Prediction: IBPS PO 2014 – Final Cut-Off

Hello Readers,
As you all know, IBPS announced the Marks scored by the candidates who are eligible for the Interview. BankersAdda started a poll on it and received a tremendous response from the readers. So, here we are providing you all the analysis, which was derived from the Poll Section of BankersAdda (the voters are the BA users), and predicting the Final Cut-Off of IBPS PO 2014-15.
We were very careful while dealing with this controversial issue. One must always remember that this prediction is just an inference of all the information provided by the Users of BankersAdda. We are providing a gist of all the information provided by the readers of BA. Some of the number were not following the trends as of the corresponding numbers of the same tally. They were arbitrary in nature.
  • General – 12175
  • SC – 4050
  • ST – 2184
  • OBC – 5364
  • PWD – 1471        

Note – The data collected is as of the date 12.02.2015

 Sample data for Unreserved Candidates

Below 85
3650 (30%)
3050 (25%)
1750 (14%)
1000 (8%)
1050 (8.5%)
101 – 103
550 (4.5%)
104 – 106
350 (3%)
107 – 110
300 (2.5%)
111 – 115
225 (2%)
115 – 120
175 (1.5%)
120 – 125
225 (2%)
Above 125
200 (1.6%)
Percentages and number
of candidates are rounded off.

Process to reach the Final Numbers :
  • According to this data there are around 70 % of Unreserved
    candidates below the score of 93, so the average score will be 90 this year .
  • Weighted Score of written marks in the 80: 20
    format is 80/200 = 0.4; 1 mark in the interview = 0.4 marks in the final
  • So a score of 90 is converted to 0.4 x 90 = 36.
  • Weighted score of Interview marks in the same
    format is 20/100 = 0.2; 1 mark in the interview = 0.2 marks in the final calculation.
  •  Average scores given in the interviews are equal
    to 55 (for selected candidates scoring above average in the exam say a 95 or a
    98) and 65 – 70 (for finally selected candidates scoring average in the written
    exam say 90 or 92).
  • So a score of 55 in the interviews = 0.2 x 55 =
    11 and a score of 65 – 70 will be equal to 13 – 14.
  • In Unreserved category the ratio of students
    called for the interview to that of finally selected candidates is equal to 3:
    1 i.e. 30 % of the candidates will get the final placement.
  • So according to the polls almost 30% of the
    students are at the score of 95.
  • So the to get the final selection the written
    score should be 95 x 0.4 = 38 plus the minimum average marking of 55 – 60 i.e.
    11 – 12.
  • The final cut off for the unreserved category will
    be 38 + 11 to 38 + 12 i.e. an overall score of 49 – 50 will be sufficient to
    see you through to the final merit list.
  • Now for a student scoring well below average
    marks say 85 (weighted score , 85 x 0.4 = 34)then he/she has to score around 75
    – 80 marks in the interview (weighted score, 75 x 0.2 = 15 to 80 x 0.2 = 16)to
    be in the final list.
  • Similarly for OBC Candidates, The Score in the
    top 30 % bracket is around 90. And average marking at the lowest levels in the
    interviews will be somewhere between 55 – 60 in this case as well.
  • So the Cut offs for OBC candidates in written examination
    will be 90 x 0.4 = 36 and in the interviews it will be 11-12.
  • So the Final OBC Cut off = 36 + 11 to 36 + 12 i.e.
    somewhere between 47  to 48.
  • According to the previous year’s trends the cut
    offs for SC should be 43 – 44.
  • For ST Candidates cut off should be 32 – 33.
Final Expected Cut offs

Expected  Cut Off
49 – 50
47 – 48
43 – 44
32 – 33
39 – 40
22 – 23
24 – 25
Note – The cut
– offs for SC/ST are predicted on the basis of the previous year IBPS CWE
trends because of the excessive aberrations in the Poll conducted by us for the
SC, ST and PWD candidates. There were many abnormalities in the poll.

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs and analysis are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by BankersAdda. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information. 

The above given information is provided by you all. Thanks for the participation and you will be the responsible for the accuracy of the data mentioned above.

United Bank to recruit again…!!!

A year after it shot into limelight reporting a record Rs.1,238 crore loss, the city-based United Bank of India closed the third quarter of 2014-15 with a Rs. 41.8 crore net profit saying that consolidation of its bottom line hinged on the economy and the Budget.

