Test of the day: LIC AAO, SYNDICATE BANK

Directions (Q. 1-4): Each question has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.
1.The fear of an_________epidemic, especially if the waterlogged areas are not cleared soon, _________at government and private doctors alike.
1) imminent, targets
2) impending, gnaws
3) coming, erodes 
4) hovering, falls
5) intense, focuses

2.Certainly, the army has played a _________role in _________medical services in Srinagar, treating infants as young as four days.
1) brilliant, implementing
2) marvellous, contributing
3) cosmic, catering 
4) fabulous, dispensing
5) stellar, providing
3.The visit by itself had a unique start with the Prime Minister_________his home state and, in doing so, _________his priorities.
1) exhibiting, flashing
2) boasting, nodding
3) promoting, indicating
4) showcasing, signalling 
5) representing, pointing

4.Nalanda was a _________centre of learning that _________between the fifth and twelfth centuries CE. 
1) cosmopolitan, thrived 
2) metropolitan, grew
3) universal, suceeded
4) gregarious, bloomed
5) sophisticated, radiated
5.A device that provides emergency power to your computer and protects it against power surges is called 
1) Power Supply Unit
2) Universal Power Protection and Supply
3) Uninterruptible Power Supply 
4) Universal Surge Protector 
5) None of these.
6.The process of copying software programs from a secondary storage media to the hard disk is known as 
1) configuration 
2) installation 
3) storage
4) upload
5) download
7.Which of the following keys is/are pressed to each to the end of the entire document?
1) Home
2) Ctrl + Home
3) End
4) Ctrl + End
5) Ctrl + Shift + Del
8.A button that makes characters either upper case or lower case and numbers or symbols is 
1) Ctrl
2) Shift
3) Home
4) Num Lock
5) Backspace
Directions (Q. 9-12): Study the following information and answer the questions that follow.
In a certain code language ‘no risk of damage’ is coded as ‘do me ra su’, ‘improve policy risk of insurance holders’ is coded as ‘ti la ra su ju ve’, ‘no risk policy’ is coded as ‘su me la’ and ‘damage of insurance holders’ is coded as ‘do ti ve ra’. 
9.How is ‘improve’ coded in the given code language? 
1) su
2) ju
3) ti
4) la
5) None of these
10.What does the code ‘me’ stand for in the given code language?
1) no 
2) risk
3) policy
4) damage
5) None of these
11.How is ‘holders’ coded in the given code language?
1) Either ‘do’ or ‘ti’
2) Either ‘ve’ or ‘ra’
3) Either ‘ve’ or ‘ti’
4) Either ‘ve’ or ‘la’
5) Either ‘yo’ or ‘ti’
12.What is the possible code ‘improve policy services’ in the given code language?
1) do ra ja
2) me do ra
3) ve do ra 
4) ra su ju
5) ju ho la
13. What is the amount of compound interest and effective rate of interest if an amount of Rs.20000 is deposited in a bank for one year at the rate of 8% per annum compounded semi annually.
1) 1632, 8.16%
2)  1600, 9.36%
3) 1936, 10.36%
4) 1756, 9.56%
5) None of these.
14.3 men can complete a piece of work in 6 days. Two days after they started the work, 3 more men joined them. How many days will they take to complete the remaining work? 
1) 5 days 
2) 2 days 
3) 8 days 
4) 12 days 
5) None of these.
15.Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 36 min. and 45 min. respectively. A water pipe C can empty the tank in 30 min. First A and B are opened. After 7 minutes, C is opened. In how much time, the tank is full?
1) 45 minutes
2) 46 minutes
3) 52 minutes
4) 56 minutes
5)  None of these.
16.Abhishek purchased 140 shirts and 250 trousers at the rate of Rs. 450 and Rs. 550 respectively. What should be the overall average selling price of shirts and trousers so that 40% profit is earned? (Rounded off to next integer).
1) Rs.725  
2) Rs.710  
3) Rs. 720
4) Rs. 700 
5) None of these
17.Odisha Government recently appointed which of the following as Technology Advisor for development of telecom, electronics, IT, ITES sectors of the state?
1.Tilok Singh
3.Urjit Patel
4.Sam Pitroda
5.None of these

18.India recently resumed Bus Service on 4 January 2016 with which country after a gap of 27 years?
1.. Nepal
2. Bhutan
3. Pakistan
4. Bangladesh
5. None of these

19. Which of the following stock exchange will get its own postage stamp?
1. MCX stock exchange
2. Bangalore stock exchange
3. Bombay Stock exchange(BSE)
4. Derivatives stock exchange
5. None of these.
20. Union Govt approves constitution of 69 bridges on Trilateral Highway in which country?
1. Myanmar
2. China
3. Japan
4. Nepal
5. None of these