The Quest for Excellence is always on..!!

Hi Friends,

Now that IBPS PO and Clerk results are out, some candidates have cleared and some have not. Some happy and some disappointed. Here I am sharing a story, this is my story. I hope this can be on any help to all the persons.

Name :   Common Man
Category : Ex Serviceman
Education: Graduation (54% Marks in correspondence Mode)
BA ID : Like to remain discreet because people’s dealing changes once you write something in BA.

Exams Appeared:

  • IBPS Clerk III
  • SBI PO-14
  • SBI Clerk-14
  • RBI Asst-14
  • RRB PO-14
  • RRB Clerk-14
  • IBPS PO-14
  • IBPS Clerk-14
  • CGL -13 & 14

Exams Not Cleared: 

  • IBPS Clerk III (Score in Math – 0, Reasoning – 3)
  • SBI PO 14 – (Score total 89, DI- 09, Descriptive Not checked)
  • RBI Asst 14 – (Score 160, not selected in Interview) 

Exams Cleared: 

  • SBI Clerk 
  • RRB PO (Score-135)
  • RRB Clerk (Score-182)
  • IBPS PO-14
  • IBPS Clerk – 14
  • SSC CGL 13 (Non Interview Post) 

I am an Ex-Serviceman in the early 30’s married with one kid. Firstly, I must say once I left the armed forces I always wanted a job in corporate sector but that never really materialized view limited opportunities in my state. I permanently shifted to my village (a small one with very few amenities), view economic reasons. After spending two months for finding a job in corporate sector, when I failed I decided to start preparation for Banking since there is Ex-Servicemen Quota in clerical posts. I have appeared last IBPS clerk III – just to know how banking exam goes. Results were in expected lines, failed.
01 Mar 2014,  I decided again to focus on Banking and start preparing. I decided i will give a year of my life and see what is in store for me.  I knew I don’t know anything about reasoning and long left  Maths (more than 20 years since I studied Maths). So both these subjects are going to be a major obstacle. So I decided to join a coaching class nearby recently setup. It was pretty difficult for a man in early 30’s to mix and match with people in early 20’s but I have no other option left I guess. I must say Reasoning section was excellent there and rest subjects were average. Now again my major problem was Maths. So I have decided to focus on few selected topics and go ahead with exams. The First exam was SBI PO. There I have studied too hard (almost 8-10 Hrs a day) but failed in DI section. I realized that probably it was too early and I needed some more practice and fine tuning. Then I started working on it. I have tried various combination and various methods of sections and questions to attempt just to find the right method. Once I decided, I started working on reduction of errors in my Answering. One more thing I realized If I have to clear these exams I need to score really well in GA section in minimal time. That’s when I discovered Bankers Adda. Infact the installation of new Internet switch with 20 ports gave me opportunity to be online. I must say that was of great help since availability of English News Papers were difficult (the condition was that if more than 5 subscriber for any news paper that news paper will be provided, So there is no chance of having The Hindu, The times of India etc, However, I decided to persists with a local English daily with reduced cost of Rs 2 each). I started keeping a tab on comments section of BA and tracking of GK updates became a daily necessity for me. I started noting down GA from News paper and BA too. Later when I found some confidence I started participating in various quizzes by many people in BA which helped me a lot in GA.  The Next exam in line was RBI Asst and I cleared it even in general category (RBI strangely despite vacancies being reserved for Ex-Servicemen did not provide separate cutoff contrary to existing rules). In between other exams like RRB Clerk and RRB PO followed and I managed to surprise myself. I have a strange feeling that once you find the right method to approach these exams you can clear them all. The same was proved true in case of IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk too.

Now the next major job was Interview for RBI Asst. I think I have used all my experience and did well in the interview. I was hoping for a good news from RBI side since I was the only one in Ex-Servicemen Category with more than 2 posts reserved for Ex-Servicemen. Still 31 Dec Night came as a surprise to me since I was not short listed in Interview. I started searching for reasons but did not really found any. I have visited RBI office why Quota under Ex-Servicemen was not provided to me but the did not have any clear replies. I have the option of challenging this in the court of Law and I am sure of getting a job since I have everything right in my side but again there is that thing “This is probably not the right way to get a job”. “There is never any taste left in a Stale Cake”. I thought may be god has other plans for me.

I am not sure this is a failure story or success story. The reader has to take a call on this story. I must say that through each failure I have learnt was I was lacking. Every exam provided me insights how I can improve my self. I have set out with a 1 year of time frame and I think I in course to achieve that. But again there are questions still lingering in my mind why I lost in RBI Asst. I think probably in the first question of the interview only I have lost it. The questions was “Well You have done Graduation in Correspondence, Do you know anything about Banking?, Have you studied anything about Banking?”. I was really disappointed with the interview panel for asking such a question where in you score 160 and your knowledge about banking still being questioned (which I suitably conveyed on my visit to RBI after I am not being shortlisted). But again there are several questions remains in my mind.

Is it wrong for a person from Correspondence back ground to dream of a Banking Career?
Is it wrong to dream of a job in the Apex Bank of India?

But I must say, I was disappointed for a day or two. But again the soldier spirit was there and I have to prove to myself that I can dream and I can achieve my dreams too. So maybe there is something better for me. I am sure of one thing this is now going to be a long journey. Every time they reject me I will come back and better prepared next time around till I achieve my dream. I am sure of one thing “The Quest for excellence is always on and there is no limit”.

A grand salute to the Common Man…!!!