P. Srinivas, UBI’s new Managing Director and CEO, admitted to fresh slippages saying “Lending and the economy.. both need to pick up”. The bank is petitioning the Reserve Bank of India to lift the curbs that it had clamped, after huge under-reporting of bad loans came to light following a forensic audit.

“The RBI has recently lifted the recruitment ban and we have begun the process of hiring 700 officers and 500 clerks.. but lending has to pick up” Mr. Srinivas said. The curbs bar UBI from lending to big corporates allowing it to lend only to small and medium sized companies with good credit ratings. Restrictions on credit deployment and with muted credit off take, UBI’s interest income moderated to Rs.2,509 crore in the third quarter against Rs.2,765 crore a year ago.

This, along with Rs.600 crore additional slippages, led to an increase in gross NPA and net NPA compared to the previous quarter.

“We want to reduce NPA but that becomes difficult when there is not much opportunity to increase credit”, he said adding that NPA depends on the economy as most corporates were in stress.

The bank was aiming to bring gross NPA ratio to less than 10 per cent by the June quarter of 2015-16 from above 12 per cent now.

The UBI Board during the day also cleared issuance of debts and preferential shares to the Government .

The RBI has recently lifted the recruitment ban and we have begun the process of hiring 700 officers and 500 clerks.. but lending has to pick up.

— P. Srinivas,

MD and CEO, United Bank

Sources: The Hindu

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Sachin

Hello Readers,

Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Sachin, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Sachin 

Place- Shimla, UCO Bank, Zonal Office, Near-Himland Hotel 

Time – 8:30 am 

Panel – 2 
My turn came around 10 o clock and it rests between 7-10 minutes. 

1st process was documentation and done in few minutes. 

There are 5 members in my panel including one lady and I greeted all of them. 
They start the interview and 1st question was tell us about yourself and I explained it and in the end told that I also work with an NGO and they ask me more about this NGO that how it works and I explained 

As I mentioned about my hobbies in my introduction that include reading,writing and working with an NGO. 

So, some of the next questions were from reading side that what u read and I told autobiographies and the latest one include of Sachin Tendulkar and one member ask some question like his highest score,his 1st and last one day and I am not sure about both i.e 1st and last one day but I said its Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and told his highest score 248 in test match and also asked about his total century i.e 100 I explained. 

On reading side they asked about the latest autobiography and  I told it is of Soina Gandhi and named Red Sari and remember only 1st name of writer i.e Xavier and couldn’t explained why it was in controversy as congress was against it. For this question answer thanks to BankersAdda Latest GK Update Capsule that I downloaded yesterday otherwise my answer would be Sorry, sir I don’t know. 

Other questions are- 

Q – Crrency and Capital of Bangladesh? 

– Explained 

Q – Currency of japan and its value against rupee 

– I explained currency  but don’t know its value against rupee. 

– As I had submitted training certificate of Bhusan power and steel Ltd one member asked recently it was in news  way? 

– I provided them with the answer. 

– Lady member asked me 2 questions i.e one CM of Goa and CM of Delhi


– As I also submitted one certificate of Disaster management  so they asked how will u save disaster in bank? 

– It was not best explained 1st I told of cyber threat than one panel member told me no that they mean how will you protect like bank building from disaster. I don’t know anything about it I told them that project I made was late back in school and it was based on water treatment from industry. It seemed to be case of misunderstood question.

Q – One member asked me full form of USPA as I was wearing  sweater of this brand? 

– explained 

They also asked me about Chandigarh as I was brought up there and asked something about it like who designed it, and its other name and its famous places. I explained all it. 

They asked last question about how your NGO raise funds and I explained that its small NGO and organize small events that didn’t cost much and ask peoples and contribute form our own sources. 

I wonder as they didn’t asked a single financial question from me but thanks to them from heart that they didn’t ask it otherwise I have to say all the time these magical words “Sorry, Sir I don’t know”. 

Overall interview was gone good in my opinion but can’t say about panel members opinion. 

And in the end thanks to Bankersadda & all other people who helped me in any of the way and lets wait for the result.

Whatever u speak just be aware of that.

Baki Bam Bam Bhole chod mohmaya usi sang ho le…

All the best!!!

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Pranaw Kumar

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Pranaw Kumar , one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

I came to know about Bankersadda on the day of RRB exam in Gurgaon when I saw a guy reading gk capsule. Since then I visit BA daily and hv cleared IBPS PO , Clerk though I don’t take part in unnecessary chats.

