Difficult IBPS 2012 Paper: What Next?

Yesterdays IBPS PO Exam was really tough. After doing a survey of more than 2000 students, who appeared for this exam yesterday, we found that students are now more worried than they were before the exam. Around 92 % students found reasoning part to be  very tough and around 80 % people maths to be tough.

What will be individual cutoffs for this IBPS Exam
Looking at the level of question paper and considering the number of attempts by students in the survey, we found that individual sectional cut-off will be much lower this time (as compared to IBPS 1.0. We expect following cut-offs for each section –
Expected Cut-Off (Marks)
Quantitative Aptitude
So, if you are expecting that you will get marks more than mentioned in this table, we expect you to qualify the exam. SO, DONT WORRY AND DONT LOSE HOPE.
Also, these are the actual marks but when the IBPS result will be declared, they will provide standardize scores (and not the actual score) which is basically calculated keeping in mind the highest score, mean score, median score etc. So, obviously you Total Weighted Score (TWS) will be higher than what is mentioned above or you will calculate.
When will the result of this exam declared
Result of IBPS 2012 is expected to be declared by first week of Aug 2012.
When will the fresh vacancies come?
Banks keep on recruiting independently of IBPS Exam (as per their needs and requirements). So, vacancies can come any time now, the only requirement is – they ask for IBPS Score. This means, people having IBPS Score, can only apply. It has been observed that atleast 4-5 Banks should come out with vacancies just after declaration on the result of this IBPS Exam (Aug-Sept)
Which score will I use for applying to Bank Vacnacies, once this IBPS Score is declared?
You can chose, with which score you want to apply. Generally you will apply with the score which is higher of the two. Suppose, last year your score was 165 and this year it comes out to be 160, so ideally you should applying using your last years score as it will give you more chances of getting a call. As per IBPS Guidelines, your IBPS Exam score is valid for one year and during that one year you can applying in any Bank using that score (given you statisfy minimum illegibility criteria of the Bank).
What if I could not clear this Exam?
You can appear again for the IBPS PO Exam, which should be held in the start of next year 2013. There are not restrictions on number of attempts in IBPS.
If you have any other queries, please post here. We will try our best to answer you doubts and queries.