The Twisted Ones: English

 Q(1-15)Read each sentences to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any will be is one of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore error of punctuation, if any).

1.It is not simply that one was/ a party of the far-left and the other is/ a party of the far-right; rather, it is that the FN/ relies exclusively on elections for its legitimac/No error.

2.It also reflects the fact that European electorate/have become more concerned about the inability /of their national governments to implement /economic reform in a globalised economy./No error.

3.One can only hope that the/ threat of the far-right have/ the positive side effect of focussing the/minds of politicians, especially on the left/No error.

4.The tournament organisers of the ISL /were not available for a comment /on the development, while another source rubbished the report/No error.

5.Through the transformations that Pinker documents, /we appear to have underwent what the/ novelist Michel Houellebecq calls a/ metaphysical mutation in our relations with each other/No error.

6.One of those is Ravinder Singh”s,/ a fitness professional who began a neighbourhood/ running group in Gurgaon, a glass-towered/ business district on the edge of Delhi /No error.

7.I have being walking /down that road for many /years now and I still discover/ boreens I’d never thought existed/No error.

8.Cities I have lived in/ I can feel the change,/But I wouldn’t know the/ difference between Indore and Baroda/No error.

9.Pathak said this price band/ is one of the least competitive /and where Indian consumers typically looking/ for the brand factor in purchase/No error.

10.The Indian squad for the tour/ of Australia to play One-Day Internationals and /Twenty20 Internationals against the host country/ in January 2016 is to be picked in Delhi on Saturday/No error.

11.No body else/but these comely young women have/ played a prank on you;but it is pitiable that you don’t/ understand it/No error.

12.Baleno is a real global/ model, to satisfy our customers/ not only in India / across but also  global markets/No error.

13.An indian driver or carpenter has to work/about two haours to buy kilograms of rice while his counterparts in autraia/ , the neatherlands and switzerland need to/ work only fifteen minutes for it/no error.

 14.To be sure the same sound was that very moment perhaps being heard all over the seas, from hundreds of/ whalemen’s look-outs perched as high in the air; /but from a few of those lungs could that accustomed old cry have derived /such a marvellous cadence as from Tashtego the Indian’s/No error.
15.After spending  few days in Evangeline’s country,/ about which Longfellow’s beautiful poem has woven a /spell of enchantment, Miss Sullivan and I/ went to Halifax, where we remained the greater part of the summer/No error.