My interview was on 21st of Jan at 1:00 o’clock. I reached the venue by 12:10. Guards called everyone to be in queue with OBC certificate in hand. Then officers checked strictly and line by line, some guys rejected on the spot.

Then in seminar hall all gathered and told us to arrange documents written on whiteboard and sent us to respective rooms for paper verification.

2 men in 50s were checking paper very strictly and they were rude to some people asking is it only you attended exam, how much you attempted. Half of the interview they took.

15 minutes for paper verification. Then waiting room. 

Guard came inside room and tried ease us out. “Beta sab budhe purane log hain interview lene, kisiko kuchh nahi aata, wo log aapse sikhenge, koi tension nahi lijiye, aram se boliyega”.

I was 3rd in the list of Interview panel-13

My interview started at 2:20 PM. One lady 4 gents all in 50 or 60s. 

Me: May I come in sir.
All: Yes beta plz.

Me: Good afternoon ma’am ,she smiled ,good afternoon sirs. 
All: Please baitho beta

M3: Apka naam?
Me: Sir, Pranaw Kumar

M1: Kis bank me a/c hai? 
Me: Sir Punjab National Bank me No frills a/c hai.

M1: Bank k functions btao
Me: Accepts deposit, lends to customer, sells bancassurance, and banks have various alternate channels like atm ,mobile, sms,internet, cheque dropbox. 

M1: OK, what is Ridden Lending?
Me: I got confused as voice of M1 was not coming. I said sir written? He said no Ridden by saying spelling. I said sorry sir I don’t know. Kabhi suna nahi.

Me: again voice was not clear, I asked if it is CRR or anything, M2 said he is sayinv DRI. I forgot what it is. I said sorry sir, I don’t know.

M3: Btech from?
Me: Dehradun, 

M3: Pranaw ,you have not stayed at one particular place, belong to Bihar then Dehradun then Delhi. What’s the difference between these places? What’s the Law & order situation which is best among these?
Me: Less awareness in Bihar, good education facility in Dehradun, good work opportunities in Delhi. 

Sir Bihar bich me thik tha jab Nitish kumar CM the but abhi jab se Jeetan Ram Manjhi aaye hain fir se gadbad ho gya hai. Or Delhi bhi gadbad hai abhi. Dehrdun comparatively achi city hai. 

M3: to M4 okay, Pandey jee ye ladka computer se hai, puchiye kuchh. 
I smiled.

M4: what’s Hacking?
Me: when someone uses computer knowledge and gains unauthorized access of system or data. 

M4: Phishing?
Me: Phishing is sending emails and fraud tarike se information nikalwa lena dhokhe se.

M4: How will you prevent phishing?
Me: By spreading awareness among customers using sms,emails.

M2: koi fund hai depositors awareness k liye?
Me: yes sir RBI has given DEAF guidelines.

Lady: Leadership and Teamspirit kya hai?
Me: I explained by using my work experience. 

Lady: How do you motivate whom you’re leading?
Me: Ma’am every Saturday half day k baad humlog music bajate hain, party karte hain, incentives dete hain.

Lady: so team spirit is a part of leadership?
Me: Yes ma’am.

M1,M2,M3,M4,Lady all started talking to each other and laughing. I too smiled. 

And asked tumhare company me Saturday chhutti nahi hai? 

Me: No sir, half day tak kaam hai. Startup company hai.

M2: Retail Lending kya hai? Which lending is better for Banks? Retail or corporate?
Me: I had answered opposite ,but corrected soon. Sir retail is for individuals and corporate for businesses. I think retail me jyada fayda hoga, jyada interest milega.

M4: Base rate se niche lend kar skte hain kya?
Me: no Sir, banks can’t lend below base rate.

M3: Tumhare is particular subject me +2 me marks thode kum hain? Aisa kyu?
Me: I explained, I was sick and suffering from Thrombocytopenia. 

M4: ye kya hota hai? Dengue fever hai kya?
Me: no sir it is blood related disease, explained components of blood, thrombocytopenia is lack of platelets jo clotting agent hota hai, platelets ki kumi se high grade fever, bleeding kahi se bhi hone lagta hai. 

All: Acha okay.

M3: Parents kya karte hain?
Me: I told. He looked satisfied. And told me okay that’s all. 

I got up and said Thank you very much and left. 

I think My interview was overall ok. I have attempted 103 in written, 2wrong. Let’s see what happens. 

