many negative things as it is. Its not meant to make you negative but the purpose is to make you aware that some people despite of having all the odds make it to the final. And we keep complaining about petty issues. Friends, after reading this, I can only say that she is a winner to continue for this long.)

SBI PO Success Story: Ramesh Verma

First of all I want to thank you banker adda because without you it would not have been possible for me to crack SBI PO. I always followed your daily quizzes,capsules and other materials. I am a silent reader of your website. I cleared SBI PO.

I want to say success comes to only those people who not only dream but also act on their dream.
Patience is very much required.

I am currently working in as a Software Developer since last two and half year. My journey in the banking started soon after passing my B.TECH exam in 2013. As I had no job after college I appeared for Bank Of Baroda that year and failed. Then I looked for off campus and got a decent IT job. I was an average developer and after working for 6 months I realized that this IT job is not for me. I wanted to prepare for Bank exams again by resigning from the job. I cried a lot when I talked to my parents that I will be leaving this job as I can’t bear it any more. They were very tensed on my decision and told me to work till bond period is over and resign.I belong to a lower middle class family and this decision was very tough as job opportunity was very rare in that time. But soon I realized if I quit from my job this will not only affect me and my family financially but also mentally they will be tortured by the so called SOCIETY. I did not want to snatch happiness from them. So I talked to them again and some of my good friends. They advised me to start preparation with the job. Though it was tough to start after working for 10 to 11 hours every day with positive attitude. I started with basics and bankersadda was with me from very first day. Everyday I started devoting 2-3 hours. After repeated failure, I again thought of leaving the job but could not.

I consoled myself .I used to read success story and got a lot of inspiration and finally I made it. Below is the highlights of Exams I appeared:
  • IBPS PO 2014- Could not clear the cut off
  • IBPS Clerk 2014- cleared the cut off. But not allowed on interview
  • because I missed some documents
  • SBI PO 2015 Pre clear Mains Out
  • RBI Assistant-Out
  • IBPS RRB Officer- Out
  • IBPS PO 2015-  Cleared cutoff gave interview but missed by 2 marks
  • Syndicate – out
  • LIC AAO- out

Finally SBI PO 2016- Cleared and selected.
Thank you.

Success Story – Nilay Meshram-SBI PO 2016- I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.

As our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has rightly said in his book Ignited Minds “dream transforms  into thoughts and thoughts result into action”.

My struggle started two years back when I had quit my corporate career. After having progressive grades in 10th, 12th and then engineering, I was selected in campus recruitment with a good starting package for a beginner. As the days passed on I had established my name for myself in the organization with my work and my involvement in cultural activities. But when I realized I had more in me, I could do more than what I am meant to be, I started dreaming about having a lucrative and respectable job profile where not only I am able to live   my dreams, my parents dream, but also serve the public.

My dreams started changing into thoughts and finally got a shape where I would be stepping in. First time I Appeared in bank exam for IBPS PO and Clerk in 2013 itself and cleared both of them one after another without any preparation, although with a low score. I was selected as a clerk in Bank of India, but I kept it on hold as I was awaiting another big final result of PO, but it did not go through as I expected and could not make it to the merit list by 0.5 marks. My parents asked me to quit my job and accept the clerical offer and prepare side by side. But my dreams were big enough, I have known my potential always and decided to quit my job and start preparing judiciously giving full impetus and focus primarily on banking preparation especially for Bank PO
“Never settle for anything less than what you are capable of”

I told my parents that I am not  able to continue my studies and job simultaneously, and they throughout kept faith and supported me, then I consulted my senior colleagues whether I should step down from this job or should I do both the things simultaneously(preparation and job). They said” Good Decision! You have age, we don’t” 

I became optimistic and took this as an opportunity and started preparing for banks exams coming back home. I had not joined any coaching classes by that time, but when I appeared for IBPS PO and IBPS RRB in 2014, I failed miserably and could not clear any of them because of little over confidence from the past. But I learned from the mistakes and started preparing again. At times it becomes difficult for students to prepare with the changing pattern and level of difficulty of the exam, but no one can help it, in the end you have to fight the odds. I without thinking much started again with fresh frame of mind and appeared for other government exams as well in 2015. With the little improved continuous efforts I was able to clear the first stage of IBPS PO and SSC , but hard luck followed me and failed with a big margin in SSC and with a 0.5 marks in IBPS PO Mains. I also appeared for SBI PO but could not clear the prelims itself.  It disappointed me for the day when the result was out for the exams, but I used to get up next day and start fresh. I recollected where I had been lacking and found out it to be sheer amount of practice, pinch of smart work and the undivided concentration. 
Failure is a part of life; you fall number of times but never give up and stand again. It’s the same way we learned mathematics and cycle when we were young. You were wounded but you never had quit learning. Learning is a process which includes minor daily inputs and huge hard work.

