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Current affairs Quiz

1.What is the authorised capital of each Regional Rural Bank (RRB) as per the recent amendments in Regional Rural Bank (Amendment) Bill 2014? 500 1000 1500 2000 none of...

Current Affairs Quiz

1.Kumaran Asan Memorial Association presented the 2015 Kumaran Asan World Prize for poetry to? a.Adani b.Adoni c.Akmal d.Iqbal e.None of these 2.FEDAI (as used in the financial sector)...

GK Power Capsule (The Hindu Review): April 2014

Dear readers, please find below the GK & Current Affairs Power Capsule for the month of April 2014. This capsule has been prepared by...

Special GK Capsule for April 2013 (The Hindu Review)

Dear all, the much awaited  GK Update capsule for the month of April 2013 is here. This includes all the major news and events...