Hope for the best! BA has played a very constructive role in my preparation. If I get selected. First of all I would like to meet & thank BA team. 🙂 

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Sachin Waghmare

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Sachin Waghmare, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Sachin Waghmare
Date – 19-01-2015
Venue – BOM, Mumbai
Qualification – Graduate in Pharmacy and MBA in Pharma management (only thing which is focused throughout the interview)
Time – 1 pm
Panel – 1

Document verification done till 2pm, they took interview for 7-8 min. for each candidate, mine also was for 8 min, i was prepared with some regular interview que. or you can say i mugged up these que and some banking terms…

I was second in list, interview started at 2.30.

I entered with a smile and smile left me at door only.. i wished them, they asked me to sit.

There were 5 people in a panel ( 4 male and 1 female)

When M1 started asking que, M2 was busy on call and M3 was busy with my documents.

M1- So, sachin.. tell me about urself.
Me – answered

M1 – Why you left your field and why you choose banking?
Me – explained in detail (he was convinced)

M1 – Tell me what other things bank do except accepting diposites and giveng loan
Me – I explained other functions of bank.

M1 – Then he fired 4 que to me,

  • Can we buy any kind of product from bank? I said NO.
  • Can we buy railway ticket from bank? I said NO.
  • Can we buy gold from bank? I said NO
  • Can we donate money to temples from bank? 

Before answering this, thought I answered 3rd ques wrong and if am not sure I should say no and I said don’t know about this.

M1 and a lady was smiling looking at each other.

Then M1 asked female to proceed,

F – What is RTGS, NEFT, difference between them n what are the limits?
Me – I answered all the questions.

M2 – (he finished with his call now) Asked again, why banking after pharmacy graduation, how you will managed in banking?

Me – I grab his attention towards my MBA and explained some things which can be useful for banking ( like customer and product management etc) he was not looking satisfied.

M2- If you are good at customer management and have ability to convince them, then y don’t you join private banks, you will get good growth there.
Me– I explained my interest ans benefits of public sector, but he was not looking satisfied.

M3 – what is CASA?
ME – answered

M3- what is interest rate on saving account in nationalized banks?
Me- 4%

M3- why it is nationalised?
Me– (i dint got his que.) and said sorry sir i dnt knw.

M4– (all the tym he was looking at my documents) finally  he paid attention in intervie n asked same thing… why you left pharma field, there is also a growth?
Me– (i was expecting this que. bt not 3-4 times) and i was tired repeating same things n said….. sir i was not gud at studies during graduation…(dint.finished my ans)

M3– interrupt n said why u were nt gud, your patents are teacher? ( as i told about my parents profesion while explaining about my self)
me– i was like what to say about this n i kept quiet.

all are saying ok you can go. I was about to say thank you..

M3 asked again- Do you really want to work in a bank, because your qualification is totally diff?

I said YES sir.

They said ok, All the best.. I said thank you n left the room.

Through out the interview they were not looking satisfied with my interest in banking, anyways, hoping for the best!!

Finally I wanted to say a big thank you to BankersAdda team which helped me lot to crack written exam n also for interview preparation.

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Himanshu Yadav

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Himanshu Yadav , one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Himanshu Yadav 
Date of interview- 21.01.2015 
Panel – XIII 
Venue – Bank of India, Staff Training College, Sector – 62, Noida 
Interview shift – Morning  i.e 8:30am 