It was 2016 where I had already made a tryst with destiny and as an average learner worked upon my weak areas and made stronger areas strongest. I was curiously waiting for the exam of SBI PO, and the prelims went as expected and cleared with good score, when the mains arrived it was a state of complete disaster, people around me started panicking, for a moment I did. Then I withheld my nerves and told myself to stay calm and look for the questions with higher marks or even lower marks where I can score. GK is supposed to be easy section if you go through bankers adda study material(monthly and SBI PO mains capsule) especially and then came the descriptive paper where I thought to give my best shot even my mains didn’t go as expected, but there was an opportunity that if the cut off goes less then I have the opportunity to capitalize or compensate with my descriptive exam marks. I was not sure but I remained optimistic regarding the results and it turned my way. I started preparing for GD/ PI with career power and they helped me to turn my personality from the minor of things and I could see difference in my personality, attitude, way of talking and knowledge with the training they imparted. I was pretty confident, with a pinch of nervousness on the D-Day. GD went well and when I turned for interview I was so choked up, I wished them good morning instead of good afternoon. But that moment I skipped it from the memory that time and concentrated on rest of the questions and it turned to be good and when the results were out I was not sure about making into the final list. I only knew that I whatever may be the result I will be walking with a confidence boosted up. When I saw my roll number in the list, I could not believe for a moment and my whole family started celebrating like anything. The true moment for me was tears in their eyes. As they say and have very well written

लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती।
नन्हीं चींटी जब दाना लेकर चलती है,
चढ़ती दीवारों पर, सौ बार फिसलती है।
मन का विश्वास रगों में साहस भरता है,
चढ़कर गिरना, गिरकर चढ़ना न अखरता है।
आख़िर उसकी मेहनत बेकार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती।

It’s not necessary always to go through tough situations and even if you pass through hold on to your nerves, believe in yourself, be pumped up and confident and always keep on learning and improving yourself day by day(my success mantra) that you will sail through it. I had always been an average person who never thought of quitting despite numerous failures and just came up with a fully fledged plan and always wanted to beat the reason which always defeated me in two years. Defeating the defeat this time and stepping up another step towards my “lakshya ” with continuous small amount of efforts and pinch of failures, finally made my way to enter SBI as PO. I would like to quote myself and would like to say to the aspirants

“मंज़िले तोह मिल ही जायगी कही किसी रास्ते से, चलना तोह शुरू करो” ।।

A wholehearted thanks to my Parents who inspired, believed and supported me throughout my struggle and thanks to bankersadda and career power for taking initiatives to provide free concise and terse  material  and the special thanks to the people who criticized my methods and tried to distract me and gave me reason to fight the odds and prove them wrong and they say “ at first they will ask why you are doing it, later they will ask how you did it” 

|| भीड़ हमेशा उस रास्ते पर चलती है जो रास्ता आसान लगता है, लेकिन इसका मतलब यह नहीं की भीड़ हमेशा सही रास्ते पर चलती है| अपने रास्ते खुद चुनिए क्योंकि आपको आपसे बेहतर और कोई नहीं जानता| ||

If I CAN, then even YOU CAN DO IT all it takes is Working Hard for It

 Dear Readers,
A graduate engineer in E&C who was imprudent in technical skills so anticipated the ultimate path to get a job is to groundwork for non tech, sounds to be credulous but when started it made me realize the competitive world is messy and ever changing.

I started without any guidance it was July 2014 and the outcome was quite obvious, beginning was with SBI PO shattered me completely, got 48/200, gathered courage and appeared next one it was SBI clerk, the result was same a collapse, this time 112/200 gave me a little mettle, Next one was SIDBI got 94/200 once again a disappointment but by giving these and analyzing the pattern I quickly realized something is lagging and that was a guidance. 

