Test of the Day: LIC AAO, Sidbi, Syndicate, SO


Directions (Q.1-5): In each of the questions below are given three statements followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

1. Statements: 
Some carrots are brinjals. 
Some brinjals are apples. 
All apples are bananas. 
I. Some apples are carrots. 
II. Some bananas are brinjals. 
III. Some bananas are carrots.

Only I follows
Only II follows
Only III follows
Only either II or III follow
None of these

2. Statements: 
All keys are locks. 
All locks are bangles. 
All bangles are cars. 
I. Some cars are locks. 
II. Some bangles are keys. 
III. Some cars are keys.

Only I follows
Only I and II follow
Only I and III follow
Only II and III follow
All I, II and III follow

3. Statements: 

All fruits are leaves. 
Some leaves are trees. 
No tree is house. 
I. Some houses are fruits. 
II. Some trees are fruits. 
III. No house is fruit.

Only I follows
Only II follows
Only III follows
Only either I or III follows
None follows

4. Statements: 
All tables are mirrors. 
Some mirrors are chairs. 
All chairs are glasses. 
I. Some glasses are mirrors. 
II. Some chairs are tables. 
III. Some mirrors are tables.

Only I and II follow
Only II and III follow
Only I and III follow
All I, II and III follow
None of these

Directions (Q.5-8): Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so as to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence? If one of the sentences is appropriate, mark (5) as the answer.

5. The third plan was largely devoted ________.

for nearly three years when the economy fluctuated.
to a very low growth in industrial production of 3.9 per cent against the targeted rate of 5-10 per cent.
on the development of capital-and producer-goods industries.
to long - run benefits and was in line with the objectives of increase in the national output and income generating huge employment.
None of these

6. After the wake-up call of economic reforms and trade liberalisation ________.

reveals the fact that the increase in GDP growth has not turned into increasing exports.
indicates that the exports are not responding as fast as compared to imports.
the role of external sector became crucial in determining the fate of Indian economy.
agriculture and allied sector being close to Hindu growth rate means more need of the God’s blessing.
None of these

7. Like our indigenous seeds are becoming extinct ________.

we will have to return to the wisdom of our traditions, our own desi seeds, plough-bullocks and cow-dung fertiliser-based farming if we want to save our tradition.
so also are we losing agriculture-related vocabulary.
entire culture around our farming activities and life system is being hampered.
people would be involved at every step, every procedure of farming, right from the day it was planted to the day it was harvested.
None of these

8. ________ a large capital flow helped making varieties of quality goods and services, cheap telephone services, internet and computers, airline services, etc available offering choices in the free market.

As a result of economic reforms
This rising menace of unethical and misleading advertisements by
Moreover, there is a growing dissatisfaction and serious concern raised by
The rate of growth of consumerist culture is expected to increase
None of these

Directions (9-12):  Study the information carefully to answer the following questions.
There are 7200 students in an engineering college. The ratio of boys to girls is 7:5, respectively. All the students are enrolled in six different specialisation viz. B.Tech. (Electronics), B.Tech. (Computer Science), B.Tech. (Mechanical), B.Tech. (Aerospace), B.Tech. (Nano Technology), B.Tech. (Civil).
22% of the total students are in B. Tech. (Nano Technology). 16% of girls are in B. Tech. (Computer Science). 18% of boys are in B.Tech. (Mechanical). Girls in B.Tech. (Civil )are 30% of the girls in B.Tech. (Computer Science). 15% of boys are in B.Tech. (Electronics). Boys in B.Tech. (Computer Science) are 50% of the girls in the same. 15% of girls are in B.Tech. (Aerospace). The ratio of boys to girls in B.Tech. (Civil) is 3:1, respectively 24% of the total number of students are in B.Tech. (Electronics). The ratio of boys to girls in B.Tech. (Aerospace) is 12 : 5, respectively.

9. What is the total number of students enrolled in B.Tech. (Mechanical)?


10. Number of girls enrolled in B.Tech. (Electronics) forms approximately, what per cent of total number of students in the college?


11. What is the total number of girls enrolled in B.Tech. (Nano Technology)?


12. Number of boys enrolled in B.Tech. (Aerospace) forms, what per cent of the total number of girls enrolled in B.Tech. (computer science)?


13. What Video Card is Best Suited for 3D Games?

ATI 3D Charger
NVidia GeForce 256 DDR
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
3DFX VooDoo 5
allowed, hindrance

14. What platform does the AMD K6 3+ Processor Belong to?

Slot A
for, quite

15. By .Processing we under¬stand ____

String manipulation only
Processing string of numbers and special symbols
Processing string of only words
All of the above
None of the above

16. What is the BEST ram solution for the Intel Pentium 4 Processor?

EDO/Fast Page Ram
None of these

17. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) Friendship Motor Car Rally was flagged off from which place? .

Kanpur, UP
Silchar, Assam
Imphal, Manipur
Kochi, Kerla
None of these

18. The Reserve Bank of India recently decided to grant in principle approval to which one of the following to function as the Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit (BBPCU) in Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)? .

Kotak Mahendra
None of these

19. Who has recently been appointed as the Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC)?.

R. Uday Kumar
P. Uday Kumar
P. Uday Bhaskar
P. Uday Kumar Bhaskar
None of these

20. Who has recently been appointed as the Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations?.

Sir Don Mikinnon
Patricia Scotland
Emeka Anyaoku
SriDhat Ramphal
None of these