The entry through the gate exactly starts at 8:30am …there was checking of the OBC certificate in the entry gate after that they were allowing the students to sign in front of their respective names. 
Then we were asked to go to hall no. 2 where all the students of different panels were sitting and 2 
teachers were  there  they were calling  5 students of different different panel and then guide us 
Then  my documents verification done in another room which tooks a long time but the person eases u a bit .. very friendly in  nature. 
My name was in the top of the list so I was called immediately after my document verfication …in short. I got no time to feel nervous 😛 
Entered the room which the lady first after all the gents. They offered me a seat without speaking 
anything just pointing his finger towards the chairs. 
There was no question that tell me about urself…..the panel member seating in the middle  starts 
M1– You are Mr. Himanshu Yadav? 
Me- Yes sir 
M1- You have done B. Tech? 
Me – Yes sir, in electronics and communication.
Simultaneously, he was checking my subjects…he saw environmental science in my 10th class 
marksheeet which is not my subject but still I answered question on that.
M1 – What u have read in environmental science?
Me – Sir, about atmosphere..nothing comes in the mind 
M1 – Which gas has the max. composition in the atmosphere? 
Me – Nitrogen 
M1 – What is photosynthesis?
Me – Explained 
M1 – You are from Rewari (my city). There is a freight corridor in your area recently developing purpose of that.
Me – Sir for the shipments and to develop the industries (he agreed) 
M1 – Asked about my father occupation and my brother occupation too 
M2 – Which tree absorbs CO2 at night and releases oxygen? 
Me – Peepal tree (in hindi) 
M2 – What is phishing? 
Me – Sorry sir, I don’t know 
M3 – Your hobbies 
Me – Answered 
M3 – Who is the captain of Indian volleyball team(as volleyball is my hobby) 
Me– I love playing volleyball rather than watching…I said I dun know sir 
M4 – What is bank?
Me– answered  
M4 – Other functions of banks 
Me – answered with a bang 😛 
M4 – You said credit creation ….tell me how it can be done?
Me – Again answered with example taking  rs1000 
M4 – You said NTDL. How much bank has to kept?  
Me – CRR to RBI and SLR for themselves 
M4 – How CRR and SLR helps in economic? 
Me – I said maintaining the liquidity  
L1 – What is RTGS? 
Me – Explained with its lower limit i.e 2 lakh.
L1 – If its limit is 2 lakh then for transferring rs less than 2lakh what will u do? 
L1 – Explain 
Me – Explained with its Nepal limit and said there is no limit except that 
Seems impressed everyone finally:P 
M3 – We can use RTGS in the same bank (like bank of india Delhi branch to bank of India Rewari branch). 
Me – Don’t know sir 
Then finally they said thanks and ask me leave!!
Said thanks and leaves the room gently!!
There were no such questions that why u want to join  bank? Blah blah 
Its completely spontaneous. 
There is nothing in there mind and nothing in my mind 😛 

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – t3chn0vamp

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of  t3chn0vamp, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Date: 21/01/2015

Venue: PNB Circle Office, Ludhiana
Time: 8:30 AM
Panel: 2

I reached the venue at around 8:40. Most of the morning shift interviewees were already there. Document verification started at around 9:30. My turn was 3rd & documents of 3 candidates were being verified at a time so it didn’t take much long and I was done with the document verification at around  9:45 AM.

Interviews started at 9:50 AM and each Interview was of 10 Minutes duration (I was counting :P). My turn came at 10:10 AM. I entered the interview room with a smile & greeted them all. There were 3 Gents & 2 Ladies in the panel, but only one male sitting in the center was asking the questions. 

Others were silent observers. 😛

M: Why Sri is used before Ganganager’s name? (I belong to Sri Ganganagar)

Me: Explained

M: What is your Hobby?

Me: Working on the computers.

M: What kind of work?

Me: Troubleshooting & testing new softwares.

M: Why Banking after B.Tech when you can get good salary in private sector?
Me: Explained

M: Its ok. We want Engineers to come to the banks so that we don’t have to wait for the technicians to rectify the small problems occurred in the computers.

Everyone was  😀 😀 😀

M: Name one person who became the owner of a multi millionaire company and was not very much intelligent?

Me: Mr. Bill Gates

M: Who is Loksabha Speaker?

Me: Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan

M: Who is Rajyasabha Speaker?

Me: Didn’t remember at that time so apologized for the same!

M: Tenure of Rajyasabha members

Me: Appology again!

M: Tenure of state assembly members?

Me: 5 yrs.

M: Name the one state where members have 6 years of tanure

Me:  J&K

M: Why so?

Me: Because of Article 370

M: What is Article 370?

Me: Explained in detail.

M: Current CM of Rajasthan?

Me: Mrs. Vasundhra Raje

M: Previous CM of Rajasthan?

Me: Mr. Ashok Gehlot

M: What is RBI, what does it do?

Me: Answered

M: What is Clean note policy?

Me: Answered

M: Explain Old note exchange policy?

Me: Explained

M: What will happen if someone doesn’t replace the old notes till the deadline?

Me: I said I am not 100% sure but those notes should be of no use.

M: No, the bank will still have to replace the notes but in a limited quantity & person’s ID proof will be necessary.

M: Ok Mr. t3chn0vamp you may go now, you answered all the questions very well, good luck. 🙂

So I greeted them all once again & left the interview room with a 🙂

Good Luck Everyone!