The ray of hope came in the form of BA just before PO-VI and CWE-VI Clerk as I came to know about them, I mugged up all their capsules and appeared result started to came and from there I didn’t look back I always tried to be better than what I was yesterday, I was in competition with myself only a single thought that let me going.
 Sharing the gloomy side but yet encouraging one:-
1. SBI PO 48/200 an epic failure not even qualified cut off in 2 sections.
2. SBI clerk 112/200 failure
3. SIDBI 94/200 failure cut off 114
4. RBI Assistant 146/200 failed cut off 160 around
5. RRB PO 109 but didn’t got a call
6. RRB clerk 160 but no call
7. NICL AO missed by 1 mark
8. NIACL AO missed by 4 marks
9. UIIC AO by 2 marks
10. Oriental AO by 1.75 marks
11. SBI Associate PO missed by 4 marks for interview

But after every dark night there is a bright morning, qualified many…but success was still far to reach…
1. Bob cards failed in interview
2. NIACL Asst. got 157 written but missed after interview
3. NICL Asst. rejected in interview
4. Syndicate Bank Manipal rejected in interview later selected through contingency list.
5. NICL Asst. rejected in interview
6. SBI PO interview rejection.
7. IBPS PO reserve list wasted my one year who thought but it happened L
8. NABARD Mains was not even close to the cut off
But someone has rightly said…

लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती। So it started coming

First was LVB Laxmi Vilas bank (Chennai)
  Syndicate bank Manipal reserve list they declared 5-6 lists
 BOB Manipal written score 121/200 got 16 batch but was puzzled
  The biggest relief IBPS Clerk got 160 written and overall 76.6 got PNB
  Just 3 days before my PNB joining, SBI Clerk result came out and I scored 163/200 and 194/235 the biggest booster for me to get the tempo going, I decided not to join PNB and wait till October-November. Meanwhile it gave me 3-4 months’ intense preparation and I converted that time to be the milestone for my carrier, I covered all my loop holes and also took coaching of Indian economics in Delhi for RBI and NABARD and now it was my time to convert my work process into reality.
SBI PO 2015 appeared in interview, the very exam I didn’t even qualified cut off although missed but performed very well no regrets as the best was selected.
IBPS PO-V scored 112.50, in po4 it was 90 only last year  a sharp rise.
Nabard Asst. scored 168.25 qualified
SIDBI written
LIC AAO appeared attempts 151/160 I didn’t appear any more exam thereafter, was pretty  sure.
IRDAI phase 1st 112 score and phase 2nd 3april 2015 scored 167.5 cut off 180
Finally got officer job on 31 March and 1April both.
PO4 reserve list allotted :-BANK OF BARODA
PO5 allotted :-IDBI  got 57.40 overall
And my destiny: LIC AAO ON 07 SEP 2016 got 275.75 in written and 45 in interview
Much more is yet to come, all I can say is keep working and of course follow BA the pioneers to unite virtual world through education hats off to your team without years of efforts I could have been a mediocre performer, thanks my parents, Guneet mam _/_ , Prashant sir team BA, and BA friends u people are amazing…
Gratitude to some of the fantastic people on BA Sasy (U were right got the best farewell), Nivin limitless(canara po6 ) , arun bhai , Hulk, Julian Assange,Jetha Lal(_/_) ,Co2,vijay bhai (salaamz), Angry Nerd ,Combatant(officer ko _/_), Hacker, Ben, Shehzada,thor(po6 is yrs) Mr srivastava ,Gujju pooh, Nadaan , Creatru ,Lovedeep,Definite, Bruce wayne,Pascal, Abhi, Kamal,Prk pagla,Sunshine,J Star,Yash Sharma,Car-loss,Mugli,

And some ones with whome I ever interacted… your blessings eased my journey Diana prince (rule the heart always) Moktika, Dimple girl,Lazy, Dairy milk girl Ziva, Jenny, Rupral, Aruna, Pooja, Happy minion, Kathy, Aaria the fish , Pari, Cynosure

Strategy that I followed

 Maths:- Sarvesh kr verma: 9 chapters needed for banking, DI for CAT by Arihant and case studies from the same book , Series questions from Mtyra and previous papers, Permutation and Probability basics from NCERT only rest online test and BA quizzes(Time limit PO 40 minutes)
 Reasoning:- High level reasoning and puzzles , focused more on puzzles, and syllogism
and inequality from solved papers of SBI and PO only and quizzes and tests of BA (Time limit 45 min)
☑ English:- Ardent reader of hindu and also referred a magazine the gist of hindu articles, noted down vocab and kept on revising, lastly around 150-180 online test , for English you don’t need much just read all I can say and analyze each and every test u give for English. Time 20-25 min
General Awareness:- English and GA are my strongest portion, GA daily updates of BA and the Hindu download monthly questionnaire from the other websites, banking and other stuffs from BA capsules and tonic + monthly updates of BA for each and every exam I revised upto 6 month, although 3 month is necessary but that gave me edge w.r.t other aspirants. (8-10min+computers)
(KhOpDi the skull)

If YOU are Persistent, You will GET IT

Dear Readers,

I am Saurabh from Kanpur. I started my preparation a year ago. I am a B.Tech graduate. I have joined Career Power in May 2015 and there I came to know about Bankersadda and start following it.

