This is NOT a Success Story – Cameo!!!!

Yes, you guys read it right. This post will be describing the phases I had gone through and the making of CAMEO, which I am today. There are some important stages in my life and in every step I had a preacher with me!! All of whom were, for me, God sent messengers/Angels for me. 
Let me start with my PARENTS only! Ultimately, parents are the God to us. We learn a lot from them directly through what they make us learn. Merely, on that point are some hidden things, which we require to abide by them, which lead us to a good place in the society and brighten our spirits as well… And I have always taken inspiration from their words.One of them is: Never say NO to anyone, even if it’s your enemy asking you for something.

The second stage I need to talk about is during my school days! Though I am not from giant schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya or some other schools, I am totally proud of my schooling. I had the best teachers, who taught the value and principles of life; which ought to be the fundamentals for a person to travel in a right path. There will be a huge list of names if I start to mention each and everyone’s name! To cut short, I will give two names: One being my 5th Grade teacher, Saritha Ma’am, because of whom my handwriting is legible now (:P)! And Venu Gopal Sir, my 10th Grade teacher, because of whom I have learnt so   many things – best of them is being disciplined.
And so coming to my days during the Grad: The best part of my lifetime, of course   not about the college I had joined, but because, Life gave me the best lessons in this period of four whole years and yet nowadays I am finding out and will still learn till my final. The lessons which I had learnt were from some of the best preachers I have ever got; and I think I will never get such people ever back again… starting with my English Professor – Our intro started with a little serious fight and who knew that the fight will end up with a great bond of friendship! His knowledge and the command, over the subject had fascinated my attention towards the language. We used to learn at least 5 new words, their meanings and usages every day. And if I am able to speak and write English in a formal way, then the credit goes to this Man!
Then comes another inspirer in my life: My Brother-In-Law!! From him, I have learnt how to speak in a proper manner and to be frank, I got to recognize that a small smile on our face and pleasant talks will impress the soul before you. I respect him in the way how he plans things and even the way he handles the pressure.And above all, I learnt how to study. There was a time when I was used to rot down things. When I came to know how this guy remembers the concepts of Physics or any other subject he would have studied in his 7th Grade, my expression was like “What??? O.O”!! 
And then when I understood, studying is nothing but learning concept… 
Unfortunately, it was too late for me to implement the same during my graduation. And due to some more instances and incidents, it wasn’t easy for me to implement the same. But, it was a good lesson for me, at least in my future. I was done with my grad and was placed in some xyz company in a Metro. A few months of wait – being lazy, thinking I was having Job, not trying further – wasting a huge amount of precious time; are the things which I did for about 6 months. When I had entered into the job, my world got upside down!! The job wasn’t as we had thought of; the company was bankrupt. Many others did quit, whereas I continued and in parallel searched for some other jobs. 
I had been admiring of bank jobs from the beginning, as I have seen some of my close relatives being bankers. And from the start, for unknown reasons, SBI had been my favorite organization to work with. I had tried my luck with the ICICI PO program and to my sheer surprise, I was into the further rounds and it ended in disappointment. Since then my fight for a new dream began and till now I haven’t achieved   it (SBI) yet.
Yet I succeeded in climbing the initial stairs towards my love. After a lot of attempts, most of which were near misses, I got  inducted into Indian Bank as a Clerk. The utmost credit goes to the Bankers Adda site and none other than Shruti ma’am! I don’t think that I will be able to write more regarding ma’am. In short, she is the one who is responsible for making me a good human being and even taught me that: “whatever you may be tomorrow, be you; never try to be others”. Let me wrap up by adding a few more important life lessons I have learnt from her: being down to earth; maintain the relationships; whatsoever work you do is perfect; balancing and handling people surrounding you; face every problem of your life with a small smile; taking a criticism as a compliment and so on. If at all I continue this, for sure it will take a few more pages from my side.
Shruti ma’am!!!, you have been a great mentor, a wonderful friend of mine; I am in debt to you for all the help you have done till now by pushing me to the front line right from the last. I honor you as I do my mother and, for me, you are no less than a mother! Trust me friends, this is purely my experience of being here and these are the words from my heart; I am not buttering her or anything else!!
Cutting short of the next one, how can I forget about all the lovely friends I have been gifted over this site!! From May’14 (not exact), I have got more and more friends day by day. This is the site which got me out from the clutches of the evil named “being reserved”. My first interaction was with truly amazing people: Chanchal, VT, Striker, Ketan (k3), Pranav, Prabhat, Aitra, Simmy, Nupur; of whom most of us are sharing a great bond even today and will continue this till the end. Then to name a few more amongst others: Dreamer, Mayank, Azhar, Thor, Abhi, Abhay, Kick Azz, Downey Jr, Lord Voldemort, Drunken Master, Julian Assange, Shekar, Sherlock Holmes, K_Mayank, Pi, Abhimanyu Gupta, Shambavi, Divya, divya, Preeti, Chakor,  ElsA, S!mm!, Pallavi, Neha, Panda, Credible Riya, Sia Roy, Deepthi, Anjali, and many more to name. A big thank you to all you guys for making me feel that I am also capable of achieving something in my life and to make me learn valuable lessons in my life. Will be grateful to all of you for the rest of my life!! Please do forgive me if I have missed anyone’s name (It wasn’t intentional either..!)
Guys, finally you can leave a sigh of relief and happiness as my story has come to an end and I am already running out of words to write! : P 
With the experience of this 5 months in the banking industry, let me tell you some important points to be needed for a fresher (these are even applicable in a normal life): 
  • Don’t have high expectations
  • Don’t ever trust anyone (Except yourselves)
  • Be accurate & quick
  • Be satisfied with what you have got now 
  • Keep aside your ego, inferiority complex and prestige issues
  • Never become greedy
  • Never measure your work by time
  • Start respecting others (be it your customer or your colleagues)
  • You can’t love your job until and unless you start enjoying it

With these, I take your leave my friends. Thank you for reading the whole post with patience and please don’t be angry at me for making it so long!! Coz, I have a bad habit  of writing long!! (Wish I had this disease during my grad, It could have fetched some more marks!! ;)) God bless you all and may all your wonderful dreams come true and do make your parents proud!!!

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