Good Luck t3chn0vamp!!

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Ravi

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Ravi, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Ravi
Position – IBPS Bank PO
Date – 22/01/2015
Venue – Grand JBR Hotel, Lucknow
Time – 8.30 am

After the documentation that took 5 minutes I was asked to go for the interview upstairs in panel no 3. It was so fast that I could hardly recollect all my papers and I expected some time to be given after the document verification.

As soon as I reached the room with catching breath, the peon said aao aao jaldi aao ….. I said – Arey ruk ja mere bhai thoda pani pi lene de zara!!

After 2 minutes I went inside –

There were 5 panelist –

4 males + 1 female

I entered and wished them.

The head of the panel said where is your beard?

I was like what? He said you like to keep beard right? I was finding it amusing then I realized that in the photograph I had little beard.

I laughed and said yes!

First I was bombarded with personal Questions – 

M1 + M2 – You have completed your class 12th in 2004? This is 2015? What did you do for so long?

Answer – I worked in BPO’s for 4 years at Gurgaon.

M1 + M2 – Which school? What does your father do? Why did you start working so early soon after intermediate? Why didn’t you complete your graduation then? Why in 2014?

Answer – Army public School. My father is a retired Army personnel. After my intermediate I dropped a year to prepare for medical entrance unfortunately I did not clear and decided to move out and work somewhere to gain some work experience.

Then came school education questions

M3 – You studied Biology in class 12th? Tell me what is appendix? How much blood is in human body? What is the length of small intestine? Is a light passes through a prism at 60 degree angle what kind of image does it form?

Answer – Sir Appendix has something to do with digestive system.

I don’t remember the quantity of blood in our body but I is in liters and may be 5 to 6 liters.

I don’t remember the length of our intestine but it’s in meters. Everyone laughed.

I have no idea about the prism question.

Then came graduation question

M4 – They were almost surprised to see an arts student? You studied political science in graduation? Tell me what are directive principles of state policy? What is parliamentary form of government? What is the difference between US & Indian democratic setup? Once someone said that in UK parliament a man can be made a women and women can be made man? What do you understand by this?

Answer – Gave all the answers appropriately.

Then at last some questions related to economy?

M5 – What is current account deficit? How does it increase?

What is disinvestment? Why is it done?

Answer – Gave convincing answers.

Thank you.

Suggestions – 

Please do not read or study anything a day prior to interview. Relax as much as you can. Never ever try to open even a page on the interview day. Do not talk to anyone unnecessarily at the venue. Don’t even think that you have come for an interview. The reason I am giving you this advice is no matter how prepared you are you may not even be asked a question on what you have studied. The result is you have lot of things going on in your mind and that makes you fumble and nervous. Be confident, gracious and courteous in your answers and gestures. Please give you feedback on my interview experience.

All the best Ravi!!!

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Brahma

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Brahma, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Brahma (Female)
Education – BE-MBA-Kokrajhar  
Venue – Guwahati, Assam
Date – 21/01/2015 
M – Male 
F – Female 
Panel – M1, M2, M3, M4, F1, M5 

Me – As I opened the door, may I come in sir? 
M3- Yes please 
Me – I looked at everyone and greeted them, and separately to lady panel. I greeted her. 
M3 – Take your seat 
Me – Thank you sir!
M3 – Tell me about yourself. 
Me – My name is Brahma, I am basically from—, but born and brought up in—- as my father is working with—-. 
My mother is homemaker and I have 1 sibling. He is elder brother, working as — at —- branch. 
Education: I did my 10th from—,12th from—,graduation in—from—,PG in— from — 
M3 again: Hobbies? 
Me: Whenever I get leisure time I like playing —, sometimes watching some selected —, if I get 
opportunity I like travelling as I like visiting new places and learning new culture. In solitude I like 
reading novels. Recently I read 2 novels —- and —-. 
M3: Who is the author of your 1st novel? 
Me: Sorry sir, I am not able to recall the name. 
F1: What is the name of the novel 
Me- Told 
M3: Did you like the novel? 
Me: Yes sir, I really liked it, its about a person who has achieved everything in his career still he is not happy. It’s a book about mind enlightment and enlargement. Anyone who is looking the real purpose of life and happiness in life can go through this book. 
M3: Very much impressed. Even I have read the book and author name is this—. 
Me- I smiled. Ok sir. 
F1- Impressed and smiled. 
M3 – So, I will ask you some general knowledge questions.
Who is the head of BMB, SBI, Axis, ICICI?
Me – Told all the names correctly. 
M3 – Very good. What is the common in them?
Me – They all are women and sir I have read all the profiles of all the 4 ladies and I am very much inspired by them. 

