When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful

Before I lecture you people about something, I think that you should read a line. Maybe you have heard about it, but trust me, if you truly understand the essence of it; you won’t be a failure anymore.
When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.
I have always believed that stories are the best way to explain and teach something. So, let’s begin with Mr. A (A for Anonymous :P)

The Ups and Downs
A was a very bright student till class 10th. He even topped his district in one subject and school in another. His parents thought him to be a future IITian. As such, he was sent to Delhi to be in one of the top coaching institutions of the country. A young child of 15, this boy came from Patna a not so developed city that time. He was blinded by the glamour of this new city. I won’t go deep in the mess he fell in. Probably everyone has gone through that in his/her life once. As a result, the 90 plus boy got 60 something in his 12th class. No surprises, he never made it to IIT, NIT or as a matter of fact, any prestigious college. In short, money of his middle class family wasted.
Still waiting for the break
He somehow saved his face by getting a rank so that he could get admitted in a college in Bangalore. His bad days continued, and he failed in his 1st semester and then failed again and again in 2nd, 3rd, 4th semester. Being now used to failures since last 3 years, he now stopped caring about it. His parents could not afford to come 2000 kilometers to meet him, and they knew only what he told them. This continued till his second year until one day, his parents got the wind of his activities. His mother’s blood pressure fell to an all time low, and doctors said that it was a miracle that she survived.
A Tight Slap
This was the first time in his life, when he felt that he had woken up from a very deep sleep. However, what’s done cannot be undone and he somehow completed all his remaining semesters and his previous subjects in First Class. He was also awarded as one of the outstanding achievers in his farewell. But those things don’t get you a job, because a company wants the marks, and not knowledge.
You can’t blame
Bogged down by failures, he sat for IBPS PO and SO in 2013. He did not filled Clerk form because of his ego (a few demerits that stayed with him even when he had become sincere). His parents were still not very confident or trusting about anything he spoke. His relatives (IPS, A GM in an MNC, A software engineer in another MNC, An Income Tax Officer…in short, all achievers) turned away face form him. Only one person remained with him in thick and thin, his GF. She herself had her own problems in career, but she stood with him always. 
The success is never away if you have toiled
However, with all his demerits, one thing he had was a principle of not giving up. Came 2014 and he prepared and prepared. He had done the same preparation last year also. But this time he had reasons. 
  • Desperation to be successful so that he could be with the person who had stood by his side all the time. 
  • Desperation to show his parents that he had still that class 10th boy inside him and he was not a trust breaking person.
  • Revenge to show his relatives that he had an equal importance.

He sat for exams and no wonder again, his results were:
  • SBI PO 2014 – Not Qualified missed it by 5 marks. Failed, but success was near. Let’s try one more exam.
  • RBI Assistant 2014 – Not qualified, missed by 3 marks Secured 154 and cutoff was 157. Well, never mind. Sort of shits and ifs and buts happened when I saw the result. But didn’t give up.
  • RRB PO – Qualified.
  • RRB Clerk – Qualified
  • IBPS PO – Qualified
  • IBPS Clerk – Qualified
  • IBPS SO – Qualified
  • UIIC AO – Qualified
  • New India Assistant – Qualified.

Now, since many are still in the story mode, so I would better point out the moral of the story myself.
  • Find a reason to be a despo. Be desperate about a reason. Relate any reason which will drive you to clear the exams. Without a reason for your destination, your journey is meaningless.
  • You have to fail to truly enjoy the success. Many would have cleared exams in first attempt. Consider them to be the geniuses (After all, we Indians are on the genius side). But do not follow their lead. Their minds are way sharper and their calculation is way quick. If you study their way, you will end up some marks short.
  • You do whatever you want to do, man (Big Boss inspired :P), but solve one ST(speed test) daily. Conceptual theory can make you pass UPSC but not IBPS or any sort of these exams. You may get 30 out of 200 or you may get 110 out of 200, but remember, ST daily. And yes, don’t complain about your household problems. 2 hours ST means, 2 hours ST. Only things you are allowed to do during that is thinking and breathing. Trust me, if you can get 80 out of 200 at home, you will get 110 out of 200 in real IBPS exams.
  • Be aware of things around you, your society, and your culture around you. Almost everyone has a Smartphone with them. If you don’t know (or for the worst, don’t start doing some research about current events from now on), you are going to fall in a deeper abyss than me. Follow the BA news daily and when you read them, just Google about the topic a bit more.
  • After the ST, don’t just crack your knuckles and go to sleep. You got 80 today; why not solve the rest 120 of them at your own pace before you go to sleep.
  • And this is not study related, but don’t become a potato bag like me just studying. Mornings are for walks and not breaking beds. (I have yet to start the last morale for myself.) You have to become fit to be an officer in this age; otherwise you will end up like those uncle ji and aunty ji with grumpy nature in your 20s.

Well, All the best. And Thanks Bankersadda for a lot many of things. 😉

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