3 months’ study in Career Power was life changing time for me, I cleared all the basic concepts and was prepared for the war.

I was weak in English and Arithmetic section (Maths). Gaurav sir (Maths faculty) and LAL sir (English faculty) these two gentlemen taught me basics and tricks to score high marks in particular subjects and Quizzes in Bankersadda worked like booster for me. 

➱ SBI PO 2015 Written clear (Finally not selected) 

➱ RRB PO Finally selected (Baroda UP Gramin bank) 

➱ IBPS PO – Finally selected (IDBI BANK) 
➱ IBPS Assistant Finally Selected (PNB) 
➱ SIDBI Grade A Written clear (Finally not selected) 
➱ LIC AAOFinally selected (Waiting for the joining) 
SBI PO 2016Written clear (Interview not given because I’m going for LIC) 
At last before concluding I would like to suggest some opinion to my dear friends – 
Never ever give up whatever may be the situation. 
Try to accept those things what you get. 
Never compare yourself with anyone. 
Give equal importance to each subjects and try to maximize your strength points. You may not study for 6-7 hours but when you study it should be with complete focus. Then 2 hours would be more than enough.

Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds.



Hello Readers,

My name is Chandrakant Mani, I am from a small village called Pandeypura situated at Chatra district of Jharkhand. I never thought of becoming a banker or you can say my ambitions were different. I wanted to become a cricket player because that is the thing I love the most, also I was not so good in academics.

In 2004 my after my father’s death my mom struggled a lot so that we could complete our secondary education. She took all the responsibility to run the family and worked hard for us. In 2010 my big brother got a job in SAIL and by then I completed my BA in history. Then after graduation my brother asked me about my future plans and assured me that he’ll be supportive with my decision.

At that time I had two options either I could go to Delhi for higher studies or to Bangalore to play cricket. I decided to pursue my dream and went to Bangalore for playing cricket. I played there for four years. I played 1st division level cricket but I was not selected for Ranji trophy or State level. So I decided to come back to Ranchi where I lived earlier, and continued playing cricket but I was not getting any success.

In Feburary2014 my brother told me to join any coaching institute and prepare for bank exams. I joined a coaching institute but I was not serious about studies. After not being selected in any state level team I finally decided not to play cricket anymore. In July 2014 I started preparing for bank exams with dedication.

Following was my transition from failure to success:

Ist Exam      SBI PO 2014     score-56      not selected
IInd Exam    SBI CLERK       score-105    not selected
IIIrd Exam    RBI CLERK       score-130    not selected
IVth Exam    RBI PO             score-140    not called for interview
Vth Exam     RRB CLERK     score- 146   not called for interview
VIth Exam    IBPS PO           score-91      passed called for interview (was in waiting list)
VIIth Exam   IBPS CLERK    score-146    again I was not selected
VIIIth Exam SBI PO              unable to secure cut off for pre
IXth Exam    IBPS PO          selected in ALLAHABAD BANK as PO

I was really frustrated after my VIIIth exam but I didn’t give up. I started studying at home for about 8 to 10 hours and gave online tests daily. I remember as the exam approached near I took 2-3 online test every day. My hard work finally paid off as I cleared IBPS PO 2015 and got selected in ALLAHABAD BANK as PO in reserve list.

“Most people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”

Strategy for preparation

First of all you should know that bank exams can be tricky and you need to study smartly. It’s not totally about your knowledge test but mainly about time management skills.
If you are preparing for IBPS PO Mains, there are 200 questions and for qualifying you have to score 80 to 100 marks. And out of 200 questions 120 questions are easy or of moderate level, you have to choose wisely. Average student can easily clear the cut off mark in particular sections but they get struck or are unable to do so because they do not have a proper strategy. So it is important to have a strategic approach to crack bank exams.

My section wise strategy was that for quantitative aptitude I focused on calculation and solved 20 questions daily, good speedy calculation can be your life saver in quant. I was weak in English language and it was a challenge for me to score well in it. To improve my language skills I started reading newspaper, watching videos or English news channels along with taking an English Language mock test daily. And for reasoning I felt, good concentration is the key. Reasoning requires focus and with basic concepts you can score well in reasoning.

Last but not the least for G.A. and Computer Section I just did two things regularly, followed Bankers Adda’s quizzes and G.K Update and PIB News. I am a silent reader of B.A. and B.A. has helped me a lot.

I wish you all luck and thank you Bankers Adda.

Chandrakant Mani