M3 – So you defiantly have an interest in banking sector 
Me- yes sir
M3 – Do you have bank account?
Me – Yes sir 
M3 – Did you like the banking service at your place this —- branch? 
Me – Sorry sir, I won’t be able to give you the correct answer as I mostly have stayed out for studies and transactions are mostly  done by dad, as he doesn’t allow me to go alone. 
M3 – Laughed, also some of the judges and smiled. So who has come along with you today at interview. 
Me – I replied. 
M3- So, entire family has come to drop you and smiled. 
Finally a question from M1: so if you get the job, you will be posted anywhere, do you think they will allow you. 
Me – Definitely sir. As they have trust in me. And supported and respected all my decisions in life. I 
wished to study, they have supported me till my MBA course even if there were criticizes from relatives and localities. And this job is a very respectable job with job security and social status, they will definitely allow me. 
All judges impressed and smiled. 
Last but not the least: M3: I would like to suggest you as my daughter that (—————  ) 
Me- I smiled. Sure sir! Thank you sir for your valuable suggestion. 
M3. So my dear all the very best and thank you. Have a chocolate 
Me- thank you so much sir. Smiled and picked up the chocolate. 
Rest judges were the silent observer and conversation was mostly between M3 and me. 
The overall experience was excellent!!
All the Best Brahma!!!

Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – The Silent Energy

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of The Silent Energy, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Interview center- Dehradun
God sent an Angel to rescue an agnostic.
I reached the venue at 8.30 am. They checked my document and said your provisional degree date is December 14, you are not allowed to sit, I explained them that I had already cleared all exams before June. So I’m technically eligible. It’s because of university’s carelessness, I applied for degree and consolidated in June, but they didn’t publish it. I gave them old mark sheet, a letter from college, a court affidavit. But they denied, I pleaded, pleaded and pleaded more. But they were not even listening to me. 

I was 16th in the morning session. I was upset, I was frustrated, angry on my university, on my college. I couldn’t help. Never felt so helpless. I didn’t even realize that I haven’t had water or food since last night. I was in agony. Left the venue at 1 o clock, called my dad. Told him that I’m sorry for that. He said its ok beta. Everything happens for a reason. I felt better, but still in agony.
Finally at 5 I went for a tea. There was an uncle. He asked me about my mood,
“Beta bahut paresaan lag rahe ho. Interview dene ayye the. Kya hua?”
I explained everything to him and then came his words.
“Beta bhagwan pe bharosa karte ho?” He was asking an agnostic, I didn’t reply.
“Beta bhagwan pariksha leta hai, itni mehnat ki hai tumne, thoda or sabar rakho, bhagwan abhi bhi test kr raha hai. Jao ek baar or jao. Try karo. Explain karo unhe”
I said thanks uncle. He smiled and left.
At 6 I went back to the venue. Then there came a new senior HR person, he was not for my panel. He was looking cooperative. I went to him. Explained A to Z to hi. He checked my documents, stared them for at least 5 minute. Asked me to wait. Went to his colleagues. I could heard him.
“Tum log ise allow kyu ni kar rahe, publish date 12 December hai, but upar june likha hai. Don’t ruin someone’s career.” He came back to me, still frustrated me, was not optimistic.
He came back with a smile. “U can attend interview” I almost cried.” Went to washroom immediately. Looked in the mirror. My eyes were wet. Checked my newly bought suit, has become dirty. My white shirt was looking really pathetic. I didn’t care. I thought at least I am attending the interview now. 
I was 2nd last candidate in the evening. My turn came at 7.30 pm. Interview was above avg. Not great. Won’t go in the detail. As I was already tired. But I was happy. When I came back, in all the way to back home, I was thinking only one thing “God sent that uncle for me? was he trying to give me a msg?” 
I don’t know what will be final result, but I’m really happy. I learnt my lesson. No more an agnostic. Theist I am.
No matter what happen, never ever give up. Don’t loose your hope. I gave my best, rest is on him, he the almighty. 
P.S.-  At venue you will meet so many idiot, who will try to demoralize you. Don’t listen to them. Just focus on yourself. 🙂 all the best to all of you.