1.    The practice of marrying one a time
 – Monogamy(एकपत्नीत्व)

2.    The practice of having two wives or two husbands at a time
 – Bigamy(द्विविवाह)

3.    The practice of marrying more than one wife at time 

4.    The practice of marrying more than one husbands at a time 

5.    A hater of Womankind 
Misogynist(नारी द्वेषी)

6.    A lover of womankind 

7.    A lover and collector of books 
Bibliophile(पुस्तक प्रेमी)

8.    One who has a long experience of any occupation 
Veteran(दीर्घानुभवी, दक्ष, कुशल)

9.    One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession

10.  One who talks continuously
 – Loquacious(बातूनी)

11.  One who is out to destroy all government, law and order 
Anarchist(अशासनवादी, विद्रोहवादी)

12.  One who does not care for art and literature 

13.  One who can use either hand with ease 

14.  A child born after the death of his father or the book published after the death of the writer. – Posthumous(मरणोपरांत)

15.  Incapable of being understood 
Unintelligible (दुर्बोध)